Lior Sylvan

Avg. Height: 6'0"

Avg. Weight: 130 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 600

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:Intense browns, blues and greens.
Hair:Blond, browns, red.
Body Type:Athletic, sturdy, light on their feet.

Region: Quesalia

Languages: Common, elvish.

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Bonus to Lore and Observation learn rates.

Penalty to Archery and Unarmed learn rates.

The wanderers of the elves, Lior are also the most lighthearted and whimsical of creatures. They live where they please shunning the notion that the other clans have that it is necessary to live only one type of lifestyle. Happy in the forests, on the plains and even in the city, Lior are that rare breed that find themselves at home wherever they go. They do tend to avoid living in bitterly cold weather for long periods but with that single exception, they settle when and where the mood strikes.

Adventuring is their life; singing of songs and telling of tales are definitely high on their list of life's most enjoyable activities. In fact, while they have very little written lore, their history is well documented in ballads and poetry that they are normally happy to recite at the slightest provocation. They also tend to be very artistic, whether they are creating paintings, sculptures or musical instruments.

Although there is no typical Lior home, most are similar in feel. Rich in bright, jewel-like colors and luxurious textures, a Lior's home is normally one that manages to convey the essence of their inner spirit, that of light and happiness. Exquisite paintings hang on walls, regardless of whether those walls are stone, wood or the canvas of tents, and finely crafted belongings are usually enhanced with precious metals, intricate carvings or gems.

Never still, the Lior are always searching for adventure, regardless of its form. Being light on their feet and very athletic, swashbuckling and sword fighting are two of the many talents that are firmly developed within the Lior culture. This springs less from a sense of bloodlust than from a sense of exuberance and joy at using their bodies in a way that is both practical and graceful.

Ethereal in spirit even though sturdy of physique, they love the feeling of the air ruffling their hair and swirling about them, and nothing pleases them more than a breeze that dances across their skin. In love with all aspects of summer, they call that season their own; as well they should since both season and clan are bursting with life.

The freedom they gain in their love of the nomadic way of life makes them the most rounded of all elves and they frequently take up residence with other Tain and Byra, sometimes staying for a season or two, and other times for decades. They have even been known to develop friendships with the secretive Muir, and that in and of itself is a source of wonder to many.

As with the other Sylvan races, children are few but cherished. Always encouraged to pursue their interests, it's not uncommon for Lior children to play with a miniature weapon in one hand and a paintbrush or musical instrument in the other. Being shy of discipline themselves, Lior parents rarely control their offspring, and only their innate charm keeps boisterous Lior offspring from being obnoxious.

Outgoing and gregarious by nature, Lior have the most musical of voices and normal everyday conversation has a melodious ring. It has been said by some that when a group of Lior gather, it is as though the heavens speak, although those that prefer a quieter, more peaceful environment would surely disagree.

While normally happy-go-lucky, Lior have a fierce hot temper that can be ignited with an errant word or glance, and their moods can swing from calm and peace to rage and violence in a second, leaving the unwary totally mystified as to the cause of the heat. Fortunately, these capricious changes in disposition rarely last long and a tirade of angry words can easily turn into a burst of harmonious laughter as the Lior's irritation dissipates like a wisp of smoke in the breeze.

Governing in a very laisser-faire manner, the Lior tend to have a live and let live attitude and only rarely is the council called upon to intercede in disagreements. With their long-lived perspective, they believe that given time, most situations work out regardless of their severity.

Coloring amongst the Lior leans towards the more vibrant, jewel-like shades with red hair in a number of hues being common along with the ordinary blondes and browns. Eyes range in color varying shades of browns to blues and green, many of them vivid and intense.