-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Thistle Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


The denizens of Kaezar had begun to put out their Myndes the terrible Murder of the unfortunate Guardsman's wife, Mrs. Sariah De'Sainmhini, and to settle down into Routine once more, when the News was heard of an even more Shocking killing, this one perpetrated upon the very Person of an Imperial Guard. The unfortunate victim Merow Ghurak, a Captain in the Guard and a well-known Face about Town, was abducted from the premises of the Silver Tankard, an incident even more Astonishing given the great Size and weight of the Gharkin Captain. He was carried unconscious from the Tavern and brought to an isolated spot some Distance from the city, where he was strung up from a tree and Hanged by the Neck.

The Captain had been in the Hands of these men but a very short time before local Wizard Ashinara De'Alera stumbled upon the severed Tusk of a Gharkin on his way to the Tankard, a sight which immediately aroused the deepest Suspicions in the former Imperial Lieutenant. With the aid of Misses Zedyn Sunvirea and Ailaesyne Essait'ss, Master De'Alera was able to locate Captain Ghurak and Teleport to his locale, at which point De'Alera discovered the two Masked men in the act of Hanging him. Both men immediately Fled the scene, and Master De'Alera decided that their Capture was a lesser Imperative than saving the life of Captain Ghurak. However, by the time he could be Cut down, his Spirit had already departed the Body, and although the Captain was hastily transported to Ayron at the Kaezar Ossuary, even the Priest was unable to Revive him.

For Dayes on end the Fate of the Captain remained unresolved, as did the Identities of the men responsible for the terrible Crime. However, after a few Weeks had passed the Gharkin finally made his Return from the lands of the Dead, and two Suspects to the Murder were brought forth: Jurion Tamerlaine and the Vulfen Bariinco, both men in the Employ of Regent Trantris Esselyon of Seton Keep.

Master Tamerlaine will be familiar to many Readers not only for the dramatic Duel of this past Storme, but also for having a very bad History with Captain Ghurak, involving the threat of Torture upon Master Tamerlaine's Person in a previous Interrogation.

On the Second Daye of Ghust the trial of Jurion Tamerlaine and Bariinco was convened, with Imperial Barrister Melikal Blinzer and Prosecutor Gustaf Shmidt representing the Defense and the Prosecution, respectively, and Lord Magistrate Jothard Mallas presiding over the Court. Most of those invited to attend the trial as Witnesses to the Proceedings doubtless expected the usual drawn-out Affaire of contradictory Recriminations and Arguing back-and-forth, and so all were quite Astonished to hear Masters Tamerlaine and Bariinco, when questioned as to how they would Plead their case, promptly declare themselves Guilty as Charged.

Tamerlaine, granted leave by the Judge to make a Statement, gave then this speech, saying that "whatever the Justice passed might be, that it could be no worse than what he had had from Captain Ghurak, for it was that man's Justice that put the brand of 'T' on his neck, for everyone to gaze upon and say 'thief' or 'treason', when never convicted of either offense, and that it was that same Captain who had given him over to the Wizards' Council when the Captains' own Lieutenants refused the task, resulting in the Burning-away of his magickal Powers."

The prisoner Bariinco, in his turn, said only that he had assisted in the deed of his own free Will, "for his People."

Barrister Blinzer subsequently came forward to offer to the Judge a piece of Parchment, which he Averred to contain the signed Confession of Master Tamerlaine. The Judge then gave the Parchment to Tamerlaine, who upon being asked if it were truly the Confession of his deeds, replied that yes, it was. Upon receiving this Affirmation, the Judge then compelled Master Tamerlaine to read Aloud from the document, this in spite of the fact that the Judge had formerly deemed it Unnecessary that Captain Merow should relate the Details of his Murder in any greater Depth, the Accused already having pled their Guilt.

Judge Mallas then retired for a brief Span to determine his Sentence, while in his Absence the room was a-clamor with the talk of the Witnesses, who were yet in Amazement from the swift and indeed Inexplicable Confession, given the lack of solid Evidence against the Accused. Upon the Judge's return, the crowd fell into a great Hush, as he handed down to the Accused the dreaded Sentence: "Upon the next Sartstag, at the 6th evening bell, Jurion Tamerlaine and the Vulfen Bariinco shall be brought to Punishment Square, where they shall be Hanged from the neck until all Life has left their Bodies."

The day of the Fifth proving clear and Fair, much at odds with the dire Punishment that was to befall the Guilty, a goodly Crowd assembled to witness the grisly Spectacle. The two prisoners were led to the Scaffold and, with very little Ceremony, stood quite Still as the heavy nooses were fitted around their Necks. After allowing the two men some last Words, the Executioner pulled them off their Feet and left the pull of their Weight upon the nooses to perform its Agonizing work.

