Warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer due to the breezes off Seelie Bay, and the fact that it nestled in a protected cove in an easily navigable area has made Never-upon-Vinre a most desirable residence. Enjoying a recent popularity due to the fact that the King has established his summer palace there, many flock to Never in the warmer months, escaping the congestion and pestilence that plagues the Imperial City that time of year. Its harbor welcomes many merchant ships, and provides safe port for those transporting goods to Newcastle, Gosbeck and Naernwick.

The earliest history of Never-upon-Vinre relates the tale of merchant kuduks of the Stout variety, who were homeward bound to their Lakeside port from a trip to Kaezar, and were blown off course during a storm. Running for shelter, they landed in the inlet at Never in the year 220 AoD. Pleased by the caves in the cliffs, as well as the more temperate climate, they reported their findings and a pilgrimage set out from Sweebit Tickle to explore. A small colony of kuduks built in what is now the Upson Downs borough. Commerce with Kaezar became viable as they built roads and learned to navigate the twisting Vinre River. As trade improved, it brought with it citizens from the imperial city who longed for a less congested area, a place to build large homes.

A small town sprang up, but did not go unnoticed by the dregs of Morgus DeNaur's henchmen. Morgus DeNaur had been the warlord of Port Keyne, which was called Surt at that time. He himself had recently died due to a wasting disease, and his minions had been overcome and dispersed. A group had set off, retreating from Jandor Keyne's armies by boat. They landed in Never in the year 244 AoD and set up their own colony in what is now the Cannikan Heights area. Not ready to become honest merchants, they pretended respectability, yet founded a huge smuggling empire. Graft, corruption and bribery abounds in the small community, and it is rumored that in the caves under the city, goods are stowed and sold in the black market.

In the year 302 AoD two bridges had been built to span the Vinre, the Four Lions Bridge, and Whittlers Bridge. Exactly 100 years later, Seelie Point Bridge and Upson Down's Drawbridge had been erected.

Prosperity has come to Never-upon-Vinre. The sons and daughters of Morgus' men have done well, and built a wealthy homestead in the East Hills sector of the town. The king, anxious to escape the intrigues of Kaezar resides in his lush palace in the Castlehill borough, and brings with him his retinue of royalty. The area has become a resort, in fact. In Upson Downs, Jake's Place and the Cat's Paw, two gambling dens of shady reputation have expanded into legitimacy, enjoying the blessing of his majesty.