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Known as the The Decrepit Hag, Shaellis is the goddess of depression and despair, as well as the sea and storms. Her basic tenet is that mortality and mankind is fleeting, so why do they even try to make their marks upon the world. Her followers are the Mourners, whose main occupation is to show others the futility of their endeavors and lure them to the suicide that Shaellis' doctrine holds is the divine commitment. No temple of worship to Shaellis has ever been discovered in the mortal realm, lending some credence to the belief that the oceans are her primary concern, although she has many shrines. Some scholars have speculated that temples to her may lie beneath the waves, while others have gone as far to theorize that her entire temple may be the waters themselves. Because of her indifference to the affairs of mortals, Shaellis remains rather aloof from daily life. Although technically a member of the Onu pantheon, she is regarded by nearly all gods as an outsider and rarely deals with the other deities. Her worshippers follow the same basic principle and are not often seen walking the mortal paths.

Via Fluidae — The Book of Despair

And from the cosmos that was Kel came a churning that built and built as if loath to be born. Ripped from the abyss, the water flowed and took shape and she whom was formed was fearsome, for hers was the face of Hopelessness, and even the mighty Kel felt the power of the Misery that surrounded the very core of the power created. Struggling to be released from the nativity of its conception, the power tried to give herself up to the failure of her very potential but catastrophe was to be her sphere and despair, her dominion. There was no escape for the one who destiny hath chosen to embody misery, anguish... the purest form of hopelessness. The Mighty One — the Mist of Evenings, the Mistress of Ablution, the Crone, the Decrepit Hag — Shaellis was born.

The Hajira

Following the words of the oracle of Signus they came to sojourning in the city of bridges, they came to the tip to worship her, finding the water's edge and the small craft, which would seek the Mistress. They who were downheartened... they who lost faith in all but Her Divine Dispair...they who did seek the end of the catastrophe of life. And in taking the vessel, they found Sarandel, who gathered them to her bosom...and with the speaking of Her words sent them to the Reward. Theirs was to be the Watchers of that unspeakable domain... Theirs was to teach others the Words of the Mistress of Hopelessness... for they shalt never enter that place of Eternal rest to seek their peace, for peace would never be Thine.

Disciples — The Mourners

The disciples of Shaellis are the depressed and disheartened. Her church discourages her devotees from looking to the completion of any task. The Shaellisian theology is that it is hopeless to try to better oneself because all is lost at the end and success is fleeting, so just give up now. Shaellisians are depressed and suicidal, having no goal or future. They purposely take herbs that will induce nightmares or night terrors. They live near large bodies of water and their tenets include the belief that the oceans are the tears of the Sorrowful One, who weeps in her despondency. There was no catastrophe that made Shaellis as she is, no horror, no major upheaval. Born knowing the hopelessness, she is pure despair. Her favorites, the Mourners, follow her teachings as they discourage others from pursuing their aspirations, pushing them instead towards the final death and the failure of all their dreams. Yet the Mourner can never find the triumph of a total death. They must wait on the periphery of the Ul'Mydar and press the races into accepting the total isolation that is the end. To totally die is to find a final solution and that is never to be their fate, instead they must live in their wretchedness. So even in pursuing death and the end of days, they cannot reach their goal... they must fail, for that is the way of Shaellis.


AliasesThe Decrepit Hag, Mistress of Ablution, The Mist of Evenings
PortfolioElemental Water, Water Elementalists, Currents, Waves, Purification through Water, Cleansing, Wetness, Aquatic Creatures, Oceans, Lakes, Ocean Winds, Thunderstorms, Waterfalls, Rivers, Hurricanes, Drowning, Rain, Misfortune, Bad Luck, Accidents, Failures, Isolation, Depression, Hopelessness, Despair, Fall, Old Age, Exhaustion, Decline, Senility, Dusk, Sleep, Dreams, Nightmares, Beaches, Waterfronts.
Corporeal DomainsThe Oceans
Central ThemesDespair
Physical AvatarColumn of water
SymbolAn eye in a cresting wave, Shark fin
Animal SymbolThe Shark
Color(s)Blue green, gray
Material AffinityDamask
Gem AffinityAquamarine, Abyssal Pearl
Holy BookVia Fluidae – The Doctrine of Shaellis
Temple/Shrine StyleUnknown, believed to be underwater.
Magic SphereArcane
Primary DominionWater
Secondary DominionWrong (lies)
Tertiary DominionMind
Conceptual FamilyPast
Spell User TypePure
Spell StyleUses strictly arcane effects.
Time of Day2am - 4am
Month(s) of the YearFraostmonth
SeasonLate Winter
Religious HolidaysNistaziustag, Last Day of Fraostmonth – A Night of Mourning and Contemplation before Thrael's Rebirth
Seasonal Holidays 
AlliesTaqe, Trost
EnemiesGhent, Lyra, Thine



Lesser Power of Elemental Water, Water Elementalists, Rain, Purification through Water, Cleansing, Wetness, Aquatic Creatures

Sarandel appears as an aqua-skinned naiad in her 400's. An ancient shrine to her is rumored to be somewhere in Imperial Bay, off the northern coastline of Peregorne.


Lesser Power of Oceans, Lakes, Ocean Winds, Thunderstorms, Waterfalls, Rivers, Hurricanes, Beaches, Waterfronts, Destruction through Water, Currents, Waves

Signus appears as a waterspout in a cave.


Lesser Power of Misfortune, Bad Luck, Accidents, Failures

Fraxuth appears as a crippled dwarf in his 80's.


Lesser Power of Isolation, Depression, Hopelessness, Despair

Urglysh appears as a rock in the ocean that can only be reached by a suicide leap.


Lesser Power of Old Age, Exhaustion, Decline, Senility

Nistazius appears as an ancient mariner in is 400's.


Lesser Power of Dusk, Sleep, Dreams, Nightmares, Night terrors

Omat appears as a succubus.