However, just as the struggles of the slowly dying Men began to fail, upon the scene in great Haste there rushed the very man who had meted out his Justice to Masters Tamerlaine and Bariinco: Judge Mallas, in a state of Excitement and Agitation most astonishing to behold. He commanded that the Hangings be stopped immediately and the two men Cut down with all speed, for their Sentence of eternal Death had been transmuted to one of slightly lesser Severity: "to be declared Outlaw and removed from the Protection and Consideration of the Laws of both Kingdom and Empire, forfeit all Rights and to be slain without Consequence by any subject in the Realm, as if they were orc or Beast, and forbidden to Trespass upon any Civilized settlement within Kessia or the Kivian Empire, and to be punished by Death for any further Crimes committed." For the Vulfen Bariinco, this status of Outlaw was to hold force for the span of six Months' time; for Master Tamerlaine, for the remainder of his Natural life, "unless it be revoked by a Royal or Imperial Decree."

So saying, the prisoners were Rousted from their exhausted place upon the Scaffold and hurried away by the Guards, their Sentence to begin immediately. In their wake was left the bemused Crowd, who could do nothing more than Speculate on the Justification behind the reduced Sentence, and wonder at the ultimate Fate of the two Condemned men.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Thistle Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


One usually considers the lowly Veckle a largely harmless creature, given to bragging and the making of Threats, but never having the Courage whereby to carry them out. Certainly most never dream that the odd little Beings are anything other than a rag-tag band of Ruffians at best, and more like a general Nuisance on the order of surly rabus and wayward hedge-thieves. Consequently, it must have come as a Shock to nearly everybody when, on a daye late in Dien, a Veckle of large and powerful Proportions introduced himself at the eastern gate of Kaezar as King of the Veckles and, along with his very own Veckle Army, commenced to lay Siege to the entire city.

The King and his Horde proceeded to prove their Mettle by battering down the gate and running amok through the city streets, demanding from the bemused populace a Tribute of shiny objects for their Appeasement. A handful of brave residents took it upon themselves to stand up to the Unruly creatures, but the King himself proved a far mightier Foe than expected, and could not be vanquished by any amount of persistence or Courage in arms. After the skirmish had gone on for some time with neither side making much Headway, the Veckle monarch abruptly decided to bow out for the day, apparently having grown bored with this Sport.

Although it might have been Hoped that the Veckle King would forget his Threats and never be seen more, he showed himself to be in possession of rather more Focus than the average Veckle may lay claim to, by returning on the following day to continue in his Quest for Tribute. This time, however, the townspeople were much better prepared for His Veckle Majesty's arrival, having assembled a Hoard of items guaranteed to be coveted by a Veckle of any Rank whatsoever, containing as it did an abundance of shiny sovereigns, burnished metal Anklets, and Gems whose dazzling Luster completely belied their lack of real Value. The King proved most pleased by this sparkling Array -- perhaps too much so, as his newly-whetted Appetite for trinkets now drove him to demand an even great quantity of this dubious Treasure-trove.

It was at this point that the ever-irascible Baigan Vikias, doubtless driven quite to Distraction by the unreasoning Demands of the Veckle-king, flew into a Passion and began assaulting his royal Person unrelentingly, compelling the other defenders of the city to give up all Hope of a Peaceable settlement and come to the Wizard's aid. Though the Veckle-king proved as Doughty a warrior as previously, he was finally Routed by the severing of his Arm, and the defenders were left to beat back scores of crazed Veckles as that great Army attempted to Revenge themselves upon the Citizenry. This frenzied Force worked themselves into a yet greater pitch of Rage when the Veckle-king, after begging the town defenders for Mercy, bled to death before any action could be contemplated in his Favor.

Nevertheless, it was but a matter of Time before all the Veckles lay slain at the feet of the townsfolk, and this latest threat to the city laid to rest. A scattered Handful of survivors were sighted in the days following the terrible Altercation, but in the end no trace remained of the Veckle-king and his ill-fated Ambitions. Whether the Veckles will one day produce a Successor to their vanquished Monarch and come calling for Vengeance is more than anyone may say at this time.

All who have found their curiosity Piqued by this unusual incident and find themselves desirous of learning more of these heretofore overlooked creatures would be well-advised to Avail themselves of a pair of new books in the Abbey Library treating with Veckles in most intriguing detail.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Thistle Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


It has been a Question long in the Myndes of the citizenry of Kaezar, if not, to be sure, one that has quite worn itself out from such long Use and now vanished from their heads utterly: When shall the next Royal Bard be appointed to Court, and what fortunate and talented Individual shall it be? At last this weary Inquiry may be laid to its long-awaited Rest, for a new Bard has been chosen for the post; to wit, the Lior lady Miss Beckah Lotheniel.

While the young woman's Sylvani bloodline is certainly no great Shock, the last two Appointees having shared the same Heritage, it must surely be Surprising to some that the lady in question is not, in fact, a Bard by trade. However, those who keep an Eye fixed on Kaezar's cultural scene, and especially faithful readers of the Eye, will readily recognize Miss Lotheniel as both Patron of and Participant in the Arts, having sponsored numerous Balls and creative gatherings, and being in her own right a most Gifted dancer.

