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C = Common, R = Rare, V = Very Rare, I = Incredibly Rare, U = Uncommon

* = Only found on the planet of Thrael.

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Name Hardness/
Per Pound
Rarity Deity Affiliation Description
Batma* ?/? 2300 13 -5 5 6 4 ?   Notes: An alloy made of nickel, copper, and mithryl, batma is a light gray metal with a faint tinge of red. This alloy was originally discovered in Rhe'Yubla during the age of dreams.
Bismuth ?/? 2000 -30 0 0 -5 -5 ?   Notes:
Brakkar* Superior/Ultimate 7000 23 10 5 10 15 V   Notes:
Brass Weak/Feeble 50 -4 0 0 0 0 C Lyra Notes: Light yellowish alloy of copper and zinc. Chiefly ormanental, not durable enough for every day use. Tarnishes easily. Equipment crafted from brass is considered sub-standard.
Bronze Weak/Average 60 0 0 0 0 0 C   Notes: Moderately heavy golden brown alloy of nine parts copper to one part tin. While a softer metal, it is often used in cheaper weaponry because of its durability. Equipment crafted from bronze is considered inferior.
Cold Iron Good/Good 450 4 0 2 1 1 C   Notes:
Copper Feeble/Feeble 30 -15 0 -10 -10 -10 C Thine Notes: Midweight orange-yellow soft metal. Often shaped into many items that do not need to hold an edge. Copper corrodes over time. Equipment crafted from copper is considered inferior.
Damask* Ultimate/Superior 4000 19 5 8 8 8 V Shaellis Notes: Very heavy cobalt colored metal with wavy rifts of deep purple and green due to trace mineral oils. Extremely hard, high tensile strength. Deteriorates in presence of essence flows, adverse reaction with spiritual and essence magics have been noted. Nearly always found as a natural ore near earth nodes in the process of decline. Equipment crafted from damask is considered masterful.
Daun* Average/Average 1000 6 2 3 3 3 U Beade Notes: Midweight pale yellow metal. Reasonably common in the central southern regions of Paregorne. The metal's ease of smelting and casting makes it among the most common of magical materials in use across the Realms. Equipment crafted from daun is considered good.
Gold Frail/Average 500 -50 0 0 -5 -5 R Jakob, Lyra Notes: Moderately heavy soft golden metal. Prized for its beauty malleability and the fact that it does not corrode. Inherent softness does not lend itself to craftmanship beyond jewelry. Equipment crafted from gold is considered inferior.
Heid* Average/Variable 1300 7 3 2 3 4 V Vaen Notes: Lightweight white metal that corrodes in a beautiful swirl pattern of deep silver and gray as it ages. After smelting, Heid matures and its durability slowly increases as impurities from the core metal oxidize on the surface. Equipment crafted from heid is considered good.
High Steel Superior/Superior 1800 10 5 3 3 5 U Ghent Notes: Lightweight steel alloy with a particularly high carbon content, high steel has a dark gray appearence and holds an superior edge. The metal is quite corrosion prone, and must be kept with due care. Equipment crafted from high steel is considered good.
Il'lthye Steel* Superior/Superior 2700 16 7 3 7 5 C   Notes:
Iron Good/Good 200 3 0 2 0 0 C Trost (Rusted Iron) Notes: Moderately heavy gray metal. Malleable and easy to craft, iron is by far the most common basic material for equipment in the realms. Equipment crafted from iron is considered average.
Lanakin* Superior/Ultimate 5000 20 5 6 9 7 R Eyssa Notes: Midweight metal is actually silver-infused daun... veins of silver ore run along its length, adding a degree of durability and strength. The silver, in particular lends itself well to spiritual magics, making lanakin weapons highly prized by the priestly caste among magical metals. Equipment crafted from lanakin is considered masterful.
Lead Frail/Feeble 10 -30 0 0 0 -5 C Ng Notes: Very heavy dull gray metal. This soft malleable metal is used chiefly for containers and pipes because it does not corrode. Lead is proof against the mentalist sphere of magic. Equipment crafted from lead is considered inferior.
Low Steel Good/Good 900 5 1 0 2 3 U   Notes: This midweight metal is a low carbon content alloy of steel, and is reasonably corrosion resistant, hard, and easy to work. Extremely common for use in moderate quality weapons. Equipment crafted from low steel is considered average.
Merieje* Superior/Superior 8000 25 15 5 15 10 V Leta Notes: This very lightweight metal with a greenish hue is both pliable and has a very high tensile strength. The mineral itself is usually found in such small quanities as to make crafting impossible. The harvesting of ingots from merieje fragments and dust is a secret process known only by the most ancient sylvan craftsman and remains closely guarded to this day. Equipment crafted from merieje is considered masterful.
Meteoric Iron* Superior/Superior 7500 24 0 15 5 10 V   Notes:
Mithryl* Good/Superior 2500 15 7 7 5 3 R Kel Notes: Moderately heavy gray-black metal. Great veins of the prized metal can be found in great Klaan-Batar alps, in northern Peregorne. Mithryl is only moderately tolerant of magic, and is reasonably difficult to enchant. Equipment crafted from mithryl is considered good to superior.
