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The Ellushene Deities
The Inherents
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Ziguran Gods and Goddesses

The Ellushene Deities


The Essence of Cold, Death and Discord

Akir, birthed slowly from the dissipating smoke of the fires of Uz's creation, swept its hair over Thrael, creating the purest and hardest of rock within the hearts of the mountains. The being slept while Uz created first Gishaunik and later Miamm-uz. Awakening to discover that Miamm-uz had created male and female, it created the dark goddess Omliazi from the juice of a crushed pomegranate and later watched over her daughter Tiferet for whom he created Agenni to be her mate.

Akir and its compliment Uz, were thrust into the void between the Pales when Agenni trapped Tiferet within a mountain. He influences the Plane of Thrael only in that he is the essence of cold, death, and discord. The only current inhabitants of Ellushene are the three sons of Qari-uz and Irif-uz, who were trapped there at the conclusion of the Great War Between the Gods.


The Essence of Heat, Death and Harmony

Uz came into being from the eruption of a volcano in the midst of the ocean. It created the lands of Thrael, and was also the creator of The Aspects, Gishaunik and Miamm-uz. While its counterpart Akir slept, Uz watched as life on Thrael was developed by Miamm-uz.

At the beginning of the Great War between the Gods, Uz and its counterpart Akir were thrust between the Pales where they remain trapped, influencing the Plane of Thrael only in that they are heat and cold, life and death, discord and harmony.

The Inherents



The first sexed being and the first to exhibit emotions, Gishaunik had multiple breasts and a penis. Created by Uz, it was accidentally ripped apart by that deity, resulting in the creation of Miamm-uz. Gishaunik dissolved, and no longer exists except as emotion.


Civilization upon Thrael

The first male, Irif-uz was created by Miamm-uz and is one of the three Aspects or Children of Uz referred to as The Trinity. His "essence" was stolen by Omliazi, making Irif-uz the weakest of the three. During the Great War Between the Gods, he protected himself by turning into a tree of stone, which was clawed by Omliazi and Zukumet, scattering its shards which became the cities and monuments of Thrael.

Like the rest of The Trinity, Irif-uz is considered remote and is seldom worshiped upon Thrael.


The Sky

Accidentally created by Uz from the severed breasts and penis of the dissolving Gishaunik, Miamm-uz was the first humanoid being and is referred to as an Aspect or Child of Uz. Miamm-uz was androgynous and was the first of the gods to inhabit The Plane of Thrael. It shed its own blood onto the sands of Thrael in unsuccessful attempts to create plant life, managing to create only the blood orange upon which it lived for millennia.

Miamm-uz is the first of The Trinity, and was the creator of the first male and female, Irif-uz and Qari-uz. During the Great War Between the Gods, Miamm-uz was defeated by the dark goddess Omliazi and her accomplices, Zukumet and Fauozlil. The being turned itself into the sky in an attempt to shield the severed body of Qari-uz, whose parts had become the land masses of Thrael and in doing so forever sealed the portal between the Plane of Ellushene and those of Thrael and Rummur.

Influencing the world because they are The World, Miamm-uz and the other members of The Trinity, Irif-uz and Qari-uz, do not truly exist in any realm, but affect all. They are considered inaccessible and are generally not worshiped by the inhabitants of Thrael.


The Land of Thrael

Qari-uz, the first female, was created by Miamm-uz and is referred to as an Aspect or Child of Uz. Qari-uz was also one of The Trinity. She created the plants on Thrael. She was the mother of three sons, Daudei, Fauozlil, and Laiish in whom she had no interest, instead being fascinated by her study of a bright emerald snake twined about the branches of a tree — one of Tiferet's creations.

During the Great War Between the Gods, Qari-uz was torn to pieces by her son Fauozlil and the pieces of her body became the Lands of Thrael.

The Ekikki Deities

Daudei, Fauozlil, and Laiish

The Three Sons

Born to The Inherents, Irif-uz and Qari-uz, the boy gods were largely ignored by their parents. Tiferet and Agenni took Daudei and Laiish and tutored them, treating them as sons. Loneliness caused the abandoned Fauozlil to search for them, but he was rescued by Zukumet, and with that god and Omliazi began the great War Between the Gods. As a result of that war, all three deities are isolated in upper strata of Ellushene and are unable to effect the events upon Thrael.


