re'harAn ancient and enigmatic race, the Re'har's origin is a mystery to not only themselves, but the rest of the world as well. Tales of catmen who live deep in the forests have been passed down in different cultures since times past, but only in the past few centuries has the existence of the Re'har become common knowledge. The Re'har appear as humanoids with feline attributes. All Re'har share common traits with some type of great cat. These differing appearances have split the race up into different castes, or tribes in some circumstances. The Re'har have developed names for these different ancestries. Shwana for those that resemble lions, Ghata for tigers, Tau'jiri for leopards, Kawana for pumas, and Mehi for cheetah. Most Re'har live between 80 and 100 years, before succumbing to old age. The two subraces of Re'har share some characteristics, yet there are many glaring physical and social differences between the two subraces. Spiritual fulfillment is a characteristic that both subraces share fully.

The Re'har are always searching for answers, for fulfillment. Common household worship in the Re'har constitutes of paying homage to their ancestors. Not only is direct family regarded, but also the Eld'Ama, an even more ancient race of Re'har from which the current subraces believe they are descended. Aside from this more personal worship, the Re'har also take to devoting themselves to various deities in search of fulfillment and understanding. The Re'har have little trouble with adopting another's religion and feeling at home in its teachings and traditions. Many of the world's common religions have caught on recently within the Re'har culture, especially Jakob, whose leonine facet is looked upon as a patron god by many.

The Re'har inhabit much of the known world, yet are still not often seen as they remain hidden away in the unexplored valleys, deep forests, wet jungles, and dried wastelands tucked away conveniently right under the noses of Daun civilization. Those Re'har that have come to live in other cultures usually adapt quite well and are accepted, but others remain unable to do so and become regarded as monsters, or outcasts. Many Re'har, especially those not exposed to other cultures are wary, or even frightened of being found by outsiders as rumors abound of them being a preferred slave race in some cultures. This uneasiness keeps the majority of Re'har from exposing themselves to the outside world.