Kivian Pantheon

Appearing about 43 million years ago, the Fasul, or the Kivian, gods quickly divided into two Pantheons, the Onu and the Nivi. Forever warring between each other, the gods also battled the dragynkind and the race of giants that inhabited Thrael, defeating them and setting themselves to reign supreme.

Of the two patheons, the Nivi is comprised of those deities whose focus is "other" directed and can be said to be unselfish in nature. They appear to hold to moral imperatives and their main goal is the betterment of mankind.

In direct opposition to the Nivi Deities, the Onu Pantheon is comprised of those gods whose focus is self directed and can be said to be somewhat disinterested in things that do not directly benefit them. They perceive mankind as a means to their end whose sole purpose is to worship and adore them.

The Comhairle Nefol, Kenzian for "The Eternals", are the embodiment of essential concepts or forces. Except for Beade, the ancient ones are never manifest in the realms. They have no facets of their own and can exist without the worship of mortals. They are the forces at work that the apparent deities rely upon and claim as their domains. They are who they are, for they are the body.