Naje* ?/? ? ? ? ? ? ? I Duvan Notes: Extremely lightweight and dark vitreous metal. This metal is renowned for mentalist properties. If broken, naje simply winks out of existance. Naje is never mined or crafted, it merely appears or exists. It can not be ensorcelled or enchanted, and its potential use in crafting equipment is as much as a secret as the manufacturing process of merieje or the working of banewood.
Nickel ?/? 1500 2 0 1 1 1 ?   Notes:
Niello ?/? 350 -50 0 0 -5 -5 ?   Notes: Pre-swing RT+1, post-swing RT+1
Orcish Steel* Superior/Good 1650 9 4 3 4 4 U   Notes:
Pewter Weak/Weak 20 -20 0 -10 -10 -10 C   Notes: An alloy of tin, this midweight metal has a dull silver color. Generally too soft to hold an edge, pewter is often used for dining utensils. Equipment crafted from pewter is considered inferior.
Platinum Weak/Average 800 -50 0 0 -5 -5 R Aorre, Duvan Notes: This lightweight silvery white metal is prized for its beauty and rarity. While too malleable to hold an edge, it is often used in jewelry. Equipment crafted from platinum is considered sub-standard.
Seige Gold* Ultimate/Ultimate ? ? ? ? ? ? I   Notes: Extremely heavy and highly magical gold colored metal. Seige gold is the most sought after material in the realms. It is unbreakable, and nigh unenchantable by most magical methods due to being so powerfully magical in itself. Seige gold can also store incredible amounts of essence for use in imbedding. All items crafted out of seige gold are relics from the Age of Wonders, as the process for creating and casting seige gold has been lost to modern times. Equipment crafted from seige gold is beyond masterful, and its wielder should be feared and respected.
Sildok* Good/Average 1500 8 0 4 4 4 R Trost Notes: This midweight lusterless black opaque metal is highly prized by cheurgists and particularly channelers for its use in ritual magic. Sildok is particularly easy to imbue with spells. Equipment crafted from sildok is considered superior.
Silver Weak/Average 300 -3 0 -2 -4 -1 U Serene Notes: This midweight lustrous white malleable metal is often used by priests in spiritual magic rituals, silver happens to be incredibly conductive to such energy. Silver weapons, when blessed allow for a greater duration, and are easilly sanctified. Equipment crafted from silver is considered average.
Sirenian* ?/? 1875 11 -5 3 5 6 ?   Notes: An alloy made of bismuth, heid, and mithryl, sirenian is a light azure-colored metal that is highly resistant to corrosion and oxidization, making it suitable for use on or near the sea. This alloy was originally discovered in Quesalia in the age of dreams.
Somme* Ultimate/Ultimate 1950 12 -5 10 -50 -50 R Taqe Notes: The heaviest metal, next to seige gold, somme is not very malleable and can not hold an edge. The dark brown metal is most commonly used by gharkin for crafting large mauls and mattocks. Often this crafting merely involves gouging a hole in a mishapen lump of somme and attaching a stick or handle. Some have theorized that somme holds a sort of magically distilled inertia, which is why it lends itself so well in this fashion. Equipment crafted from somme is considered superior.
T'elt* Good/Superior 3000 18 9 7 7 9 V   Notes: This lightweight shining vitreous white metal is among the most popular magical materials for the well-off swordsmen. It holds a fine edge and performs well under stress. Equipment crafted from t'elt is considered superior.
Tin Weak/Feeble 20 -20 2 -10 -10 -10 C   Notes: Midweight gray metal resists corrosion far better than iron and is mostly prized for its role in other alloys. Tin is also used to coat other metals to help resist corrosion. Equipment crafted from tin is considered inferior.
Vashan Steel* Good/Superior 2850 17 7 5 3 7 V   Notes: The process of turning regular steel into the highly coveted Vashan steel is a closely guarded secret of a select few Nagosan metalsmiths within Vash. Called 'living steel' by those who wield it, all Vashan steel weapons are born with an inherent essence flair rumored to be brought forth by the spirit of the metal itself. Equipment crafted from Vashan steel is considered good to superior.
Ziint* Good/Good 6500 22 6 0 0 0 V Thine Notes: Midweight white metal is slightly translucent and glows in darkness with an unnatural light. Ziint is home to intensely concentrated amounts of essence and thus "leaks" essence continuously. Contact with skin should be avoided! Ziint is often wielded by the more showy of theurgists and channelers. Ziint is almost never crafted into full armor, as prolonged contact with the metal results in aether burn. Equipment crafted from ziint, for those brave enough to wield it, is considered masterful.
Zinc ?/? 3500 -20 0 -10 -10 -10 ?   Notes:


Alloys can be made in crucibles, and are based on eighths for ratios.

  • Bronze requires copper and tin.
  • Low steel requires copper, iron, and nickel.
  • High steel required hematite, lowsteel, and nickel.
  • Sirenian requires bismuth, heid, and mithryl.
  • Batma requires copper, mithryl, and nickel.
  • Lanakin requires daun, silver, and zinc.