Like all Royal positions, the post of Royal Bard is of one year's duration, at the end of which the current Bard may submit herself for re-consideration and new Hopefuls may apply. Like Miss Lotheniel herself, those who fill the post need not call themselves by the name of Bard, as it requires merely a Passion for the Arts rather than any great professional bardic Achievement. Duties of the Royal Bard include the arrangement of Entertainments for King, Court, and the whole of Kessia, and, no less importantly, an obligation "to further the Arts in all Capacities," as put by Miss Lotheniel. As one of her first Ambitions, Miss Lotheniel hopes to work with local persons of Talent in opening the city's Ghent Center to children of few Means for free lessons in the various creative Arts.

Miss Lotheniel surely has some great slippers to fill as she steps up to the post, following as she does such illustrious Personages as Lilt Elondriel, musician and newly-turned play Director of some Renown, and Melodiel Forestsong, author and composer of Kessia's rousing National Anthem. It will be exciting indeed to see what fresh Talent and Ideas the new Bard will bring to her vaunted position.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Thistle Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


The past severall months have been quite interesting ones in terms of Arcane Projects and issues of magickal Policy, of which Wizard Baigan Vikias's present Endeavor is but the latest. He now proposes to build, with the aid of a number of other local Mages and Mechanists, a magickal Construct of the kind known as a Golem, which will possess an Elemental consciousness housed within a Body of t'elt. This fascinating Project promises to have countless Uses in city defense, scientific Research, and other fields too Varied to name. It thus is felt as a matter of great Shock and Dismay that many of those involved in the enterprise have found themselves sorely Troubled by break-ins, petty Thefts, and even harm to their very Persons.

It all seems to have begun on the Twentieth of Ghust with a series of rooms at the respected Silver Plum establishment being Forcibly entered and divers of their Contents absconded with. Both Master Vikias and the Lady Vivael Wethrin'aer lost numerous possessions to these Burglaries, consisting in part of a large quantity of Metals from Vikias's room, to be used in the Golem's construction, and severall tomes from Lady Wethrin'aer's personal library, a hand-book of Rules and Regulations of the Reklar Insane Asylum being most Inexplicably included in their Number. Miss Beckah Lotheniel, involved informally in the Project in the capacity of a Healer, also suffered such an Assault upon her Lodgings, with the entire room being most thoroughly Ransacked, but nothing missing so far as she could Discern.

More alarming yet was the Harrowing experience of Malo Haithcock, an Illusionist closely involved with Master Vikias' Experiment. While his suspicions were awoken by repeated attempts by unknown Persons to Scry his location, he was yet Unprepared for the Violence that was to befall him. It was but a few nights later on the 23rd that Master Haithcock was, entirely without Warning, struck down in the vicinity of Fishbourne by a poisoned Dart to the back of the neck.

Attacking from behind as the honorless Coward that he evidently was, the unknown Assailant made his Assault without being seen, as the Dart sped Master Haithock to speedy unconsciousness. While Haithcock was lost to his Senses and could perceive only the least Hint of what went on around him, his attacker thoroughly searched his Person, rifling through pouch and Pockets in quest of some item. It was impossible to Discern what might have been the Object of this search, as Master Haithcock found upon reviving that nothing had in fact been taken from him, despite the fact that he was carrying some small Amount of coins and Gems. The poisoned Dart, which was left behind, seemed to hold little clue as to the Assailant's identity, tho' cunningly constructed of a bit of Bone with Hummingbird-feather shafts. No further trace of the Sinister man could be found.

Nor was this the end of Master Haithcock's bad Luck, for he later found that his Lodgings in the Inn at Kem had also been Disturbed, though with such Subtlety and Guile that it would have escaped all but the most Meticulous inspection. However, Master Haithcock felt reasonably certain that nothing had been actually removed, as he kept little of any great Worth there.

Even after the passage of a full Month from these Incidents, no Suspects have been located, and it begins to appear that whatever Reprobates are behind these Crimes will escape the reach of Justice entirely.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Thistle Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


On the Fifteenth Daye of Thistle, the newly-appointed Royal Bard to the Kessian Court got her career off to a fine start by hosting a Wine and Art Walk, an affair which was as Lively as it was stylish and sophisticated. Taking place in Never-Upon-Vinre for the benefit of the Royal Court in its summer Residence, the event drew a large Crowd from across the Province. The local Artists of Kessia were solicited for paintings expressing variations on the theme of Wines, and the pieces that were submitted surely reflected a wide array of Skill and were expressive of Eclectic as well as what might be termed, rather idiosyncratic Tastes. Some of the painters whose work was exhibited here included Niall Blackthorne and Edyn Sunvirea, as well as budding new Talents and a very fine Anonymous piece whose creator could only be Speculated upon.

Accompanying this display of the fruits of Artistry were also the fruits of the Vine, as for every painting there numbered a fine Wine to go with it, from tangy Thaenberry wine to the honey-sweet citrus flavor of Ehce Arhaionohn, an arrangement which could only have added to the overall Enjoyment of the show. As the guests strolled along the walk, marvelling at the paintings and savoring the Refreshments, each had the opportunity to place a Bid on any piece that struck their Fancy.

