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Aptly called "The Worm" by all but his followers, Trost is perhaps the most feared of all the gods. His reputation for spreading all of the greater evils amidst Thrael causes even the bravest to shiver. Plague, Famine, and Rot are three of his favorite toys, which he showers upon mortals at will. Like their deity, followers of Trost are very narrow minded, almost to a point of refusing to accept change, and have stuck to their same tenants and rituals for millennia. Temples to Trost are often under the surface of Thrael, since their god prefers earthen domain of rock. The reputed power of the clergy of Trost is immense. His favor grants power over many forms of disease and, very often, over great magic. However, falling out of favor with Trost imperils not only the body but the soul, and many high priests disappear every year. Many master assassins kneel to Trost for his plague-causing agents and spells, which of course help with their rather discreet business. In turn, they work for him, and as long as they are useful, the bargain is mutually beneficial.

For flesh exists to feed My hungers, behold My fingers of disease and pestilence. Let them devour that which is gluttony. Behold My unmaking, rejoice in the rot that consumes all. For all crumbles and decays before Me. And I am the Master, for this My strength.
— Trost's Vile Compact, Chapter 3

Dark and brooding, Trost holds sway over the darkest of dominions. Relentless in his endeavors he asserts control over disease, rot, earth forces, perversion, hunting, bloodlust, violence, dungeons and mines. By virtue of his control over mountains and earth, he exerts his will towards the mountains of Thrael and the talented stonemasons.

Preferring to remain cloaked in darkness, the Wyrm often sends forth his eyes in the forms of rats to watch his plotting enemies and gather intelligence to further his goals. Crawling up from the sluices and hidden crevices of the lands, his servants scurry forth to do his bidding and return with scraps of information to please their insidious master.

Kneel before your master, pathetic vermin. For I am He that takes all as He desires. Cower before your enslaver, for I will take what is Mine to possess. Serve well and I will crush you not beneath my boot; resist... and feel my wrath.
— Trost's Vile Compact, Chapter 7

Celebrated in the dark hours of the twenty-first day of Kolbre, Trost and his devoted strengthen their hold on the arena of destruction preparing for the inevitable day that Maluk reemerges from his exile to challenge Trost for his position. To this end the Wyrm works tirelessly with his assembled allies, Shaellis and Vaen, to preserve his concept of waste for waste's sake.

And before Me I envisage waste and rot; its putrid smell ambrosia to My senses. All that be faithful rejoice for the destruction We bring to those self-righteous doltish fools that would attempt to stand against Us.
— Trost's Vile Compact, Chapter 9

Never discriminating in his followers, Trost embraces support from all races ranging from Sylvani to Daun to Orckin. Encouraging his faithful to indulge in marauding and random destruction, his dark shadow stretches across the lands like a dark blight upon its surface festering with his insatiable hunger that crushes and forces into decay all that is good.


AliasesThe Worm (Wyrm, Vyrm)
PortfolioDisease, Parasites, Famine, Sickness, Rot, Waste, Elemental Earth, Earth Elementalists, Earthquakes, Mountains, Rocks and Minerals, Stone Masons, Solidity, Beasts, Monsters, Hunters, The Hunt, Bloodlust, Marauders, Marauding, Perversion, Corruption, Random Destruction, Destructive Behavior, Violence, Caverns, Subterranean Places, Miners, Mining, Dungeons, Dungeon Denizens and Creatures, Skulks, Absence of Creativity, Changelessness, Narrow Thinking, Undead.
Corporeal DomainsDungeons, Sewers
Central ThemesDecay, Destruction
Physical AvatarSewer Rat, Talking Skull
Animal SymbolThe Rat
Color(s)Brown, olive, rust
ElementThe World
Material AffinitySildok, Iron (Rusted)
Gem AffinityBezoar, Obsidian
Holy BookTrost's Vile Compact
Temple/Shrine Style 
Magic SphereArcane
Primary DominionThe World
Secondary DominionDark (negative)
Tertiary DominionSoul
Conceptual FamilyPast
Spell User TypeHybrid
Spell StyleDuplicates astral effects through arcane.
Time of Day6pm - 8pm
Month(s) of the YearKolbre
Religious HolidaysVos'Siddix – Kolbre 31 – Last Night of Mylywyth
Seasonal HolidaysMylywyth, Kolbre 21 – 31
AlliesShaellis, Vaen
EnemiesGhent, Lyra, Serene, Thine



Lesser Power of Disease, Parasites, Famine, Sickness, Rot, Waste

Vermin appears as an ancient demon of indeterminate gender.


Lesser Power of Elemental Earth, Earth Elementalists, Earthquakes, Mountains, Rocks and Minerals, Stone Masons, Solidity, Autumn

Gythankul appears as a druim'dwer male in his 400's.


Lesser Power of Beasts, Monsters, Hunters, The Hunt, Bloodlust, Marauders, Marauding

Vos'Siddix appears as a female toelwulf in her 80's.


Lesser Power of Perversion, Corruption, Random Destruction, Destructive Behavior, Violence

Mylywyth appears as a greater orc in his 30's.


Lesser Power of Caverns, Subterranean Places, Miners, Mining, Dungeons, Dungeon Creatures and Denizens, Skulks

Brok-Kra appears as a female toelbadger in her 90's.


Lesser Power of Changelessness, Absence of Creativity, Narrow Thinking

Kydellio appears as a daun in his 60's.


Lesser Power of Revenants, Skeletons, Ravening Ghouls, and Hungering Undead

Plidic appears as the shattered shell of an il'lthye corpse.