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Peregorne - Old Maps
Vash - Old Maps

Jurion's Maps of Thrael

These maps were made by player Jurion, by whose kind permission they are offered here.

The maps are divided into zones which cover discrete regions of Thrael. They are currently being updated; the newest maps are listed first, with the older maps archived below.

If you'd like to mirror any of these maps on your own site, feel free, but it would be appreciated if you add a link back to this site and an authorship credit wherever you post them. Other maps posted on this site appear here by permission, and you will need to contact the individual authors if you would like to host them elsewhere.


Map Description Connects To
Blackfish Village Blackfish Village, Stormstone Pike, Carhadras Castle, Ayr'Dane Mountains, Blethym Mines, Mainflow Forest and the Serpent's Eye Caverns. Trapper's Landing
Trenkin Road (Regar's Ferry)
Briarbrook The Sunderland Road to Briarbrook, Arctoi Keep, and the Sunderland Ferry. Rolfh's Marsh
Fishbourne Fishbourne, the High Pyne Weald, Lonesome Beach and the Keyne Tunnels. Port Keyne
Neronat Swamp
Imperial Bay Zel's Beach, Zel's Trace, Imperial Bay, Halcyon Point, Verte Bay and the Abandoned Temple to Eyssa, to the Stone Terraces and the Coastal Cliffs. Fenway Fortress
Trenkin Road
City of Kaezar
Kaezar The City of Kaezar. Kemstead (West Gate)
Port Keyne (Imperial Duchess)
Trenkin Road (Southron Gate)
Imperial Bay (East Gate)
Kemstead Kemshire, Town of Kemstead, Abbey Road, Birchwoods, Tempest's Rest. City of Kaezar
Kemstead Abbey (Thakh's Ferry)
Rolfh's Marsh
Trenkin Road
Kemstead Abbey Kemstead Abbey, the Temple of Duvan, Kemstead Cemetery and Catacombs. Kemstead (Thakh's Ferry)
Neronat Swamp Fenjourne Bothar, the Putrid Swamp, Fishbourne Levee and the Neronat Swamp, the Abandoned Farmhouse and Demon's Hollow to the end of the Levee. Fenway Fortress
Port Keyne Port Keyne, Dungeons, and the Sorceress' Lair. Kaezar (Imperial Duchess, Imperial Star)
Rolfh's Marsh Rolfh's Marsh, Camp Krug, Raven's Hollow, Logging Plantation, Whispering Woode, Gyredross Mines, Burrows, and part of the Sunderland Road. Kemstead
Trenkin Road Trenkin Road, Royal Wict Theatre, Hregn Farms, Setter's Bog, Calvexia's Hovel, Sunken Ruins, Loresong Woods to Klatus' Dock. Trapper's Landing (Klatus' Ferry)
Blackfish Village (Regar's Ferry)
Trapper's Landing Trapper's Landing, Seneschal Lodge, Leta's Temple, Grendale's Cove, the Syl'Wydde Forest, the Guardian of the Syl'Wydde, and the Urgath River. Blackfish Village
Trenkin Road (Regar's Ferry)

