House de nox'Ascenti Il'lthye

Avg. Height: 6'4"

Avg. Weight: 120 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 500

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:All sorts of red.
Hair:Silvery, blue-white to purplish-black; can be streaked blue.
Skin:Ashy gray to pitch black.
Body Type:Tall and lithe.
Notable:Tattoos demarking life stages, filial affiliations and political groups are common.

Region: Ziguran

Homeland: West Coast of Ziguran

Stereotype: Zealots

Languages: Common, elvish, dyari.

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Rite of the Mordant Spring (not yet implemented).

Bonus to Channeling learn rate.

While known as the Lash, the House of nox'Ascenti is not so much a religion as a culture. Labeled zealots for their ardent following of the lifestyle, they are born with an inbred devotion to Vaen, and while many lose the faith and convert to the beliefs of other gods, they practice that devotion with as much fanaticism as they practice their Vaenean rituals. Looking like true extremists, their eyes range in the reds, from the deepest burgundy through the blood reds to a soft plum gray. Their silvery hair can hit the blue-white tone to the darkest purplish-black and be streaked with blue as well. This complements their ashy gray to pitch black skin.

Born Theocracy.