In-Game Mail System

Sometimes you want to pass an item onto another character, but you just can't ever seem to meet up face-to-face. Or maybe you want to send a letter free from the prying eyes of the forums. Or perhaps someone you know owes you some money and they've been making excuses about how they can never find you to pay off their debts. An in-game mail delivery system exists for just these sorts of pressing circumstances!

To make a delivery, simply bring the item you want delivered to one of Bhond's shipping offices in Kaezar, Never-upon-Vinre, or Briarbrook (for the benefit of those with doubtful navigational skills, these locations can be found on the maps). Carry your item to the merchant located in the back room and request <merchant> deliver <item> to <person>. The item will then automatically be made available for pickup at any of the three shipping locations.

If you're so lucky as to be on the receiving end of a delivery, you will receive a message telling you so (in obnoxiously bright red letters) when you log into the game. To pick up your item from any shipping office, once again go to the back room and simply request <merchant>. You will receive your item free of charge!