Prestige Positions

A prestige position is granted to player characters as a result of their roleplay. They are paid positions and carry with them a number of benefits and responsibilities, which we have formalized as follows.

All prestige positions have the following guaranteed benefits:

  • A monthly payment of approximately 5,000 sovereigns (varies by position) for a total of 60,000 sovereigns over the entire term of office.
  • A unique in-character pre or post-title

Most prestige positions also include the following privileges:

  • A semi-private lockable office
  • Symbols of office, such as a uniform, a unique jewelry item, a sealing ring and stationary, etc.
  • Access to restricted areas within the game world, such as the Royal Palace, the Vashan Embassy, etc.
  • Invitations to semi-private events and meetings as roleplay provides.

Note that benefits for these positions are subject to change.

With these benefits and privileges come responsibilities, as the holders of prestige positions are expected to promote and generate roleplaying opportunities for their fellow players. We want dedicated, creative, and energetic people who will actively work to enrich the roleplaying environment of Unwritten Legends. In order to receive your stipend you must run one player event and submit the log to every other month, this can include meetings for plots. Depending on the position, you might choose to hold lectures on magical theory at the Lyceum, promote an art exhibition, organize celebrations for the King's birthday, or simply set up a table in the town green and tell fortunes for anyone who walks by. What matters is not the scale or grandeur of your ideas, but your willingness to create roleplay, rather than waiting for roleplay to be generated for you.

A PC may hold a prestige position for a term of one year. At the end of that year, the PC is formally removed from the post, loses any title associated with the position, and must turn over all keys, symbols of office, and so forth, either to the SPC who first granted the position or directly to staff via an OOC report or assist. Failure to do so in a timely manner will be considered a policy violation.

At staff's discretion, the post will then either be made available to the players, filled by a SPC, or put on hiatus. We cannot guarantee that every post will be filled by players every year, since IC and OOC circumstances may change in such a way that the post is no longer needed, or there may not be any players interested in filling the post when the current office holder's term is up.

If the position is opened up to players, notices will be posted on the forums and in game, announcing that the post is available. What happens next depends on the nature of the post. Note that players who have previously held the post may reapply, and their application will be given the same consideration as all other applicants. In the event that no suitable applicants can be found, the position will either be filled by a SPC or put on hiatus.

Players may retire from a prestige position at any time, for either IC or OOC reasons. Players may be removed from a prestige position at any time, for either IC or OOC reasons, and staff also reserves the right to revoke a prestige position if the player commits any violations of policy during their character's tenure in the position. Finally, long-term absences from game without notice (30 days or more) are also grounds to terminate a position.

Note that not every SPC granted position is considered a prestige position, nor are official staff-run organizations like the Imperial and Royal Guard.

Available Prestige Positions and the characters who currently hold them can be found on the forums.