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Mounts & Pets


You can buy a horse or mule from many of the stables located throughout Thrael. For our smaller races, you can own a Keilhound from the Haefdin town of Briarbrook. Once you own the mount, you can:

name <horse> <Name> (capitalize please)

lead <horse> to <direction> and it will follow you.

mount <horse> to ride it. If you have a larger mount, another person can mount as well, and the owner will need to pull them on or push them off.

dismount <horse> to leave your horse.

ride <horse> <direction> (while mounted).

feed <horse> <organic food item> — Note: feeding helps you increase the Animal Handling skill.

When you log out of game, your animal will log out with you and come back where you last left it.

Mounts can be stabled, allowing you to own up to six mounts: one active mount, five stabled. Available stables are:


You can buy a pet from many of the pet shops located throughout Thrael. Or you can attempt to tame one. When you log out of game, your animal will log out with you and come back where you last left it.

To tame a wild animal to be your pet, simply walk up to it and tame <animal>. You will then attempt to tame the creature. Failure will lead to the animal attacking you.

Once you own the pet, you can appraise it to find out what commands it will listen to and how loyal it is. The order of loyalty from least to greatest is: completely not, barely, marginally, beginning to be, leaning towards being, partially, mostly, rather, very, extremely, almost completely, and completely.

Once you own a pet, you can do the following with it:

name <pet> <Name> (capitalize please), to give your pet a name.

command <petcommand> to command a pet to do something as though you had typed it. Thus command peer bob would make your pet peer at bob.

feed <pet> to increase the pet's loyalty, with the item held in your right hand. You may also feed <item> to <pet>. Note that pets will refuse to eat anything that they can't consume. Successfully commanding your pet will also increase its loyalty.

Pets can be kenneled, allowing you to own up to three pets: one active pet and two kenneled pets. Available kennels are:

  • Wuan's Pet Emporium in Kaezar
  • Mellowbottom's Kennels and Stables in Briarbrook