There are five economy types in the game, with three being used or seen on a daily basis: Peregornian, Vashan, and Monster Slag. In addition to those three, we have Quesalian questa and Zigurandi nubi that may surface from time to time.

Each major city/town has at least one bank. To transact with any of the financial institutions, simply go to the establishment of your choice and read sign to get specific instructions.

Monetary conversions and coin names are as follows:

Value Crown (Peregornian) Coin Koban (Vashan) Coin Koma (Sunjo) Coin Nubi (Ziguran) Coin Questa (Quesalian) Coin Slag (Primitive) Coin
1 Sovereign Itome Sema Pir Cobinne Copper
10 Royal Bu Kwade Zakat Lunete Bronze
100 Imperial Ryu Ndate Beshak Fiorina Silver
1,000 Gryphon Wen Dewede Tazhak Estuzo Gold
10,000 Fasul Celestial Wriza Ashak Rialo Platinum

Typing wealth will show you how much money you have on you.

To get some out you would get <type> <#> or to get all out of a container it would be get <type>.

Example: get imperial 49 or get koban

look coins or look koban will show you how much you have of each.

** Remember, you cannot see coins in closed containers. So if you do wealth and see 0, it could be your purse is closed.