House Tetsu-ko Il'lthye

Avg. Height: 6'4"

Avg. Weight: 120 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 500

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:Jade green, rich brown and golden yellow.
Hair:Onyx, blue-streaked, occasionally orchid-streaked.
Skin:Golden, ranging yellow to swarthy yellowish-brown.
Body Type:Tall and lithe.
Notable:Tattoos demarking life stages, filial affiliations and political groups are common.

Region: Vash

Stereotype: Adventurers

Languages: Common, elvish, dyari.

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Rite of the Mordant Spring (not yet implemented).

Bonus to Larceny and Lockpicking learn rates.

The Adventurers, as the dark elves of House Tetsu-ko are known through Thrael, are quite infamous. They seem to make the best rogues, and are renown as being light-fingered and prone to kleptomania, as if they believe that what they see belongs to them. They can trace their homeland to the Vashan isles and have the traits of that area. Eyes of jade green, rich brown and golden yellow are striking contrasts to their onyx or blue-streaked hair. Even orchid streaks can be seen in the coarse texture. Their skin tones are golden and range from yellow to a swarthy yellowish brown.