House xul'Abraxas Il'lthye

Avg. Height: 6'4"

Avg. Weight: 120 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 500

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:Startlingly pale.
Hair:Deep tones with blue accents.
Skin:Rich mahogany to pitch black.
Body Type:Tall and lithe.
Notable:Tattoos demarking life stages, filial affiliations and political groups are common; xul'Abraxas tattoo their young at birth, usually the child's zodiac sign on the back.

Region: Ziguran

Homeland: East Coast of Ziguran

Stereotype: Fiends

Languages: Common, elvish, dyari.

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Rite of the Mordant Spring (not yet implemented).

Bonus to Lore learn rate.

Consummate magic users, these dark elves are ruled by consortiums of powerful mage-kings. Hailing from Ziguran, they are commonly known as the fiends. A special trait that distinguishes this group is that they are tattooed on their backs at birth, signifying a particular allegiance with the race of dragynkind. Their traits consist of startling pale eyes in the darkest of faces. Skin ranging from rich mahogany to pitch black is offset by their deep toned hair, with plenty of blue accents.

Dragyn Astrology:

January – Gray Dragyn
February – Glacier Dragyn
March – Silver Dragyn
April – Reef Dragyn
May – Azure Dragyn
June – Cinder Dragyn
July – Sun Dragyn
August – Emerald Dragyn
September – Amber Dragyn
October – Swamp Dragyn
November – Iron Dragyn
December – Mist Dragyn