Ranges & Stances

Range represents how far away you are from other items in the room.

You can approach your target with the advance verb or move away with the retreat verb.

Melee — You are within arm's (or sword's) reach of your target.
Polearm — You are within a spear or lance's distance of your target.
Stone Throw — You are within a stone's throw of your target.
Bow Shot — You are within bowshot of your target.
Very far — Your target is out of bow range.

Stance represents the defensive position of your character.

You can check your stance by typing stance or change stances by typing stance parry, stance evasive, or stance vulnerable.

There are 3 stances in Unwritten Legends:

  1. Parry Stance - While in parry stance you will attempt to deflect any incoming attack with a shield or weapon. Take note that parrying thrown and ranged attacks with a weapon is more difficult and parrying spellbolts, bullets, and shot with a weapon is normally impossible. Parrying will always try to parry with the item in your off hand first, then your dominant hand. If you don't have anything to parry with, you will try to evade instead.
  2. Evasive Stance - Your character will attempt to dodge any incoming attack while in evasive stance. Your defense will suffer a bigger penalty if you are prone, kneeling, or sitting while in this stance.
  3. Vulnerable Stance - Unusual situations may push your character into this stance. Your defense will drop dramatically. You may also enter this stance for roleplay reasons if you want to be hit by someone.