Re'hari Re'har

Avg. Height: 5'6"

Avg. Weight: 140 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 100

Physical Characteristics:

Hair:Full head of hair.
Skin/Fur:Not as tough as their Inda'sim cousins.
Body Type:Proportions are similar to daun with traditional limbs and digits.
Notable:Daun-like in appearance, with fur, cat ears and tail.

Region: Rhe'Yubla

Languages: Common, rehari.

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Bonus to Unarmed, Evasion & Dodging, and Stealth learn rates.

Penalty to Foraging learn rate.

Unlike the Inda'sim, the Re'hari are more Daunlike in appearance. However, the Re'hari do maintain several distinctly feline features such as a covering of fur over their entire body, long tails, feline-like teeth, and sharp, bony "nails" on their fingers and toes. Their faces are mostly Daunlike, aside from the obvious marking of fur, and feline traits in the ears and eyes. Their physical builds tend to be uniform throughout all ancestries, and proportions are similar to that of Daun. They don't have the stubby fingers of their Inda'sim cousins, but instead have traditional limbs that can manipulate small and delicate objects. They also do not have the digitigrade feet of their Inda'sim cousins. The Re'hari are better suited for footwear. Overall, their fur and skin is not as tough either, and they do get the bruises and scrapes from everyday life, like most races. Hair is a trait that appears in the Re'hari as well. Not just the Shwana, but those Re'hari of all ancestries: both male and female have a full head of hair.

Re'hari society has developed along a different path than the Inda'sim. Re'hari settlements are generally large. The Re'hari build towns and cities, mostly along riverbeds, and coastlines. Any terrain that can provide water and support livestock is suitable for a Re'hari settlement. The need to eat meat is another trait that has stayed with the Re'hari. This physiological difference has lead to them raising primarily livestock and engaging in fishing to feed the population. Fruits and vegetables are eaten rarely, if at all.

The residents of Re'hari towns and cities are made up of all ancestries. While the Re'hari don't separate into different cities by breed, they do have what can be considered a caste system, based on ancestry. Although this caste system is not enforced, and there are often exceptions, you will often see prominent positions filled by those Re'hari of an ancestry that is connected with that position. Many Shwana are found in positions of power, in Re'hari society. Important religious positions are often filled by Kawana or Tau'jiri, and Mehi are notoriously famous for providing many different forms of entertainment. Although these roles are not set in stone, a quick glance as Re'hari society will in fact leave the impression that for the most part, this is the way it is.

Re'hari cities are modern, and have a distinct feel to them. Most technologies seen in buildings and tools in Re'hari cities are on par with human towns and cities of similar sizes.