Goddess of Death, Ruler of the Afterworld, "The Succubus", "The Lamia-Daemon"

Areas of Interest: Death, The Afterworld, Senseless War and Strife, Pain, Torture, Darkness, The Night, Lust, Hatred, Debauchery

Created by Akir from the juices of a crushed pomegranate, Omliazi is the last of the Ekikki Deities to hold any sway over the Plane of Thrael. She rules from her realm of Rummur, the Afterworld, where she resides with the many lesser daemons of creation, her legions of undead and other creatures of the dark. She also claims the night, commanding her forces to visit Thrael, causing suffering. Perpetrator of the Great War Between the Gods, and the ultimate cause of the closing of the rift between the heavenly Plane of Ellushene and Thrael, Omliazi continues to revel in promoting senseless wars that result in pain and strife.

She took for a consort the winged daemon Zukumet, whom she elevated to the level of deity, later abandoning him on Thrael, where he carries out her program of strife, inciting lust and debauchery. In her own image she created a daughter, the Galilammi goddess Tiferet, using the stolen "essence" of the god Irif-uz, whom she later defeated in the Great War Between the Gods.

Omliazi is most often represented as a dark-skinned Il'lythe woman, scantily clad and entwined with her three symbols, colorless creatures from the darkness of the Afterworld, a white snake, a white spider and a white praying mantis. Some religious scholars link the worship of Omliazi to that of the Kivian goddess Vaen, noting the similarities in their spheres of influence and dating the worship of the Omliazi back to the time of the migration of House Xul'Abraxas into Ziguran.

The Galilammi Deities


God of Love

Areas of Interest: Lovers, Sexual Union, Lust, Fecundity, Fatherhood, Lineage, Family, The House, Music, Charisma, Narcissism

While wandering in the disguise of a scholar among the Il'lythe of Ziguran, a people known for their unusual grace and beauty, Agenni came upon a youth of extraordinary beauty and charisma. Tall, elegant and possessed of a magnificently agile and athletic body, Afet was the eldest son of the local House and soon to be the heir to his ailing father. Yet, Afet was a musician so skilled upon the lyre and so rich and gentle of voice that all who heard him, both men and women, swooned with affection. He was ill suited to rule such a House, as they tended to be fraught with hidden intrigues, private tragedy and the necessity to forge both financial and political success for the good of the family.

Gazing upon Afet and in awe of his physical perfection, Agenni determined to make him a part of the pantheon of gods, and so secreted him away, elevating the youth to godhood and entrusting him to instill love in the hearts of the people of Thrael.


God of Truth and Honor, "Lord of the Galilammi", "The Protector"

Areas of Interest: Fortitude, Constancy, Loyalty, Calm, Reason, Logic, The Dispassionate Mind, Light, The Day, Righteous War, "The Protector", Truth, Honor, The Law, Justice Order, Rulership

Agenni was created by Akir to be Tiferet's mate. Together with her, Agenni traveled Thrael and created the creatures upon it, investing them with intelligence, cleverness, resourcefulness and strength and taking for himself the wolf as his chosen creature. With Tiferet, he is one of the Children of the Mountain. He was the tutor of Laiish, one of the sons of Qari-uz and Irif-uz.

At the start of the Great War Between the Gods, Agenni inadvertently sealed his beloved Tiferet within a mountain before joining the battle and caused the creators Akir and Uz to be thrust between the Planes and forever isolated from tangible existence, though he managed to shield Thrael from the blast. During the conflict, it was Agenni who placed the errant Fauozlil in Ellushene before it was sealed.

In the absence of Uz and Akir, Agenni is regarded as the Ruler of all deities. Bearing the responsibility of maintaining the balance of the world of Thrael, he is rigorous in carrying out his duties, even to overseeing Amira'el, as she raises the sun each day within Miamm-uz to counter Omliazi's darkness. Upon Thrael, he encourages just kings in their righteous wars, promotes truth and honor, and the law.

For long after the War, Agenni steadfastly guarded the imprisoned Tiferet, but while journeying to Rummur to negotiate with the goddess Omliazi, he was aided by the fire sprite Lishrammu, returning with her to the mountain that he shared with Tiferet. Seeking to share the burden of the care of Thrael, he has elevated several beings to the level of godship, including the goddess Unne, who was sent to him by Qari-uz and to whom he has entrusted the duty of overseeing the resurrection of those souls snatched from the clutches of Omliazi. With his concubines, Unne and Lishrammu, to help guard the distraught and jealous Tiferet, Agenni is once more free to roam Thrael. Missing the company of Tiferet, it is said that Agenni sometimes takes on the form of a mortal to woo those who remind him of her, or to converse with those who might aid him in freeing her. Agenni, Tiferet, Unne and Lishrammu are referred to as The Children of the Mountain.

