Nymph Sylph

Avg. Height: No more than 5'6"

Avg. Weight: 120 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 150

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:Pale, gently-slanted, almond shaped; appearance of amusement; blues, pale greens, violets and hazels.
Hair:Fine and soft; blond, golden browns and silvery reds; curly.
Skin:Almost translucent.
Body Type:Slender, full mouths, slightly cleft chins, high cheekbones.
Wings:Long, feathered; can fly for long distances.
Clothing:Fine linens, cotton, soft wool; men wear braies and tunics, women wear chitons and robes.
Notable:Will not eat flesh.

Region: Peregorne

Languages: Common

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Flying.

Bonus to Sorcery learn rate.

Penalty to Conditioning learn rate.

Fairie-fey and slender, the Nymphs were said to be the favorites of Serene. Taken from pure air, they were almost translucent in their skin coloring with hair as fine and soft as a breeze. Even the darker-haired Nymphs had an ethereal look about them and it seemed their tresses invited errant zephyrs to play within their masses. Pale almond-shaped gently slanted eyes that looked at the world in amused wonder, as if they shared some hidden joke, gave them a smug look, which is tempered by a charisma that make those in their company enchanted by them. Shades of blues, palest greens, violets and hazels are the colors of their irises and appear delicate with the various hues of blond, golden browns and silvery reds that compose the color of their hair.

A beautiful race, there are few who can resist the enjoyment of just looking at a Nymph, for they are lean and graceful, their bodies toned and yet almost otherworldly. They wear the long wings that protrude from their upper shoulder blades proudly and walk with the poise of a dancer. Short curly hair, for that is how they prefer to wear their tresses, falls in soft ringlets and curlicues about their brows where wing-like eyebrows lie above small, straight noses. Full sensual mouths, slightly cleft chins and high cheekbones compliment their small ears that appear almost seashell-like in their delicacy. Nymphs are smaller than humans, reaching no more than five and a half feet tall and weighing in at the heaviest, 120 pounds.

The myth is that Serene seeing Vaen make the elf race created sylphs and Nymphs were formed of pure air. Whether or not that is true, the Nymphs prefer being outdoors and their mode of transportation is, of course, flying. Although not as swift as the Brambles or Elpas due to their size, the Nymphs can fly for long distances, their bodies said to be composed of pure air, but when on foot they tend to tire easily.

As far as communal living quarters, Nymphs prefer aeries, enjoying the height and privacy of the sheer tops and sides of mountains rather than being "landbound" as they call it. Great celestial cities are been built through the ages that cling precariously to the crests of huge mountains, and it is not unusual to see onion-shaped domes, lofty columns and pointed spires silhouetted against the sky on the summits of extremely tall mountains in desolate places.

As far as clothing, Nymphs prefer very diaphanous apparel, the men wearing braies and tunics made of the finest linens, cotton and soft wool while the women drape themselves in chitons and robes made of the softest lawns and gossamer. The Nymphs are excellent weavers, enjoying making airy apparel and trading with merchants and farmers for the fruits and vegetables, which make up their diet.

A Nymph would rather die than eat flesh, believing that the meat would compromise their lightness and cause them to fall out of the skies. A favorite Nymph mythology tells of a Nymph who wanted to reach Tempest to pay homage to Serene and ate rabu to strengthen himself, causing instead his plummeting to the ground and being sucked into Beade. It is said Serene cried for her child of the air and her tears fell upon the spot where he perished and the windflower was formed. Whether the story is true or not, Nymphs are repelled by the very smell of cooking flesh and become violently ill when exposed for too long a time.

Besides being weavers, Nymphs love sorcery and the magic arts, enjoying weaving spells as much as they weave cloth they make fine mages. In this vein, they are also excellent bards and minstrels, weaving songs and tales on their airy harps and lyres as well as blowing their sweet airy breath through horns and pipes, delighting on the music in the air. Nymphs tend to shy far away from the empath skills because they prefer to allow Beade's natural healing to take its course, even though they are beloved by Mother Serene.

As far as warrior skills, a Nymph does not hunt to eat but will hunt to protect. Orcs are favorite game, since they hate those grotesque despoilers of beauty and nature. They will also hunt the undead, believing that they corrupt the air that is the fabric of their being.