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Very little is known about Ng, whose name is rarely spoken out loud on Thrael. Instead, he is referred to by his nickname, "The Nameless One." One of the Ancient Ones and not a member of either pantheon, Ng represents the unknown, paradox, antimatter and unlife. Scholars have described him as chaos incarnate as he constantly seeks to unmake what is made. Luck, especially bad luck, is attributed to Ng, although few actually suspect he intervenes that closely into mortal affairs. No organized following of Ng has ever been discovered and it is doubted that one exists. It is not likely that any mortal could withstand the spiritual presence of Ng without becoming insane, since we cannot comprehend the paradox he represents. Many view Ng in direct opposition of both of the two pantheons, though actually pinpointing his stance has of yet been impossible.

Kitab kaa Bay'Tartibi

In the beginning there was the Nothing. For eons upon eons, just the vastness existed, exuding nothing, including nothing, excluding nothing... just the Being. And eonaeon became eonaeon, until from the nothing there came a churning, a roiling and surging and out of the black hole of stillness Order burst forth and brought with it Disorder... Matter and Antimatter... Destiny and Chance... Logic and Illogic. And from the Disorder, from the bowels of illogical thought and paradox sprung Ng, The Nameless One, forever destined to battle Kel, The Lord of Ways for his dominion. Yet in the clash there is no victory, for what is one without the other? Can Certainty exist without Theory? Is there Reality without Fantasy?

Ng spread his maw wide and it swallowed the entirety, dividing the Order of the Maker and encompassing the whole of the rift and still He was not glad, for should not Disorder reign supreme, yet Kel stood fast, offering up not one iota more of His Realm, for in the placating would come destruction. And so the combat still ensues, for Ng embraces the idea of the destruction for that is His normalcy, His very Dominion.

He who welcomes the Theory, but not the Proof, the Possibility but not the Verification, Faith on blind trust, His command never borders on answers... just questions. The spin of the wheel is how He reigns.

And who is man to the Seer of Chance, the Master of the Wheel? Ng is Who He is. Ng lives within Man, but Man does not live within Ng, for if there were no beings there would still be Ng. He is the Un! The Un-life, the Un-real, the Un-thought, the Un-belief... such is the province of The Un-maker. Yet, who can be certain?


AliasesThe Unmaker, Seer of Chance, Master of the Wheel, The Schism, The Nameless One
PortfolioLuck, Possibility, The Unknown, Antimatter, Suppositions, Theories, Belief, Faith, The Wheel of Fortune, Essential Opposition, Fantasy, Illogic, Unlife, Questions, Paradox, Uncertainty, Otherworldlyness.
Corporeal DomainsChaos
SymbolA black hole
Material AffinityLead
Gem AffinityNox Spinel
Holy BookKitab kaa Bay'Tartibi