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Mother of the Moons, Serene is the goddess that sets Tael, Tempest and Tallow to rise and fall each day, and guides them as they guide the months. Patron of the healing arts as well, Serene is looked upon as the deity of empathic magic. Nicknamed "The Good Mother, " Serene is the most benevolent of all the gods. Dealing with mortals as her children, she believes it her personal duty to protect them, even from themselves. Typical of such a benevolent attitude, she is blind to her own faults, sometimes smothering the objects of her protection. She also inspires a degree of guilt in those worshipping her, since their attempts to become as benevolent and caring as their patron always fails. Serene also shares the seas with Shaellis, but in an opposite form of the spectrum. While sailors may pray to Shaellis not to capsize their boat, they pray to Serene to keep the waters calm and the wind in their favor as her moons control the tide and currents. More so than other religions, the followers of Serene almost manifest her personality after years of worship. They exhibit the same qualities Serene exudes, and are thought of as the matriarch priestesses of Thrael.

The Contemplation of Serene

Silhouetted in the shining moonlight, in her tower of serenity on the edge of the western seas, Serene regarded quietly her peaceful domain. Her faithful companion and messenger, Pranburne, the silver winged dove preened softly on the window ledge waiting for his next mission. Soft was her smile and fair her face as she gazed out upon the gentle swells of the living sea.

Ears always listening to the prayers of the navigators of Thrael, who implored her for safe passage upon the open seas, and heart open to the soft pleas of the healers of the lands as they whispered her name in beseeching strength to endure and control the torment of pain their blessed bodies suffered to tend the injured, Serene enjoyed the silence of the dark hours, peacefully rejoicing in the tranquility of the moment. Tides and tribulations rose and fell, but her all encompassing love and caring was boundless and her soft breathe, a most calming influence.

With a gentle smile did she lean and whisper softly to Pranburne, whose eyes of diamonds twinkled with an ancient wisdom. With a soft cry, did he spread his wings and soar off on a mission for his beautiful mistress, the message lying in the unspoken words that had passed between them. For the time of renewal was approaching and her holiest of days, the first dawning of Sune, needed to be prepared for and the timber gathered for the ritual bonfires that would blaze and illuminate the darkness. With one quick circling of the tower, the dove sped out of sight.

Alone with her ageless thoughts, she let her eyes fall upon the dais of diamond and the white tome that rested upon its smooth surface. With gentle fingers did she trace the teachings of midwifery that were illustrated upon the pages of the "Holy Word", a tear glistening in her tender eyes as she understand that the time of birthing would soon be upon the lands and their need of her would be great. And as always she would be ready to aid.

She glided across the silver inlaid tiled floor of her sanctuary, pausing briefly upon the shining image of each of the moons and reflecting upon their meaning. With a nod of respect to the image of Tallow, the largest and brightest of the moons, did she smile upon the navigators, ports and seafarers. With her next footfall did she nod respectfully to Tempest, once hot and red, but now a cool and luminous azure, and she did smile upon religion, clerics, shamans and the quiet holy places. And finally did she nod to Tael, watery and small, she stood upon its representation and thought of the women, orphans and childbirth, as well as her own children , the blessed sylphs. With an all-knowing smile did she understand that with the coming of the warm months this moon would touch the lands profoundly and her love be renewed.

With gentle words of reassurance did she ease the martyrs, strengthen the healers and fortify contentment. With one last glance out the window, she turned and descended to reflect upon her tasks and her devoted. She would nay fail them and would succeed at keeping her dark sister Vaen, Taqe and Trost at bay. So it had always been, and ever more would it be so. Secure in her peaceful abode, did her lithe image fade from sight.


AliasesThe Good Mother, Mother of the Moons
PortfolioNavigators, Navigation, Sea Travel, Sailors, Ports, Port Cities, Conceptual Light, Martyrs, Martyrdom, Righteous Suffering, Endurance, Perseverance, Patron of Prisoners, Redemption, Faith, Priests, Clerics, Shamans, Churches, Holy Places, Religion, Religious Thought, Women, Children, Childbirth, Motherhood, Orphans, Mercy, Compassion, Samaritans, The Healing Arts, Empaths, Doctors, Peace, Stillness, Silence, Quiet Places, Contentment, Essential Good, Purity, Righteous Vengeance, Sylphs.
Corporeal DomainsThe Moons
Central ThemesKindness
PersonalityNaive indulgence in goodness, unrealistic view of her role, encourages faith in her goodness, guilt.
SinsNon-altruism, selfishness.
Physical AvatarDove, Eyes in the Moon
SymbolA faceted diamond capped by three moons upon a field of indigo
Animal SymbolThe Dove
Color(s)Silver, white
ElementThe Moons
Material AffinitySilver
Gem AffinityDiamonds, Moonstone
Holy BookSerene's Holy Word
Temple/Shrine StyleAbbey, nunnery. Quiet, wooded, small. Pretentious beauty.
Magic SphereAstral
Primary DominionLight (positive)
Secondary DominionHeart
Tertiary DominionFire
Conceptual FamilyFuture
Spell User TypePure
Spell StyleOnly uses Astral effects.
Time of Day8am - 10am
Month(s) of the YearSune
SeasonLate Spring
Religious HolidaysGaly'aer, Sune 1 - The celebration of the Moons
Seasonal Holidays 
AlliesLyra, Thine
EnemiesTaqe, Trost, Vaen



Lesser Power of Navigators, Navigation, Sea Travel, Sailors, Ports, Port Cities, Conceptual Light

Tallow manifests himself as the brightest of the three moons. He is also the largest. When appearing in the realms, he may appear as a large, robust daun with pale skin.


Lesser Power of Women, Childbirth, Motherhood, Orphans, Sylphs

Tael manifests herself as the smallest of the three moons. The only habitable moon, Tael is mostly water in composition. The atmosphere can support life, but it is unknown whether any life exists upon this orb at all. When Tael appears in the realms, she generally favors the form of a female sea elf.


Lesser Power of Faith, Priests, Clerics, Shamans, Churches, Holy Places, Religion, Religious Thought

Tempest manifests himself as the darkest of the three moons. Tempest is a deep red and is significantly smaller than Tallow while larger than Tael. When Tempest appears in the realms, he is seen as an imposing gharkin male with deep red skin. His tusks are small for a gharkin and are colored in an unusual pitch black. Most assume that his appearance signals an evil bent, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Instead, his representation is more akin to solemnity and mystery. He is the warden of religions of all denominations and as such, it is assumed that his appearance is designed to instill a sense of awe and wonder in those who behold him.


Lesser Power of Martyrs, Martyrdom, Righteous Suffering, Endurance, Perseverance, Patron of Prisoners, Redemption

Neriand appears as a haefdin woman in her 60's.


Lesser Power of Mercy, Compassion, Samaritans, The Healing Arts, Empaths, Doctors

Flyne appears as a daun in her 40's.


Lesser Power of Peace, Stillness, Silence, Quiet Places, Contentment, Essential Good

Rulin'Zath appears as a sylvan male in his 700's.