Nocker Gnome

Avg. Height: 3'

Avg. Weight: 60 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 500

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:Brighter colors with large pupils.
Hair:Black, blond and brown; occasionally shocking white.
Skin:Pale cream to deep brown.
Body Type:Abnormally large heads, skinny frame, pointed ears that continue to grow in length.
Clothing:Brightly colored clothes covered by aprons or overalls.
Notable:Nockers are very fast.

Region: Kuthgard/Laurdia

Languages: Common

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Racial martial arts.

Bonus to Lockpicking and Mechanisms learn rates.

Having a distinct separation from most races due to their affinity for crafts, Nockers are incredible tinkers and are known for spending much of their time creating devices, from shoes to crossbows to things that just belch steam and make a lot of noise. In fact, Nockers live to create. If there is a way to do something, there is a faster, better, or more ingenious way to do it just waiting for an enterprising Nocker to create it. Pulley systems for spoon and bowl contraptions, shoes with wheels, and all kinds of other contraptions fill their domiciles, most often only half made as a new idea struck the Nocker's fancy.

Nockers prefer bright colored clothes covered by aprons or overalls. Some method of carrying tools is preferred depending on their craft. Very few are actually fashion conscious and they tend to wear their clothes until they fall apart. Their love of working with devices and machines makes their overalls very messy, covered in soot and grime and their clothing usually shows signs of burns, holes, and excessive wear.

Nockers don't spend time with personal body decorations, preferring to decorate their tools and devices. Jewelry when worn is generally items such as bracelets and necklaces that can be worn without piercings. Tattoos are also rarely done, as most Nockers can't sit still long enough to have them inked. Many have burns or brands from hot metal that has exploded off of the devices they have created. Despite the danger of many of their creations, Nockers have also made some amazing discoveries that have awed even the most jaded people.

Nockers are among the most adaptable of the gnomes, living in nearly every climate. Independent communities tend to prefer forested mountainous areas where they can easily gain the supplies for the devices they so cherish. They spend a lot of time trading for items and materials to add to their maniacal devices. They make excellent locksmiths and tinkers, and their speed allows them to be good martial artists, though few have the patience to learn such a dedicated skill that doesn't relate to mechanics.

The Nocker metabolism runs at a very high rate, causing them to be able to move and react faster than other sentients. They run very quickly, and have outstanding endurance for long term fast motion. This has led to Nocker communities being more spread out than most, some covering an acre or more. This aids the survival of Nockers, as their rushing often causes them to make mistakes while working with their inventions. Rarely heeding the weather, Nockers make secure shelters for their workshops but rarely do more than sling a hammock for their own quarters. Since they rarely rest or spend any time outside of their workshops, this doesn't create much of a problem.

Nockers are caring parents, often keeping children at home far past puberty. Nockers tend not to leave their parents' homes until they already have a few kids of their own, or there isn't enough room to sleep with all the devices lying around. Nocker families are stable, as both parents are constantly working and only see each other during their infrequent breaks. Nockers tend to be too busy to judge the morality of their actions or that of others, and rarely hold grudges for past slights. Good and evil are abstract concepts and don't help make the devices that Nockers cherish.

Once believed to be part of the ancestry of the Brambles, Nockers have little in common with those tiny folk, though both get along extremely well with each other. Once fey Druim'dwer, Nockers somehow separated from that race and still retain their Druim'dwer practicality with a strange mingling of an almost magical mischeivousness. They are very practical in a way, and need to hear, see, and touch anything they are going to believe in. This doesn't make them start putting their hands into fires to see if they will burn, but unseen forces such as deities are seen with skepticism. When deities show themselves and can prove their power, then these gnomes often do an about face and make proper worship to the deity that has touched their lives.

A favorite legend of the Nockers is that of Poleaus. Poleaus created a large machine with one sweeping arm that spun fast enough to cause the machine to rise into the air, hopping on board his "repeating catapult"; Poleaus was launched into the air and purportedly never landed. The whereabouts of him or his remains have never been found, nor was his fabulous invention, which supposedly went flying in the opposite direction into a fresh water lake.

Politics is one of those intangible things that the Nockers really have little interest in. Some see the empire as a source of funding for their projects, but most don't worry about patronage. They tend to be excellent terms with Druim'dwer, who see the Nockers as industrious, if dangerous. Most Druim'dwer have a gruff respect for their engineering skills, though they find their use of these skills for inappropriate things bordering on the hilarious. Daun tend to be slightly afraid when a Nocker comes along with a new contraption. Most other races are viewed with a strange indifference, basing the person's worth on what they do and not on any intangible thing like reputation. Gharkin often find this mildly refreshing and often get along well with these creatures that value their actions above their appearance. Nockers speak gnomish and common, yet a few recall their druim'dwer ancestry by keeping the dwarvish language alive within their ranks.