As the hour grew late, Their Royal Majesties King Vek and Queen Victaea of Nellwyn selected one painting to receive the honor of being judged the best in the entire Show, with this distinguished mark Bestowed upon Master Blackthorne's untitled painting. Afterwards, final Bids were taken on the artwork, some being set at quite Remarkable prices, with the most Staggering bids in the amount of 50,000 sovereigns, placed by Lord Mackival Aeterna and Regent Trantris Esselyon on two very fine Anonymous pieces. On all counts the event made for a quite Memorable occasion, which will certainly lay to rest the Doubts that any may have had concerning the suitability of Miss Lotheniel for the Royal Bard position.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Thistle Edition Age Of Dreams, 645

A Detailed Report on a Momentous Decision

By now the astonishing Imperial Proclamation of this past Raine, concerning the Status of all practitioners of Illusionist magicks, must be common Knowledge with all but the furthest dwellers of our Empire's remotest Hinterlands. In a sweeping Dictate His Imperial Majesty Anthemian the Just lived up to his epithet in decreeing that Illusionists were no longer to be the Victims of Persecution or harrassment of any sort on account of their magickal Proclivities, but were instead to be Afforded the full Protection of the laws of the Imperium and granted the same freedom of Person of any other Citizen of the Empire.

At the time of the Proclamation the Eye was most generously granted an Interview with the Archmagus Vaeler, whom all shall doubtless remember as the head Magus of the Wizards' Council. The Archmagus held forth on a number of Interesting topics, discussing the sad History of Illusionism and those who Condemned it, as well as the Reasons underlying the change in Attitude newly represented in the Proclamation.

It was some twenty Yeares ago, he said, that Fears of Illusionist magicks began to be deeply Felt among the practitioners of the purely Arcane sphere. This came to pass due to the Researches of a Via Flam Wizard who was even a member of that very Council, and who began to delve into Theorems of magick which were felt at the time to be of a most Risky, and indeed even Forbidden, nature: the Fusion of Vedic mind-magicks with the Arcane. This inquisitive and, some might say, injudicious Wizard was, of course, the infamous Zyzyl himself, now known as the Founder of the Illusionist school.

It was argued at the time by the alarmed Wizards that these Researches in and of themselves irrevocably Altered the Fundamental nature of the Weave, a supposition the Truth of which no one is quite certain of even today. However, the Archmagus stated that the great Brunt of opposition was driven by a small but Vocal core of Wizards whose Suspicions of Illusionism were especially profound, and who felt Bound to put an end to this dangerous Muddling of magicks. It was this Paranoia (howsoever justified as it might have been) that resulted in the state of Affaires so familiar to ourselves, in which Illusionism was declared a Danger to the Empire and its practitioners subject to all the Retribution allowed under the Law if found out.

When asked what had so changed the Myndes of those on the Council today, the Archmagus stated that the new Proclamation marked "a Sea-change long in coming," rather than any Abrupt reversal of Opynion. A more Moderate viewpoint was held to Prevail after many years during which, as the Archmagus put it, the Illusionists "did not Blow us all up, destroy the Weave, or otherwise warp Reality, at least no more than Wizards were given to do Themselves on a daily basis." As the balance of Power shifted between those who yet Feared Illusionism and those who were inclined to be more Tolerant of its practices, gradually coming to favor the latter, it was finally thought time to put this rather Pressing matter to a new vote. It was this vote that instigated the Turning-over of the old Law, as the majority of the Council was Agreed that Illusionism did not likely present a sufficiently Grave threat to justify continued Persecution of its adherents.

Now, the Archmagus said, the Council is most Desirous of working in concert with Illusionists to further understanding of the Unusual nature of their hybrid magicks, and perhaps thereby to achieve a more complete Knowledge of the Arcane as well. It is the Council's hope that one day all Illusionists, and even Zyzyl himself, if he should yet live, will be willing to step Forward and share their Knowledge for the greater Good, and that the Wizards of the Arcane would likewise be uniformly Persuaded to embrace them as fellow Mages.

The Eye hereby reprints, in the service of Posterity and to the Benefit of all who should need to read and Remember, the exact text of the Proclamation concerning the legality of Illusionism within our Kivian Empire:

~ ~ o ~ ^ ~ o ~ ~

Proclaimed, on the 26th day of Raine, in the year of six forty-five in the Age of Dreams:

Whereas, having taken into our Imperial Consideration the recommendations of our Council di Magi, and finding them to be meritorious and without fault, we hereby do publish and declare to all our Subjects that no Prosecution, Suit, or Proceeding shall be commenced or carried on against any Person or Persons for their practice of the Art of Illusion, in any Court of Law whatsoever, throughout the Great Kivian Imperium.

We declare any and all Statutes heretofore made against these Practices in any portion of the Great Kivian Imperium to be utterly Repealed, and any and all Persons accused, indicted, or imprisoned under these statues shall be released immediately. We are desirous that any ongoing prosecutions cease forthwith, and we do hereby command and empower our Imperial Guard to recognize and maintain the Freedom of these Persons, and labor faithfully to see them released from Custody or Bondage imposed by the previous Statutes.

We further admonish our loving Subjects to keep to our Laws, and do not oppose them with private Judgements or Convictions against these Persons, under pain of Indictment by the Courts of the Kivian Imperium for Libel and any other Offenses derived thereby.

