Potbelly Haefdin

Avg. Height: 3'10

Avg. Weight: 90 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 160

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:Deep brown to pale blue.
Hair:Thick, varying from tightly curled to straight and bowl-shaped; black to straw-blond, but usually browns and golds.
Skin:Rosy or ruddy.
Body Type:Very round; petulant or thick lips; round, bulbous nose.
Notable:No facial hair except eyebrows and eyelashes; hair on feet is thick and curly.

Region: Peregorne

Languages: Common

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Racial martial arts.

Bonus to Mechanisms learn rate.

The typical Potbelly Haefdin loves peace and quiet and good tilled earth. They are handy with tools, mistrust outsiders (although they are hospitable) and enjoy a game of anything and a good smoke. They love food, sweets mostly, and show it. Ranging only about three feet high, many are as round as they are tall.

Potbellies are gardeners and bakers, because their lives center on eating. They are nimble and quick, but don't like to hurry and have sharp ears and eyes. Most of all they love to laugh and have wonderful senses of humor (although not exactly a bigguns taste in jokes). They have thick, curly hair on their feet and most do not wear any footwear, except for the occasional sandal for special events. The hair on their heads is very thick as well, and varies from tightly curled to straight and bowl-shaped. Petulant lower lips or thick lips is a trait, as is a round little bulb of a nose, yet some defy the dominant gene and have long wide mouths and broad, regal noses. The eye color ranges from deep brown to the palest blue in all Haefdin, and hair can be from black to straw-like blond, yet the predominant cast is browns and gold that compliment their rosy or ruddy skin. They have no facial hair except eyebrows and eyelashes.

They live in burrows or mounds and are farmers, merchants or service providers. A favored crop is their beloved tobacco, since Potbellies enjoy a good smoke, as well as fruit trees and shrubs used in the making of their tarts. Potbellies love games and toys and they play Maedin and Tendra (a betting game they enjoy greatly) in public places as well as clackers in their homes and pubs. Baking is communal and they gather at large town bakeries to make their tarts, scones, cookies, and breads as well as gossip, which they love almost as much. The baked goods are a bit sweet for the taste of bigguns, but as the little'uns say, who cares.

They have a love of all things mechanical and many tend to become watchmakers, millers, dyers and anything that forces a fun to watch change in anything, since they are so curious. Potbellies fear magic because while mechanical things can be explained, magic cannot. This causes an instinctive distrust in anyone who can perform acts that are unexplainable. Most Potbelly Haefdin who do choose over their family's objection to pursue the magic arts are usually expected to live outside the family group. Haefdin love gardening so flowers and shrubs are in abundance where they live as well as loving furry things smaller than themselves, which is why the oylet run wild in the shire and are sometimes dragged into homes to become pets.