Amira'el and Elira'el

Goddess of Free Will and Goddess of Fate

Amira'el's Areas of Interest: Free Will, Knowledge, Scholarship, Craftsmen, The Sun, The Light of Learning

Elira'el's Areas of Interest: Fate, The Moons, Stars, Prophesy

Free to roam Thrael once again, it is said that Agenni came upon two sisters in a garden, intently discussing philosophy. The god listened to them for some time and eventually stepped in to declare each correct in their arguments. So impressed was he, that he elevated both to his pantheon. Declaring Amira'el the goddess of Free Will setting her under the Sun, and instructing her to give the people of the world the tools with which to enlighten themselves, so that they might make decisions wisely.

The other sister, Elira'el, he made the Goddess of Fate and set her in the night sky, charging her with the keeping of the moons and stars of the heavens, so that she might cause the people of Thrael to wonder about the mysteries of existence. He also gave Elira'el Farsight so that she should not be oppressed by the darkness.

As each sister completes her round in the sky, they embrace tenderly as they pass, Elira'el's dimming her sister's illumination at night, and Amira'el shining upon her sister at the dawn.


Goddess of Fire

Areas of Interest: Fire, Volcanoes, Heat, Steam, Lava, The Sun, Hope

And there came a time when the deities needed to assemble and so sojourned to the boundaries of Omliazi's realm of Rummur. The Succubus refused to let them bypass the trials guarding her realm, but the liquid lava flowed though the stony caverns and spiraled upwards, forming a fire-nymph, Lishrammu. The nymph was the embodiment of the spirit of flame and lava and all things fluid. She invited the deities to stand upon her palm as she bore them unto the cavern where the thwarted Omliazi awaited them. Agenni admired Lishrammu's courage and saw in her a continuation of Tiferet, and knowing that she could not continue to dwell in Rummur he invited her to return to Thrael with him and abide with him on the mountain that he shared with Tiferet and Unne.

Lishrammu and Agenni lived together in relative harmony with Unne, guarding the ever raging Tiferet in her crystalline prison. The fire-nymph swore to protect Tiferet as Agenni would and so the Lord of the Galilammi became free to roam Thrael as he needed, and from the heights of their mountain she helps him guide the Sun through Miamm-uz and lights the world.

Lishrammu is all things hot and molten. Her deliverance from the darkness of Rummur makes her a symbol of hope to all souls trapped by sorrow or hardship. Along with Agenni, Tiferet and Unne, Lishrammu is one of The Children of the Mountain.


God of Nature, King of the Hoofed Beasts, "The Diligent Farmer"

Areas of Interest: The Land, Harvest, Seasons, Flora, Fauna, Cycle of Life

As the white stallion, Raaqil, raced through a desert canyon, a cloud of blood red sand in his wake, Agenni recognized him as a divine being and another gift to him from Qari-uz. Raaqil was an exemplary leader of his herd and would therefore come to represent leadership for all of the animal kingdom. Agenni made him also the keeper of the forests, plains, jungles, farmlands, and meadows in which the creatures of the world dwelt, and bade him maintain the plants upon which they depended.

Raaqil, did not willingly give up his freedom and his herd in the desert, but out of duty he bore the harness proffered by Agenni. Toiling daily, he oversees the planting of the fields, the passage of the seasons, the husbandry of the herds, and reaping of the harvest. Raaqil oversees the cycle of life and death for plants and animals.

Raaqil much prefers his natural state as a dazzlingly pure white stallion, but frequently wanders among the people of Thrael in the guise of a plainly dressed Murkh farmer or as a nomadic Sere Gharkin. His symbol has become the bee, who pollinates the flowering plants of his dominion.


Goddess of the Sea, "The Wronged Woman"

Areas of Interest: Water, The Sea, Wind, Weather, Ice, Cold, Volatility, Bitterness, Anger, Jealousy, Imprisonment, Protection from Undead, Beauty, Charisma, Charity, Pride

The first of the Galilammi deities who inhabit and directly influence events upon the Plane of Thrael, the beautiful Tiferet was created by her mother, Omliazi, in her likeness and is most often represented as a dark-skinned Il'lythe woman. She became the favorite of Akir who created for her the god Agenni as her mate. Accompanied by their pupils, Laiish and Daudei, Tiferet and Agenni traveled across Thrael, creating the creatures of the lands. She invested her creatures with beauty, charisma, charity and pride, and took the jaguar as her chosen animal.

While preparing for battle at the start of the Great War Between the Gods, Tiferet was thrust into a mountain by Agenni who sought to protect her from the fray. The force of the impact, however, resulted in a huge explosion, forever trapping her within the crystalline heart of the mountain and exiling Uz and Akir into a void between the Pales. Her anger, passion and terror at suddenly being imprisoned created the great dragyn god Zzrrrgk.