Given at our Imperial Court in Penthras in the 34th Year of our Reign.

~ ~ o ~ ^ ~ o ~ ~

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Thistle Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


The end of Dien was marked by a series of profound Tremors in the earth, which shook the entire city and put the Populace in a justifiably Unsettled mood. Beginning with ominous Rumblings beneath one's Feet, and culminating in a Shaking of the whole ground Violent enough to Bowl one over, these earth-quakes became ever more frequent as the Dayes wore on, even reaching a point at which the Tremors were making themselves felt every severall minutes. Witnesses described the sensation and the Sounds accompanying it "as if a great Deale of Rock had been shifted," and speculated that it was due to some strange Activity in the caverns underlying Kaezar. Explorations of the central System of caves turned up no obvious Changes, but not long afterwards it was discovered that the Aeracha had been tunneling out new Cells of their own deep below the city. More horrifically still, it seemed this was done with the Intention of increasing their already far too Plentiful numbers and expanding their malign Influence within their murky Trostian realm -- a thought as displeasing to the Stomach as much as the Mynde.


In the very midst of all the Commotion and hub-bub engendered by the ground's sudden Instability, a new Face appeared in town, bringing with him a most Intriguing tale. This man, a scholarly Dwarf of middle years, proclaimed himself one Brother Shulzar, a wandering Monk long devoted to the collection of lore and Legendry pertaining to rare and Unusual gems of the world. He had only just brought a number of hand-written Manuscripts to the Kemstead Abbey for professional Scribing by the Monks there, when his lodgings at that place were infiltrated by "furred little Abominations," and every last Page stolen. Driven nigh unto despair by the loss of his life's Work, Brother Shulzar requested the aid of the Townspeople in finding and Retrieving his lost parchments.

His listeners soon set to this Task with a Will, and it was no time at all before various of the Pages began to turn up in Boxes carried by all kinds of local Creatures, from the grubby hands of Veckles to the terrible grasping Appendages of the Aeracha lurking below Kaezar. Thanks to the diligent Efforts of numerous Townspeople, the pages of each Manuscript were recovered and returned to Brother Shulzar within a fortnight, and are now available in a fine Volume in the Kemstead Abbey Duvaneum.


The lovely and talented Naiad lady Vevacia was seen to make a welcome reappearance on the docks of Kaezar this past Ghust. Rather than taking Orders for any of a number of the interesting Creations for which she has received such justified Renown in the past, she invited a handful of fortunate Denizens of Kaezar to participate in a novel Diversion in the form of a sort of contest, or Guessing-game, with the winners being awarded an item of Salvage from the Siren's own maritime realm. Some of the game's Prizes include a handsome be-ribboned Tricorne Hat, and a pendant containing the enviable Tesseract enchantment, both items much finer than one would expect of cast-off Goods from the Sea, and showing themselves none the worse for the watery Perils hazarded.


A long-standing matter for Concern in Kessia, being, as we are all sadly aware, a province continually Playgued by Arcane assaults and strange Disturbances of all sorts, has been the lack of any Means for the protection of Malcomb Castle from maleficent magicks. Citizens of our Province may now be Heartened to learn that Court Magus Ariano Azor'i has been greatly Absorbed in the devising of a brand-new barrier, or Magickal Ward, to safeguard the Castle grounds from such Harm, and has lately seen all his Efforts in the matter come to Fruition.

The project experienced some minor set-backs in the initial Testing phases; most interestingly, an unusual Inversion of Magus Azori's Person, brought about by an over-ambitious Harnessing of magickal Energies, and resulting in a change of Handedness from dexter to sinister, the former Hand now bearing a most Eye-catching Runic scarring. However, the Magus was quick to assert that this was an Unfortunate but minor Incident indicating only the Necessity of "quick revision." Reflecting on certain past events in the city, in conjunction with the fact that neither Azor'i nor Kaezar was burned up nor exploded to Bits, one must accept this as very probably true in the general Scheme of things.


Many may be aware local Mage Baigan Vikias, official Liaison to the Council di Magi, has taken in the last severall months a new Apprentice, the pretty and Talented young lady Ena Somhairle. Sadly, Miss Somhairle, in spite of her magickal Gifts, was afflicted by a terrible Serenite Curse, brought down upon her some three Yeares ago by an old bog Witch who failed to appreciate her sense of Humor. The result of this Hex was an insidious loss of Memory, which it seemed could only be Combated to some small degree by the use of magick. In spite of the immense Difficulties imposed by such an affliction, the irrepressible Miss Somhairle took it upon herself to stage a series of scientific Experiments, with the aim of better understanding the nature of the Hex and ridding herself of it once and for all.

