Temboc Gharkin

Avg. Height: 6'10"

Avg. Weight: 260 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 320

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:Any color.
Spines:Any color.
Tusks:Brighter than other gharkins'.
Body Type:Average build.
Clothing:Whatever best matches the races they live near; avoid tattoos and piercings.

Region: Peregorne

Languages: Common, Gharish

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Racial martial arts.

Bonus to Melee, Parry and Tactics learn rates.

Penalty to Armor Stealth learn rate.

The Temboc are the only Gharkins to truly embrace society and have in turn carved out a considerable niche as mercenaries, traders, soldiers, or personal guards. They have a hard time understanding the strange ways of their cousins and often try to pacify and tame them: showing a Nosk the importance of clothing, a Valek the virtues of sleeping indoors, and a Sere the advantages of talking first and killing later. The Temboc have brighter tusks, most likely brought on by better hygiene, and an average build. Some call them more passive, the Temboc prefer the word tactful. Because many of the so called Temboc are really only one of the other three subspecies of Gharkin who have taken on this mantle to escape the stereotypes of their cultures, their spine and eye color span the entire gamut. This has made many of the other races suspicious of the Temboc. These are also the only Gharkin that see permanent settlement as a positive thing, instead of a hindrance. The Temboc raid and war as a last result; often refusing to do so even in the worse of situations. They prefer to rely on their neighboring allies for help and support.

The Temboc wear whatever best matches the races they live with or near (though eccentric examples are known to appear from time to time). They avoid tattoos and most piercings for the same reasons they only wear certain types of clothing. The Temboc's fighting styles are much more consistent with main stream culture than their cousins. Constant training in foreign campaigns has expanded their sphere of martial knowledge allowing them a much larger access to combat and tactics. The Druim'dwer have a special relationship with many of the Temboc, imparting much of their smithing liturgy to them. Because of this, though much larger, these Gharkin are superb weapon and armor smiths. Some argue that their goods are as good as the Druim'dwer's, though you'll never get a Druim'dwer to admit it. Many pay high and outlandish prices for even the most basic of Temboc weaponry and armor, trusting in its good name and durability. This business has been lucrative; as a result, they are by far the richest of the Gharkin, and often living in great houses outside the city they work in. Many of these Gharkin do not even work unless the piece being forged requires special attention; otherwise they leave the menial work to their employees. In many of the larger towns, the most influential and wealthy merchants are Temboc armor and weapon smiths. Even though they are what many may call "domesticated Gharkin," if there is such a thing, the Temboc still covet nature and the privacy of their own family and home. Not to mention they still share their race's bad temperament and love for battle.

The Temboc rarely raid and or make war as a tribe, because their tribal structure is nearly nonexistent. If they do go to war, it is for their own beliefs. Being the rich and powerful merchants they are, keeps the Temboc together as a powerful conglomerate who have more than enough money to supply all their needs. This deep immersion in society has stripped away much of their former culture and ways: trading much of their bond and love for nature, for wealth and business. The Nosk, Valek, and Sere cannot understand why the Temboc have forgotten the old ways. Especially the Valek, who often get angry and violent whenever a Temboc tries to defend their way of life.