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In the beginning there was the Nothing. For eons upon eons, just the vastness existed exuding nothing, including nothing... just the Being. Until from the nothing there came a churning, a roiling and surging and out of the black hole of stillness Order burst forth and brought with it Disorder... matter and antimatter... destiny and chance... logic and illogic. And from the Disorder, from the bowels of illogical thought and paradox sprung Ng, The Nameless One, forever destined to battle Kel, The Lord of Ways for his dominion, yet in the clash there is no victory, for what is one without the other? Can Certainty exist without Theory? Is there Reality without Fantasy?

Perhaps with the smallest following of all the gods, Kel is not quite understood by many today. One of the Ancient Ones and thought to be the creator of the universe, his tenets are abstract and hard to comprehend. His temple relies very little on spirituality and more on natural and physical laws. He sees most forms of magic as a weakness and seeks to invent or theorize ways to replace magic. Though most of his followers are brilliant, their technical babble and slightly distracted nature create a wide rift between them and the rest of the populace. They dislike the outdoors, preferring instead to tinker around their strange laboratories performing physical experiments, and trying to create new laws to explain the universe.

The Lord of the Ways or The Combiner manifests order in it purest form. Separated from the pantheons by sheer indifference, this Eternal dwells within a dimension of absolute logic. Popularly believed to have created time, bringing law and order to his domain, Kel is an elusive "concept." Not once in recorded history has an act or event been attributed to Kel or a manifestation of his will. His faithful do not kneel in worship nor do they beg for boons or blessings, for their dogma demands independence from the faceless one that will not intervene in the affairs of creatures beyond his sight. They struggle to evolve logically and independently of the Lord of the Ways, shunning magic. It is believed that if Kel created all, that all tools for evolution of mind and logic exist so to use artificial means is an insult to his being.

Interpreted by mortals based solely on logical philosophizing, he has no holy scriptures dedicated to him for there are no events to explain. He simply is as clearly as order exists. Adopted because of its scientific value, his priests have embraced quicksilver to attempt to define him.

Persecuted for their extreme beliefs, followers of the Combiner have been randomly executed over the centuries for their vocal denunciation of practiced religion. It is their contention that it is grossly illogical to worship a 'thing' that requires their worship to exist and pleasure them. For how could a thing of power 'be' if removal of something as small as faith could unmake them. It is this fundamental argument that has targeted them frequently by the overly zealous factions of the Jakobian Church of the Kivian Imperium. Their College of Kellish Arts and Sciences located in Penthras has been burned and torn down frequently but the spirit of the Kel's followers cannot be broken as they stride forward embracing science and logic.


AliasesLord of Ways, The Combiner
PortfolioScience, Physics, Progress, Scientists, Pragmatists, Technology, Creator of the Cosmos, Originator of Matter, Logic, Destiny, Reality, Answers, Certainty, Philosphy.
SymbolA perfect square
Material AffinityMithryl, Mercury
Gem AffinityGharuohr Stone