Although it must be said that their nature was somewhat beyond the Bounds of Propriety, these Experiments proved most Effective in the end, restoring (with the timely aid of certain Kitchen implements) her lost Faculties even in the face of magickal Back-lashes and overly energetic Spellbooks. Master Vikias also wishes to make known the fact that this newest Apprentice of his has quite exceeded his Expectations in not miserably Failing at her Studies, running away, or otherwise Vanishing from the face of Thrael.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Thistle Edition Age Of Dreams, 645

THE CRITICAL EYE – Reviews of Culture and the Arts

Acting Manager's Note: Due to publication Dead-lines, our two esteemed Critics were unable to comment here on the recent Never-Upon-Vinre Art and Wine Walk. Nevertheless, readers are encouraged to purchase the next Month's edition to read of their candid and Professional opynions on this debut event of Kessia's new Royal Bard!

~ Hylaria's Summer Review ~

The most exciting news of the season, I am sure everyone must agree, is the selection of a new Royal Bard! The whole of Kessia has been simply PINING for lack of one ever since the last stepped down, and (with the delightful exception of this past spring, which as I wrote last edition was simply MARVELOUS) the artistic scene has been most tragically BLEAK, as if all we fellow-travellers in the Arts had been set adrift on endless seas, our captain missing from the helm, with nothing but the terrible dark clouds of unenlightened IGNORANCE looming on every horizon. The very weight of this unrelieved gloom has very nearly been enough to set one's spirits groaning in oppression! But we may all now REJOICE, for I feel the utmost confidence that our new helmsman (or, I should more properly say, woman!) will steer the stalwart bark of our cultural scene to dizzying new heights!

I feel myself absolutely assured in saying that anyone of any artistic sensibilities whatsoever will share my sentiments in acclaiming Miss Beckah Lotheniel as an OUTSTANDING choice for the position! While it is true that I cannot help but sigh a little in thinking of the fine figure that our dashing Master Darrien Sel'Wydde would have cut as Royal Bard (and how instructive it would have been for everyone to have the opportunity to thus reflect on the absolutely DELICIOUS quality of his voice), it simply cannot be doubted by anyone of taste that Miss Lotheniel is a wonderful performer in her own right and a coordinator of some GENIUS, as amply shown by her sponsorship of those lovely revues that all have enjoyed so much.

It is only to be regretted that the sweet young lady has evidently broken it off with that excessively handsome Guardsman of hers, as together they were not only great FRIENDS of the ARTS but a most charming couple. Turning the other feather, her wonderfully romantic association with the Court Magus may yet prove quite the drama! But I will leave all those matters to Auntie!

And speaking of drama, I must mention that great MASTERPIECE of the stage, The Hounds of Isola, the remembrance of whose witty dialogue and clever antics fill me with mirth even after these intervening months! The magnificently talented Lilt Elondriel, once Royal Bard herself, has once again proven her IMMENSE artistic talent, as well as a new gift for directorship! Under her deftly guiding hand, her outstanding cast of actors and actresses THRILLED the eager audiences who flocked to the Wict to see the glorious debut of this amazing production.

This humble nymph was even further thrilled to witness two MAGNIFICENT performances by Master Sel'Wydde and his counterpart in panache, Master Mackival Aeterna, both familiar to my readers from the Raine revue (and I am certain that my feelings here must find some sympathetic reverberation in the breasts of all of us of the tenderer sex, appreciative as we are of how ESPECIALLY profound artistic sensibilities must be when expressed by handsome and well-dressed men, which these two surely must count as in anyone's eyes!). The female members of the cast also turned out fine and assuredly quite memorable performances.

Although the weeks since this grand event have been so terribly long and BARREN of all tasteful entertainments, with Miss Lotheniel's selection I feel unbounded optimism for the year ahead! TWO WINGS UP and a hearty three cheers for our new Bard!

~ Kholer's Summer Review ~

There isn't much to say. I feel my hopes for the arts slipping away with the announcement of Beckah Lotheniel as the King's Royal Bard. Have standards slipped so low any old tavern tart can be Royal Bard? As disappointed as we all are, I must grudgingly admit all the other candidates were equally as poor a choice. Not that the previous one was much better; frankly, if you've seen one Lior, you've seen them all. At least Miss Elondriel could play, making her, you know, an actual Bard, if not a particularly good one.

I know my concerned readers are as upset about this as I am. I am giving serious consideration to tossing my own tusks in for the position next year to avoid just this kind of thing.

The only highlight (if you can really call it that) of the past months was The Hounds of Isola. These people have no idea what makes for a good story. Love? Mistaken identities? There wasn't even a single dance number! Real dancing, not that froofy prancing about the stage. Stomping, and tusk waving. But no, we got none of that. Between an unnecessarily wordy script, misguided directing, and a cast of amateurs, it never really stood a chance. I applaud Miss Elondriel's efforts, even if she did fall short.

One Tusk Down. It should be two, but I am in a generous mood today.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Thistle Edition Age Of Dreams, 645

By Auntie Anony

Hello Hello Hello - Hafe you hearde!

So much to Tell!

Let us see, where to start! How about the news that our new Royal Bard has hired that redheaded Lior known to some as Curan to be her new assistant. The problem is he has been seen kanoodling and snuggling with the local re'hari lasses, and YOU know how that can be. It is all so scandalicious and Word has it that our gracious Mistress Lotheniel has told him cool it down or hit the cobbles! Well, you can lead the re'hari away from the boys, but can you lead the boys away from the re'hari?

