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Ajlili Sect
Ishneri Sect
Igi Sect
Uk-zi'reg Sect

Ziguran Daemons

Divided into four sects, the daemons are ruled by Omliazi and inhabit Rummur.

Ajlili Sect

Translation: The fever daemons.

Leader: Emmisi.

Leader Qualities: Able to cover a body with boils and spits out streams of pus.

General Powers: Release sicknesses among the populace; poisonous acid flies forth from their palms.

Ishneri Sect

Translation: The judgment daemons.

Leader: Unnin.

Leader Qualities: Bears five arms, wields three whips. The whips, when they strike a target, judge sins against the gods, the family, and Omliazi Herself. If found to be guilty, an ishneri is summoned to feast upon the flesh of the accused.

General Powers: Destroy leader's victims; grab souls at death and escort them to Rummur.

Igi Sect

Translation: The scab daemons.

Leader: Amashu.

Leader Qualities: Flays victims, coats the wounds in thick scabs. When it screams, strands of scabs fly from its mouth and wrap about the victim, then tear violently away with a wave of its hand.

General Powers: Poke holes in flesh with their long nails; for each one there, the igi can envelop a limb in scabs that tear and bleed with each movement.

Uk-zi'reg Sect

Translation: The deformity daemons (literally, "crooked body man").

Leader: Muzii

Leader Qualities: Cursed to be forever altering shape into a variety of deformities; if faced with a victim, can bend (not break) their bones.

General Powers: Each has a different deformity and can break bones easily; their deformities can be placed upon someone but they receive another.