At the conclusion of the War, a remorseful Agenni returned to the mountain to loyally stand vigil and guard Tiferet, but at a meeting of the gods with Omliazi in Rummur, Agenni met the fire sprite Lishrammu and returned with her to the mountain. He later took a second consort, the goddess Unne. Watching her beloved with Lishrammu and Unne from within the frozen depths of her crystal prison, Tiferet is consumed by jealousy and despair, her tears of sorrow form the streams, rivers, seas and oceans of Thrael, and her rage fuels the winds and turbulence of the seas.

Still a compassionate goddess, Tiferet has taken to shepherding the newly undead on their journey through the depths of her mountains into the realm of Rummur, and she is often called upon by the faithful to protect them from these spirits or for their assistance.

With Agenni, Unne and Lishrammu, Tiferet is one of The Children of the Mountain.


Goddess of Resurrection

Areas of Interest: Resurrection of the Dead, Birth, Deserts

Slumbering as the earth of Thrael, the being that was once Qari-uz saw the need of a helpmate for her old ally, Agenni and so she sent to him a whirling sandstorm that surrounded him and filled him with an arousal that he had not felt since the entrapment of Tiferet. The culmination of his arousal resulted in the formation of the nubile Unne, who coalesced from the sandstorm. Recognizing in her the forces of creation that had been Qari-uz, Agenni elevated Unne to the rank of goddess and charged her with overseeing the resurrection of the dead.

Unne is most often represented as a winged nymph surrounded by a whirlwind of golden sand. Along with Agenni, Tiferet and Unne, Lishrammu is one of The Children of the Mountain.


God of Mischief and Revelry

Areas of Interest: Mischief, Thievery, Debauchery, Revelry, Festivals, Pranks, Drunkenness

Child of the fire nymph Lishrammu and Agenni, the youthful god Yalan is the source of much distress to his loving parents and is used as a divisive tool by Tiferet in her desire to drive the two apart. A mischievous prankster, Yalan spends his days and nights in the company of men, ignoring his lessons with his tutor Amira'el for romps with strumpets, gamblers and thieves. Drunkenness and debauchery have become synonymous with his name, and a bottle of wine is not opened without a toast in his honor.

Some scholars contend that Yalan is not a child of Lishrammu and Agenni at all, but a changeling placed among them by the god Zukumet to torment them. A relatively minor god in the pantheon of Ziguran, Yalan was not widely worshiped until after the Straits of Adamantus were occupied by the Bijapuran Empire near the end of the Age of Innocence, and it is suggested by some that his first devotees were also followers of the Nagosanese god, Tung-pin.


God of Strife, "Lord of Chaos"

Areas of Interest: Strife, Chaos, Greed, Deception, Lies, Evil Trickery, Ill Gotten Gain, Anarchy, Assassination, Insanity

Initially a minor daemon of the Afterworld, the winged daemon Zukumet was taken by Omliazi as her consort when she needed his aid in the building of a huge canyon within he dominion of Rummur. Soon tiring of him, she none-the-less elevated him to the status of a godhood. Together with Fauozlil, they began the Great War Between the Gods, which resulted in the sealing of the portal to Ellushene. He was abandoned on Thrael by Omliazi, where he now continues to carry out her desires, spreading strife of all sorts among the peoples of The world.

Specializing in lies and complicated deceptions, the devious Zukumet, often in concert with Omliazi, incites greed, torture, assassination, thievery, and debauchery in pursuit of their common goal of tipping the scales bearing the souls of the beings of Thrael to evil, and of toppling The Children of the Mountain from power.


God of Disease, "The Beasts' Champion"

Areas of Interest: Disease, Lightening, Protection of Animals

Created when Agenni thrust Tiferet into the mountain, the dragyn deity, Zzrrrgk, was formed from a mixture of Tiferet's aether, anger, passion and fright. The ravenous deity spiraled into the volcano of Uz's creation and curled up there, away from the events on Thrael where he slept for centuries, feeding upon the inner earth as it grew and nurtured. Rising from the sulphurous stench of the bowels of the volcano at last, the great beast found that the anger within him had grown. With every wheeze of his foul breathe, he spewed poison and disease over the world, and from his blackened scales shot blinding bolts of destructive lightning.

Though he bears a deep, unrelenting and seemingly unreasonable hatred for Agenni, Zzrrrgk feels a strange compassion for the beasts of Thrael whom he considers to be more like himself. It is not uncommon for a hunter or herdsman to claim that the dragyn god has appeared on behalf of an endangered animal.

It is said that Zzrrrgk also aids Agenni's enemy, Omliazi, by acting as her general, his intense anger leaning him towards her dark purposes as he directs her dark legions.