Ruttle Gnome

Avg. Height: 3'2"

Avg. Weight: 60 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 500

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:Dull earth tones.
Hair:Black or brown.
Skin:Rock-like, dry and cracked; color ranges from gray of granite to brown of sandstone or dull black of basalt.
Body Type:Stocky, thick and rocky.
Clothing:Earth colors that blend into stone or cliff faces.

Region: Ziguran

Languages: Common

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Racial martial arts.

Bonus to Gnosis and Channeling learn rate.

The Ruttles believe they were birthed from stone itself. When the other races were formed, the stone alone did not have a caretaker, one who appreciated rock for what it itself was. Druim'dwer appreciated it for the metals and gems that could be gotten out of it, but lacked the appreciation of the surrounding stone. The stone formed itself into a sentient being and this being was the first Ruttle.

Ruttles love the earth. Surrounded by stone is when a Ruttle is the happiest. They are also known to inhabit cities with a lot of stonework. Tending to move slowly, they have a strange communion with rock of all types. Vibrations can often tell a Ruttle of creatures waiting in hiding. They even dress in clothing of earth colors, and can often blend into a cliff face or stone walls by just not moving. Stone is preferred over metal in the making of jewelry, and most of the clothing of Ruttles is animal hides because they have a hard time with most plants.

Ruttles are a rhythmic people, loving the sound of drums and other percussion instruments, even that of pounding their fists against stone. All Ruttles are masons of one level or another, their love for stone taking them at a young age. They produce some of the best stone carving of any race, often outdoing dwarves in this capacity. Many wealthy people prefer to have Ruttles do the stonework of their homes if they can find the creatures and convince them to leave their abodes for that long a period. Many Ruttles even eat chalk or powdery rocks. They can also make good priests and channelers, and their physical prowess also makes them good warriors.

The gemstone obsession of Ruttles equals that of metals for dwarves. Ruttles enjoy working with gems and stones of all types, finding as much beauty in granite as marble or ruby. The delicate stonework of their dwellings belies their rough demeanor to outsiders, suggesting an artistic soul.

Ruttles tend to be clannish, often spending as much time not associating with other clans as they do with other races. Ruttles follow the pattern of family, clan, race, and outsiders, each layer outward seen as more of a distraction and trouble. Having a deep and abiding sense of religion, their veneration of the deities often inspiring some of their most beautiful stonework. They make devoted priests and excellent channelers. The ancestry of Ruttles is completely unknown, though they have a legend regarding their origins. Ruttle morality focuses on defending the clan before all others. The actions of each clan vary wildly, from making stonework traps in mountains to creating incredible vistas of carved stone in a cliff face over a town for others to marvel at.

Ruttles speak gnomish and common, but many have picked up a smattering of dwarvish due to their mining with the druim'dwers. Ruttles view most other races with suspicion. Druim'dwer are seen as friendly rivals, while most others are viewed as just plain trouble. The Ruttles could care less about the empire, as long as it leaves them alone.