House Kynan-Tremaine Il'lthye

Avg. Height: 6'4"

Avg. Weight: 120 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 500

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:From soft golds and lavenders to deep violets and blacks, greens, browns and blues.
Hair:Paler tones.
Skin:Fair to bronze.
Body Type:Tall and lithe.
Clothing:Robes, cowls, turbans, laced sandals; richly dyed color schemes to show lineage or affiliation.
Notable:Tattoos demarking life stages, filial affiliations and political groups are common.

Region: Quesalia

Stereotype: Nobles

Languages: Common, elvish, dyari.

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Rite of the Mordant Spring (not yet implemented).

Bonus to Lore learn rate.

The dark elves of House Kynan-Tremaine represent a long line of nobles who can trace their lineage back to the first of the Daere Vala nation. They are generally theurgists. Their eye colors run the gamut from the softest golds and lavenders to deep violets and blacks with a spectrum of greens, browns and blues in between. Their hair color runs in the the paler tones, matching their skin tones which range from fair to bronze.

*Note: All characters begin with the title of "Daere Vala" or in elven, People of the Castle, denoting their descent from royalty.