sylphIt came to pass that Serene cast her far seeing eye from her throne upon the moon Tempest towards the jungles of Ziguran and watched in amazement as Vaen created the Elven race, carefully fashioning them in her image and honoring them above all others as her children. More delighted with the idea of the conception of progeny of her own than jealous of her twin sister, Serene's deep maternal instinct rose up in her breast. Taking her beloved tides, the peacefulness of a forest glade, and the winds that are controlled by her moons, Mother Serene fashioned a graceful race with many different components, yet a universal tie to her matriarchy through the moons that are her dominion. Using these things that were adored by her she fashioned the race of Sylphs.

Dryads who were born of the forest stillness, dark and smooth as tree trunks with all the verdant glorious colors of the leaves in their hair and eyes. The love of all things growing inbred in them and who watched over the turning of seasons with the care that their lunar mother implanted into their being. The universal druid and ranger combined in their blood.

Naiads whose nativity was the tides, and who were softly scaled, finned and gilled. They carry the glorious blue-green shades of the waters in their coloring, their skin pale greens or blues, their tresses the shades of coral and the vegetation of the underwater. A people at one with the oceans, yet protected from the deep melancholy that was Shaellis by the gift of free will from their Moon mother. A gift that demanded a lifelong price, that they must return from the land to sojourn in the water for one revolution of the moon at the time when Tempest is full or die.

Nymphs are beloved since they were the freest. Composed of air, they have the power to fly above it, fashioned with long translucent wings and a lightness of body. Slender as the dryads and naiads, the nymphs were faerie-fey, their coloring ranging from golden hair to the lightest ash, their skin soft and pale and their eyes translucent shades of blues, grays and hazel-gold.

Out of the Nymphs and Dryads, Serene made the smaller species of the race, the Elpas from the Dryads and the Brambles from the Nymphs, repeating their look in a smaller scale for no other reason than it pleased her.

Placing her progeny down upon Thrael, the Mother bid them seek their own and her children scattered, hidden from the children of Vaen until after the Diaspora of the Elves.