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Code of the Eternal Flame


Symbolized by a flaming phoenix, Thine is the goddess of fire and the magical flux of Thrael. Her belief is that the purifying heat of flame will burn away the evils of the world and the end justifies the means. In addition to fire, she is also the patron of athletes and competition, with the ideology that the burning of the veins is cleansing as well. To many across Thrael, Thine represents the flame of hope and the spirit of vitality and vigor, while also symbolizing the danger of fire. Many myths support the belief that Thine first brought fire to mankind, though other sycophants make the same claim about their gods. Thinish priests are known for their fanatic behavior, often burning themselves to show their devotion and although they do not reveal their rituals to outsiders, severe charring often mars the exposed skin of high priests. Such stories keep the following relatively small, though the suggested power obtained by joining her temple tempts many.

The Book of Thine

And it came to pass that while the cataclysm was roiling, and Serene and Vaen struggled in deep conflict... a spark had been tossed from the destruction... from the chaos. And the elders tell us that that spark ignited in flames; the good grew from the bad... hope from despair. The elders, mostly Plaeaty of Roshanon and Grehlis the old of Maershae, have argued the finer points, debating whether the spark ignited the flame... or the flame was created out of the spark, but in truth they agree that from the spark was borne a terrible flame. Burning hot, yet not annihilative, fire feeding itself, and still not creating the cancer that destroys it, a nourishing blaze, burning white with purity... hope, a healing phlogiston. The flames grew, nourishing themselves... leaping in joy and promise... and out of the fiery inferno stepped... Thine.

Code of the Eternal Flame

The end justifies the means — One must attain all, never fail in the quest. To die in flames is to achieve greatness and sainthood. Through death is rebirth and the enrichment of the soul. No one and nothing is worth giving up the quest for, strive to reach the goal under any all hardships, to quit is failure, to bend to pressure is to fail, to die while trying to achieve the goal is to find Thine's love and inner strength.

The body and the soul are dispensable, and just the means to the end. One finds true nirvana in the completion of any act. A true hero will cast aside all others, using the bodies of the fallen as well as the upright to reach the end. There is no selfishness; there is just the end. The end must be reached. At the end, there is Triumph.

On Hope — Where there is life, there is hope, never give up as long as there is a breath within. All things will come to those who bathe in Thine's golden light.

On Magic and Aether — The aether within gives the ability to use the magic. It is the spark that lights the fire, the push that leads to victory, the gear that turns the machine and leads to triumph. The magicks are the means to achieve, the tool to accomplish, the road to triumph.

To walk through the fires of doom and emerge whole is to have found Thine's love.

To walk through the fires of doom and to emerge scathed is to have felt Thine's kiss.

To walk through the fires of doom and to emerge charred and destroyed is to have found everlasting love in Thine's arms.

Thine's priests are called Thinists and are recognized by their scorched clothing and seared hair. To become a priest of Thine, one must pass a test by fire.


AliasesThe Mistress of Magic, The Eternal Child
PortfolioMagic, Flux, Aether, Renewal, Elemental Fire, Fire Elementalists, Purification through Fire, Destruction through Fire, Essential Heat, Volcanoes, Youth, Vitality, Hope, Promise, Summer, Victory, Accomplishments, Triumph, Athletics, Athletes, Adventurers, Adventuring, Travel, Travelers, Wanderers, Explorers, Exploration.
Corporeal DomainsUbiquitous
Central ThemesHope
Physical AvatarPhoenix, Column of Flame
SymbolA Flame within a torch circled by a halo
Animal SymbolThe Phoenix, a flaming torch encircled with essence upon a burning orb
Color(s)Orange, red, yellow
Material AffinityZiint, Rose Gold, Copper
Gem AffinityStar Ruby, Pyre Diamond
Holy BookThe Code of the Eternal Flame
Temple/Shrine StyleAnywhere, but usually associated with heat, flames, or lava flows.
Magic SphereVedic
Primary DominionFire
Secondary DominionRight (truth)
Tertiary DominionDark (negative)
Conceptual Family 
Spell User TypePure
Spell StyleStrictly uses arcane effects.
Time of Day12pm - 2pm
Month(s) of the YearDien
Religious HolidaysCha'Hoquis or MidSummer's Day, Dien 31
Seasonal Holidays 
AlliesLyra, Serene
EnemiesShaellis, Trost, Vaen



Facet of Elemental Fire, Fire Elementalists, Purification through Fire, Destruction through Fire, Essential Heat, Volcanoes

Plydia appears as an eternal flame. The Shrine of Plydia contains a bed of fiery coals that leads to an eternal flame. Worshippers walk over the coals to ask the oracle questions of faith.


Facet of the Height of day, Noon, The Zenith of the Sun, Solar Rays

Hoquis appears as a daun in her late teens. The Shrine of Hoquis is located on a high mountain, where her followers can be closest to the sun. The shrine is circular with no roof, an altar in the center. Sacrifices are made at high noon.


Facet of Magic, Aether, Flux, The Keeper of the Veil

Illyoni is a female il'lthye in her 400's. The shrine of Illyoni is near Kemstead, where the Ladybooks were found behind Pendre's home, in a clearing where no vegetation grows, and the soil has burned to harsh sands.


Facet of Youth, Vitality, Hope, Promise, Summer

Vryllae is a half-elven male in his 30's. He is depicted as having bright red short curly hair, piercing dark eyes, and a lithe body. He has a carefree demeanor, and encourages his followers to outrageous tasks. Vryllae has no shrine; he is a wandering facet.


Facet of Victory, Accomplishments, Triumphs, Athletics

Gilmalat is a sylvan male in his 300's. He is called "the Coach." There is a Summer Competition that is called each year in Gilmalat's honor, to glory Thine. It is played in mid-Dien, on the hottest day of the year, and is known for its many deaths from sunstroke and heat exhaustion.


Facet of Adventurers, Adventuring, Travel, Travelers, Wanderers, Explorer, Exploration, Nomads, Nomadic tribes

Radillio is a half-orc in his 20's Venerated by the wild tribes, Radillio is the patron facet of orcs and outlanders. A wandering facet, he is associated with the mosquito and gnat, pushing followers onward, not allowing succor or rest.