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Available Tags and Recipes

Scientist Mechanist

Concentrating on tools, gears, levers, and machine ideals, the scientist mechanist is a creator of unique and unusual inventions within Thrael. The mechanist's skill with anything mechanical is just short of amazing, and they are handy to have in the fray with their exploding devices and whirling gizmos. Whether it is the relative simplicity found in a locked box's trap, or the complexity of a flying machine, it is well known by all that a mechanist is the master of his domain.

The scientist relies on its mechanism weapons offensively and its evasion defensively. Scientists should concentrate on dexterity and reasoning.

Available Tags and Recipes

Mechanist Scientists start with 1 tag set. An additional tag set is available at level 15. Scientist Mechanists choose from Physics, Chemistry, or Invention, and cap at 3.

Certain tags grant access to certain recipes, which are learned along with the tag.

Click on the column header to sort by that column, or click on the tag name to see details about that tag. For an explanation of tags and their use, see the Tags page. For a complete list of recipes, see the Recipes page.

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Name Type Info
Invention Recipe Category

These recipes are available to mechanists that have taken the scientist specialization. The recipes may be displayed with the recipes or recipes full command.

Name Tool Ingredients Description
Advanced Bolt Clip Workbench Two plates
Two screws
One spring
Creates a bolt clip that can be opened by anyone with sufficient mechanical skill without the use of tools. The boltclip may also take infinite piles of ammo, obviating the need to reload the clip itself.
Chemistry Tag

These tags are available to Scientist Mechanists. Their abilities may be displayed with the Abilities command.

Name Requirements Cost Description
Chemistry 10 Alchemy None The scientist learns various chemical properties and how to combine them, giving it greater options for alchemy. This tag is required to learn all other chemistry tags.
Invention Tag

These tags are available to Scientist Mechanists. Their abilities may be displayed with the Abilities command.

Name Requirements Cost Description
Invention 10 Mechanisms None The scientist learns various mechanical theories, allowing it to create a variety of devices to assist it and others. This tag is required to learn other invention tags.
Utility 20 Mechanisms Passive The scientist gains the ability to harvest traps it recovers and turn them into potent weapons.
Craft Advanced Boltclip 50 Mechanisms Passive This is an inherent ability granted by the Invention tag and does not need to be learned separately. The scientist can create advanced boltclips for autocrossbows that do not require tools, take roundtime to open, or require that one be a mechanist to open.
Physics Tag

These tags are available to Scientist Mechanists. Their abilities may be displayed with the Abilities command.

Physics may be learned from Lars in the Tower of Dhond.

Name Requirements Cost Description
Physics - Passive Allows the scientist to learn other physics tags.
Superior Lockpicker 10 Lockpicking Passive Understanding the inner workings of locks, the scientist learns to pick them considerably faster while losing none of the benefits.
Marksman 30 Archery 1 stamina per attack Through considerable practice, the scientist learns to account for various conditions, increasing its accuracy with crossbows, merchanisms, and firearms. The bonus scales with the Mechanisms skill and the Reasoning stat.
Reactive Efficiency 50 Mechanisms Passive The scientist applies its understanding of the capabilities of its own body to respond to threats in the most efficient manner possible, granting it a passive physical bonus to the Reflexes stat. This bonus scales with Mechanisms skill and the Reasoning stat.
Adrenal Stimulation 70 Mechanisms 10 willpower The scientist uses its superior understanding of the body to willfully release adrenalin, restoring some stamina.
Mechanical Advantage 110 Mechanisms 1 stamina per dodge By understanding the mechanics of bodily motion, the scientist learns to anticipate incoming attacks and respond accordingly, granting it a second chance at defense using its Mechanisms skill and Reasoning stat. The scientist also gains an increase to its resistance to physical damage that scales with Mechanisms and Reasoning, but is disrupted by any armor heavier than scale. This is an armor resistance effect.
Analytical Mind 130 Mechanisms 20 willpower The scientist focuses its mental faculties upon enhancing its capacity to understand the physical mysteries of the world. The bonus to skill gain scales with the Mechanisms skill and the Reasoning stat.
Fastload 150 Mechanisms 1 stamina per regenerative cycle The scientist pushes its physical limits to reduce the reloading time of autocrossbows and firearms by 1 second.
Kel's Theorem 170 Mechanisms 5 Willpower The scientist imposes its understanding of the mundane laws of reality to dispel magickal effects on its person.


Click on the column header to sort by that column. For an explanation of skills and their values, see the Skills page.

Skill Value
Alchemy Very Good
Animal Handling Bad
Archery Very Good
Armor Very Bad
Channeling Bad
Conditioning Good
Enchanting Bad
Evasion and Dodging Very Good
First Aid Bad
Fishing Normal
Focus Bad
Foraging Normal
Gnosis Good
Kinesis Bad
Larceny Very Bad
Lockpicking Very Good
Lore Good
Mechanisms Very Good
Melee Weapons Normal
Metallurgy Normal
Observation Normal
Outdoorsman Bad
Parry Normal
Shields Normal
Skinning Normal
Sorcery Bad
Stealth Very Bad
Tactics Good
Thrown Weapons Normal
Unarmed Combat Bad