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Available Abilities

Berserker Mercenary

Extremely well rounded fighters, mercenaries are the most common type of adventurer in the lands. Easily picking up nearly any combat technique, they are also fluent in skills such as weapon maintenance and animal handling. Mercenaries can work for both good and evil, or simply work for themselves. Occasional mercenaries have even dabbled in the arcane arts, making this truly a versatile profession.

A mercenary is the master of melee weapon combat, able to utilize its melee weapons offensively and its parry, shields, or evasion defensively.

The Berserker has a unique ability to create an anti-magic shell, deflecting incoming spells and making them the bane of all Thraelian wizards. Unable to use magic in any form, they have instead schooled themselves in the use of heavy weapons and abhor the use of armor. In addition, they can work themselves up into a controlled frenzy, increasing their speed and accuracy in the heat of battle. When provoked, an uncontrollable berserker rage provides a massive rush of adrenaline, giving them superhuman strength and endurance.

Mercenaries who have berserker secondary have the additional benefit of a small armor resistance to non-physical damage that scales with gnosis and will. This is to compensate berserker secondaries for the lack of a level 1 ability.

Available Abilities

Mercenaries start with the mercenary tag, and 1 primary specialization tag set chosen in character generation, which determines skill learn rates and caps. A secondary specialization tag set is available at level 15, which gives access only to those abilities. Mercenaries cap at 2 sets, and can use the martial arts styles of both specializations.

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Name Type Info
Mercenary Tag

These tags are available to all Mercenaries (berserker, dirty tricks, finesse, and grit).

Mercenary tags may be learned from any mercenary tag trainer.

Name Requirements Cost Description
Determination 70 Conditioning 10 Willpower The mercenary replenishes his stamina, finding greater physical reserves though force of will alone.
Discipline 130 Conditioning 20 Willpower The mercenary unites his mind with his body, pushing himself beyond his physical limits.
Defiance 190 Gnosis 5 Willpower The mercenary channels its fury and will into dispelling magical effects that are affecting it.
Berserk Martial Art

This martial arts stance is available to mercenaries that have taken the berserker specialization. The moves may be displayed with the berserk info command.

# Move Name RT Limbs Hit Locations Type Effect
1 Bite 3 Other high Power
2 Bodyslam 2 Other mid Power Knockdown
3 Flail 2 One Arm low, mid, high Power
4 Headbutt 3 Other high Power
5 Pummel 4 One Arm high, mid Power
6 Stomp 4 One Leg low Power
7 Throw 3 Two Arms mid Power Knockdown
Berserker Tag

These tags are available to mercenaries that have taken the berserker specialization. Their abilities may be displayed with the Abilities command.

Berserker tags may be learned from Hurik in Kemstead.

Name Requirements Cost Description
Anti-Magick Aura Berserker Primary Specialization Variable Mercenaries with that take berserker as their primary specialization are surrounded by an anti-magick aura, prohibiting them from using magick but allowing the berserker an additional chance to absorb any spell with its gnosis. This ability consumes essence when a spell is absorbed.
Frenzy 20 Conditioning 10 Stamina Allows the mercenary to fly into a frenzy, bursting its magic absorb or losing its berserker secondary resistances, receiving a physical bonus to Strength and Endurance. When the frenzy is over, the mercenary suffers reduced stamina regeneration. The bonuses scale with the Conditioning skill and Will stat.
Victorious Resilience 30 Conditioning None Riding upon the thrill of victory, the mercenary shrugs off some damage after killing a foe. This is a damage reduction effect.
Furious Resilience 40 Conditioning Passive The mercenary's rage is so great that it shrugs off a fraction of damage while in a frenzy. Passively provides the mercenary with 4 damage reduction when it is in a rage, and 2 damage reduction when it is not raging.
Unstoppable Rage 50 Melee Passive Passively reduces the durations of disables by 4 seconds when the mercenary is in a rage, and by 2 when not raging. This can completely mitigate a stun effect.
Wallop 60 Melee 5 Stamina The mercenary hits its opponent so hard that it stuns the foe. A successful roll doubles the stun.
Momentum 90 Melee Passive A successful physical attack passively provides the mercenary with a physical bonus to Melee. The bonus resets upon an unsuccessful attack. The bonus scales with Tactics and Dexterity. Also passively eliminates penalties to parrying ranged attacks with weapons and allows the mercenary to parry spellbolts with weapons, regardless of activation status.
Bulwark 110 Conditioning 1 stamina per ignore The mercenary prepares itself for incoming blows, using its brutal toughness to grant a small chance to ignore attacks. This is a primary defensive ability. When active, Bulwark functions as body-wide armor against physical damage that scales with conditioning and endurance. This does not stack with any armor worn, but will replace bonuses from inferior armor. At level 100, this is roughly equivalent to iron plate armor.
Bludgeon 150 Melee 5 Stamina The mercenary strikes its opponent powerfully with a hybrid or power weapon, increasing all damage it receives. This is a protection-reducing effect.
Twitch 170 Conditioning 10 Stamina The mercenary flies into a frenzy, channeling its rage into increasing its dexterity and reflexes at the cost of stamina regeneration and defense once it calms down. The bonus scales with the will skill.
Battle Cry 210 Tactics   This ability burns stamina and grants an additional duration to the berserker's current frenzy that scales with the number of members in the berserker's group. The berserker's group members also gain half of the benefits of the berserker's current frenzy as mental bonuses.


Click on the column header to sort by that column. For an explanation of skills and their values, see the Skills page. For an explanation of martial arts and their use, see the Martial Arts page.

Skill Value
Alchemy Very Bad
Animal Handling Good
Archery Good
Armor Normal
Channeling Can't
Conditioning Very Good
Enchanting Can't
Evasion and Dodging Good
First Aid Very Good
Fishing Normal
Focus Can't
Foraging Normal
Gnosis Very Good
Kinesis Can't
Larceny Bad
Lockpicking Bad
Lore Normal
Mechanisms Bad
Melee Weapons Very Good
Metallurgy Normal
Observation Good
Outdoorsman Normal
Parry Very Good
Shields Normal
Skinning Normal
Sorcery Can't
Stealth Normal
Tactics Very Good
Thrown Weapons Very Good
Unarmed Combat Good