And speaking of re'hari, seems that a young woman, going around town declaring herself a fine courtesan from Isola has been seen smooching with a male of the breed on the steps of Breen's no less! Well, if the lass is as trained as she says she has been she should know better than that! Would any Lord of breeding wish to be benefactor to such a 'courtesan'? My old friend, Dama Masqueto of Isola, who used to run the school for these lovely lasses on the Canal de Reverie must be rolling in her grave over this young one! And to take this one step further, it seems that the re'hari in question, a male named Preldin has been seen with another re'hari lass, one Meera, who has been seen with the aforementioned Curan! Rectangles...now that's a new one on old Auntie!

Ah well, there definitely seems to be something in the air this summer affecting the young. Mistress Ena, young charge of Baigan Vikias, and the mechanic, Devon, seem to be a couple. She denies it, of course, trying to keep everything on a 'Professional' level, but Auntie wonders what profession that is? Should we ask our young courtesan? With his reputation for drunkenness, gambling, and lewd behavior, we're wondering just where this is going to lead our young innocent maid? And where that leaves her last heart-throb, Lefjenya, whom she chased so ardently and then dropped once cured of her curse...Ah these cold hearted Maidens. Auntie should just go around picking up their toss-aways, they say it is going to be a cold winter.

Now we come to our triangles, less sides, more fun!...it seems that Mistress Lotheniel, who is so worried about her charge has other things to vex her. The ex-lieutenant or the new court mage...lieutenant...mage...such problems. With the ex-guardsman so far from Kaezar and with his family, seems like one choice to me, and you know how good these mages are on cold nights...especially the flam ones!

Away from the couples and into the serious gossip if you will! Auntie has heard that the two criminals, Bariinco and Jurion, known for stretching the neck of Captains of the Imperial Guards have been seen lying around in creature comfort in Seton. Is Regent Esselyon tossing caution to the wind by succoring these scalawags? Mayhaps he needs be a little more decreet in whom he favors? Auntie thinks so!

Lastly, servants do talk and the talk is about the small party hosted by Ambassador Caritas and those from the wine event. We heard Master Vikias was scandalized by a certain portrait, while Master Blackthorne declared it art! Further rumor has it that Caritas has promised her assistance to the recently formed and highly selective Jewels of Kessia, which consists of ladies of fine quality who will be furthering society's graces. Also spoken of at the little tete-a-tete was Master Blackthorne's teaching art classes! Sign Auntie up! After seeing his paintings, Auntie either wants to be in one or learn how to perform herself!

Auntie sees all and tells moste!

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Thistle Edition Age Of Dreams, 645

By Reporter Grace Fonteyn

What follows is the first in a series of interviews of local people of importance or interest. For clarification, various notes have been added, and it should also be known the interview actually took place several months ago in the Common Room at The Crossroads Inn.

Grace: Breen, tell me about this place here.
Breen: Well, twas in my family afore me, me gran, me da, me greatgran afore thems.
Grace: Has it changed much over the years?
Breen: Hm. I added the garden area. Afore me twas just used ta throw the slops back there. But now we throws em towards Crossroads.
Grace: So I've noticed. Any particular reason for the change?
Breen: If I'm lucky, we'll hit some pernty erred maroon! (*Interviewers note: "pernty erred maroons" means any elf, preferably il'lthye.)
Breen: They thinks they so big and smart, throwin' their weight around alls the time.
Grace: Is that what prompted your sign out there?
Breen: One o' them thinks she ken stick her smelly trees and plants on my property! She gonna be around ta clean up the dead leaves? Naw. She gonna be around ta water the damn things? Naw. Jest what I dinna need is more work here! This place looks fine jest like it is! No pernty earred maroon is gonna redo my place fer me!
Grace: So that is your side of things then? Your main concern is the upkeep?
Breen: My main concern...as ya so haughtily put it...missy, is that this is MY place and it will looks like I wants it to looks!
Grace: No need to get excited, I'm just trying to get the story.
Breen: Jest tellin' yas! They wants ta plant them stinkin' flowers, lets em do it over at the jerk Cappy's! His bar can use a little smellin' up.
Grace: In the last edition, it stated something about a wife of yours, which seems to have people a bit confused, are you in fact married?
Breen: I haint married! I haint gettin' married! I haint even gettin' engaged er nothin'.
Grace: A misprint then, I apologize on behalf of the paper.
Breen: This town is berift of any good looking wimmens anyway. Not one nice beard on any of em. Not even stubble!
Grace: Indeed.
Breen: Those jerks got no idea about me.
Grace: Here is your chance then, what would you like people to know about you?
Breen: About me, huh? Well... I wants them to know that they should buy more here cause if they did, I wouldna hate them as much as I do. I'm not sayin' I wouldna hate em... Jest not as much. Yas canna not hates em.
Grace: An encouraging thought, I'm sure.
Breen: Smart-assed dauns who think they own Kaezar cause the king is daun... My people was around longer than they was! And fancy dancy elves of all kinds. Sashayin' around with their majiks! Canna trust anyone who uses majiks! Jest haint natural. (*Interviewer's Note: At this point, he indicated a sign he has hanging in the establishment, reprinted here for our reader's convienence is the text: NO PICKIN! NO MAGICKIN' NOTHIN' BUT DRINKIN' AND EATIN'.)
Breen: Not in here yas canna. Afore yas know, they're gonna rip up the weave and then we'll all catch it.
Grace: A grave concern.
Breen: They already put enough holes in the veil ta let that arsewipe wraithe out. I'm glad he kicked their arses while he did, but when he started messin' with the temple, that's when he got the wrathe of ol'Breen. Yas know I single handedly beat him.
Grace: Single handedly? Something to be proud of. You are a devout Jakobian then?
Breen: You bet I am...that's why me and mother kicked his butt.
Grace: You mother helped?
Breen: Yas had ta see her go. Yup. My mother. She's a beaut. (*Interviewer's Notes: At this point, he pulled out a blackened mithryl waraxe from behind his bar with a mischievous grin. Its likeness has been reproduced below.)