Peregorne - Old Maps

Map Description Connects To
Aeracha Hive The aeracha hive under Kaezar. Kaezar (Filk Memorial Museum [Q])
Barkbane Andril's complete map of the Barkbane Woode. Kemstead
Pendram's Keep
Briarbrook The haefdin shire of Briarbrook. Sunderland Road
Coastal Cliffs The Rope Bridge to the Coastal Cliffs, Vlad's Wold, the Fenway Fortress and the Edge of the Heath (Fenjourne Bothar) Imperial Bay
Neronat Levee
Despair The prison island of Despair.  
Fishbourne Fishbourne and the High Pyne Weald. Neronat Levee
Port Keyne Tunnels
Haunted Knoll The Haunted Knoll and the Shifting Woods. Seton Road
Imperial Bay Imperial Bay, Halcyon Point, Verte Bay and the Abandoned Temple to Eyssa, to the Stone Terraces and the Coastal Cliffs. Coastal Cliffs
Zel's Trace
Imperial Keep The Imperial Keep in Kaezar. Kaezar (Tael Road [W])
Kaezar The city of Kaezar. Imperial Keep (Tael Road [W])
Kemstead (West Gate)
Malcomb Castle (Lord Kenton MacVahl Circle [G])
Never-Upon-Vinre (Imperial Star)
Port Keyne (Imperial Duchess)
Trenkin Trail (Southron Gate)
Zel's Trace (East Gate)
Kaezar, Sluices The Sluices beneath Kaezar. Kaezar (Mercer Lane, Tael Road and Baker St. intersection, Shipping District Tael Road, West Gate)
Kaezar, Under the City Under Kaezar, including the Limestone Passages, the Underground Lake, and the Den of the Wyrm. Kaezar (Armyre's Walk, Bingle's Bookshop [60], Sea Serpent Inn [21])
Kemstead Kemshire, Town of Kemstead, Abbey Road, Birchwoods, Tempest's Rest. Kaezar
Kemstead Abbey (Thakh's Ferry)
Sunderland Road
Trenkin Trail
Kemstead Abbey Kemstead Abbey and the Temple of the Word. Kemstead (Thakh's Ferry)
Kemstead Catacombs
Kemstead Catacombs The Kemstead Graveyard and the Catacombs below the Abbey. Kemstead Abbey
Lyceum House Arcana, Seminary of Astral Knowledge, Vedic Hall, Florilegium. Kaezar (Everent Road [K])
Malcomb Castle Malcomb Castle, in Kaezar. Kaezar (Lord Kenton MacVahl Circle [G])
Neronat Levee Fenjourne Bothar, the Putrid Swamp, Fishbourne Levee and the Neronat Swamp, the Abandoned Farmhouse and Demon's Hollow to the end of the Levee. Coastal Cliffs
Never-Upon-Vinre The City of Never-Upon-Vinre. Kaezar (Imperial Star)
Seelie Bay
Summer Palace
Vinre Road
Port Keyne Port Keyne. Kaezar (Imperial Duchess, Imperial Star)
Koje (Imperial Naiad, Imperial Siren)
Port Keyne Tunnels (Trapdoor [G], one way)
Port Keyne Tunnels Fishbourne – Port Keyne Tunnel, the Gryashan Mines and the Sorceress's Lair to the Keyne Dungeons. Fishbourne
Raven's Hollow Raven's Hollow, Logging Plantation, Whispering Woode, Gyredross Mines, Burrows. Sunderland Road
Seelie Bay Sham Beach, the Hideaway Cave, Seelie Bay and the Lighthouse at Woebegone Point (unfinished). Never-Upon-Vinre
Seton Keep Seton Keep. Seton Road
Seton Road Seton Road, Mossback Hollow, Haunted Knoll, Seton Village, Seton Keep, Beade's Forest. Haunted Knoll
Seton Keep
Seton Village
Sunderland Road (Sunderland's Ferry)
Vinre Road
Seton Village Seton Village. Seton Road
Setter's Bog Setter's Bog, Calvexia's Hovel, and Sunken Ruins. Trenkin Trail
Stormstone Pike The Stormstone Pike, Carhadras Castle, the Blethym Mine, the Serpent's Eye Caverns, the Ar'Dayne Mountains and the Mainflow Forest to Blackfish Village. Trapper's Landing
Trenkin Trail (Regar's Ferry)
Summer Palace The Summer Palace in Never-Upon-Vinre. Never-Upon-Vinre
Sunderland Road Rolfh's Marsh, Camp Krug, Arctoi Keep, Old Cave, Sunderland Road. Briarbrook
Raven's Hollow
Seton Road (Sunderland's Ferry)
Syl'Wydde Forest The Syl'Wydde forest and the Guardian of the Syl'Wydde. Trapper's Landing
Trapper's Landing Trapper's Landing, Grendale's Cove, Leta's Temple, and the Urgath River. Stormstone Pike
Syl'Wydde Forest
Trenkin Trail (Klatus's Ferry)
Trenkin Trail The Trenkin Trail and Trenkin Road, Hregn Farms, the Warren, the Royal Wict Playhouse, the Forest Trail and the road to Klatus Dock through the Loresong Woods. Blackfish Village (Regar's Ferry)
Kaezar (Southron Gate)
Koje (Shamhir Family Gryphon Ride; not on map)
Trapper's Landing (Klatus's Ferry)
Setter's Bog
Vinre Road Vinre Road, the King's Woode, Croem's Pit, Croem's Cavern, Spanger's Woode. Durbra'Thrum (hippogryph)
Seton Road
Zel's Trace Zel's Trace, Zel's Beach, Imperial Bay Sea Caves, and the Kaezar Tournament Area. Kaezar (East Gate)
Imperial Bay

Vash - Old Maps

Map Description Connects To
Koje The Vashan city of Koje. Koje University
Mizu Trail (Koi Gate)
Moyakaido (Kangoro's Watashi-bune)
Nakagawa River (Phoenix Gate)
Port Keyne (Imperial Naiad)
Trenkin Trail (Shamhir Family Gryphon Ride)
Koje Interiors Koje University, the temple of Yin'Wan, and the Main Temple, including the Qai Monastery. Koje
Mizu Trail Mizu Trail, Nado Pier, Irana Shrine, and Tunsai Bridge. Koje (Koi Gate, Irana Shrine Barge)
Nakagawa River Along the Nakagawa River, Moyamura Village, the Shrine of Ho Hsien-Ko, the foot of the Tojioko Bridge, and the Senritsu Forest. Koje (Phoenix Gate, Kangoro's Ferry)