Outcast Vulfen

Avg. Height: 6'2"

Avg. Weight: 210 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 85

Physical Characteristics:

Notable:Outcasts' appearances correspond to the originating group.


Languages: Common, grawlik.

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Racial martial arts.

The Outcasts are not so much a group as a title given to those who have either left or been banished from their groups. While it is nearly impossible to be banished from the Children of Tael or the Children of the Flesh, it occasionally happens that a vulfen will leave their homes and denounce their group. These types are a colorful bunch and can have the traits of any group.

Often, the Outcasts are actually the offspring of parents from two different groups and feel that they do not belong with either. Generally, they are not hated by other vulfen, but may be shunned by some packs. Most typically it is their ideals that determine how others react to them and not their affiliations, of which they have none.

They do not consider themselves family, nor do they hold gatherings. All Outcasts are quite simply alone in the world.

Usually, when a vulfen leaves their pack of their own volition, they will seek out a different pack belonging to their sect. It is when they cannot find one to accept them that they become an Outcast.

Many of the Outcast packs that have formed have been established for quite some time and have bred amongst themselves. Though they have the same feelings and attachments as other vulfen, the Outcasts typically breed when they get meet a suitable, willing partner. The common exceptions are the mated Outcasts, who are fairly rare due to the nature of the group. The offspring of these packs are typically of muddled features and have taken on a more scraggly and ragged appearance. They tend to resemble dingoes and coyotes more than wolves and are born into Exile, belonging only to a family of rejects. For this reason, they often take to the darker life paths at a fairly young age.

The Outcasts can take on any profession they want. No rules bind them and no society aids them. Some of them are sorrowful and still others are proud. Their potential is limitless, but their resources are thin.

The Outcasts raise their young as they see fit, with no rules or regulations to decree what is right or wrong. They can be of any profession they choose, but most tend to favor the life of the Mercenary, Assassin and the Thug.