Longshadow Haefdin

Avg. Height: 4'2"

Avg. Weight: 80 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 160

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:Deep brown to pale blue.
Hair:Light ash blond to golden brown.
Skin:Dark to light, though usually fairer.
Body Type:Slender, fine-boned.
Notable:Hair on feet is fine and soft; can grow only very sparse beard with effort.

Region: Kuthgard

Languages: Common

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Racial martial arts.

Bonus to Animal Handling and Fishing learn rates.

Longshadow Haefdin are much taller than their chubbier cousins the Potbellies. The average Longshadow is over 4 feet tall and slender and fine-boned. Like Potbellies, they have hair on their feet, but it is much finer and softer and some can grow a very sparse beard if they really tried. Their coloring is the same as the Potbelly, running the gamut of dark to light, yet they seem to be fairer for the most part, with hair ranging from light ash blond to golden brown.

They prefer woodland life to living in burrows and are more likely to be found inhabiting a tree than underground. They are excellent carpenters and carvers, using the insides of their scooped-out trees to create all sorts of wonderful things. They delight in riding their small horses and are excellent horsemen. Longshadows are also excellent fishermen, delighting in relaxing with a pole.

They also enjoy the magic arts, which makes them very strange in the eyes of the Potbellies. Longshadow wizards and channelers are not considered unusual and do not have to seek a living outside of the clan structure. Where Potbellies love their little axes and gladii, the Longshadow warrior is a spear thrower and wielder. Their diet is not as sweet oriented as the Potbellies, tending to vegetables, fish and greens with an occasional red meat, but they still would never turn down a fresh tart or cake. Longshadow Haefdin are not as jolly as their cousins and are more into pursuing culture and knowledge, where Potbellies only love a good story with a happy ending. They are of a serious nature and are called the "Thinkers" by their cousins the Haertoes and the Potbellies, a term not meant with respect, yet taken as such.