Solstarilis (Stoneheart) Druim'dwer

Avg. Height: 3'4" to 4'6" (male), 2'8" to 4'0" (female)

Avg. Weight: 160 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 320

Physical Characteristics:

Body Type:

Region: Peregorne

Languages: Common, Dwarven

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Racial martial arts.

Poison resist.

Bonus to Conditioning, Gnosis, Channeling and Kinesis learn rates.

Penalty to Archery, Animal Handling, Larceny and Stealth learn rates.

Originally in the myth of their creation, of the six Druim'dwer created during the forging of the world, only one thought to ask the Forger what they were to do. According to legend, the Forger replied, "You are to maintain the Law of Earth and Sky, respect both and all that dwell under each." Apparently the Solstarilis Clan took this to heart, focusing on the welfare of both their fellow Druim'dwer and all who obey the laws of the Forger above and below ground. Several orders of paladins are directly connected with this Clan including the Order of the Gloaming Star and the Order of the Holy Forge. Aside from dabbling in other people's affairs (which has at times brought the Druim'dwer more grief than good) the Solstarilis specialize in the forging of exquisite weapons, most blessed and consecrated to the Forger, and armor, particularly a light suit of platemail which is formed from a thin layer of chain with the thinnest plates of the strongest metal available attached at key points and slotted to move at the joints together.