[The article here includes a woodblock print of a hefty waraxe. The forged mithryl head of the mighty weapon pictured resembles the shape of an elephant ear and is firmly attached to a short oak leather-bound haft. The high steel-capped pommel appears to give this weapon an excellent counter-balance that will surely crush any foe into submission. Etched on the flat of the blade is the image of a mighty druim'dwer woman wielding a great axe, while just below is an inscription that reads "MOTHER".]

Grace: Surely there is a story behind this weapon.
Breen: Story? Jest that she be named fer my mum.
Breen: She and I taught that arsewipe not to mess wit' my town.
Grace: Indeed. Did you receive any medals for such a heroic act?
Breen: They all claimed it were them. But it really were me and mother. I dinna need no tin ta know what I did.
Grace: So, your mother then, was she a mighty warrior? Your flesh mother that is, not the mithryl one.
Breen: Me mum was the salt of the earth. Her picture hangs up the steps in the inn.
Grace: Aha, so that is who that is.
Breen: Ne'er a mother like her.
Grace: She has passed on then?
Breen: Aye, gone ta her reward.
Grace: My condolences, she surely would have been proud.
Breen: She's prolly directin' em in the upper levels of Ul'Mydar to clean them ears and wipe them feet.
Breen: Yer not half bad fer a daun. Yas got respect, so that's a good thing. Most dauns haint got no respect.
Grace: I could hardly get much of a story from you if I did not, now could I? I find it helps with reporting.
Breen: That's why we druimies dinna likes em.
Grace: Understandable, to be sure.
Breen: We dinna likes the elvies acause they thinks they better than everyone else. We dinna like the vulfens or re'hars acause they smell bad when wet. We dinna like the naiads cause they ...well...slimy. We dinna like the dryads cause they are scaly. We dinna like the nymphs cause they dumber than dirt. We like the brambles cause they're small.
Grace: And the elpas?
Breen: We can step on em if they get out o' line. Elpas are pretty good. Except the ones that squeak.
(*Interviewer's Notes: At this point, I became distracted by a certain painting hanging above his bar.)
Breen: What?
Grace: Now that, how did you end up acquiring that particular piece of... art?
Breen: That be Baigan Vikias, done by Ryarter, the ranger. It be a jake and I likes it cause he hates it.
Grace: Of course, I should have guessed.
Grace: So, now to get to know Breen a little better. What is your favorite season?
Breen: I likes Dien the best cause it makes folks thirsty.
Grace: Good for business and all, yes. What about your favorite memory?
Breen: Once I waited fer that Lieutenant Shadowlight to be standin' right underneath a window... he was courtin' some woman or the other... and he was gettin' all mushy when suddenly.. POW! I threw two slops containers down right on him! I came runnin' down and pretended it were the upstairs girl and how sorry I was. That was beauty! Right on him!
Grace: Any others?
Breen: Sittin' on me mum's knee and eatin' my favorite pie. Did I tell yas me mum had a beard yas would envy.
Grace: Me personally perhaps not, but I bet it was stunning. And your favorite pie would be?
Breen: Crow pie! I likes it with brown gravy drippin' outta the side. No one makes good crow pie no more. Yas should put a recipe fer it in yer newspaper. Time fer crow pie ta become popular again.
Grace: Get me a good recipe, and maybe we'll look into it. Do you have your mother's recipe still?

*~*~* Breen's Mother's Recipe for Crow Pie *~*~*

Yas make a crust from wheat flour, rabu fat and a bit o' pond water. Roll it out nice and thick. Line a pie tin. Yas take five crows...gots ta be five. Wring their little necks. Dinna shoot em or they'll be full of lead. Gots ta catch em and wring their little necks. Pluck em nekkid. Remove the inners... but save the heart and liver. Throw away the rest of the inners. Debone the carcasses. Some soft bones yas ken put in with the heart and liver cause it be good fer yas. Chop up the saved bones and inners with onions, parsnips and carrots. Salt and pepper be good ta taste. Then mix it all with the chopped up carcasses. Add a fistful o' wheat flour ta bind the mess. Then put it inta the crust, top wid another crust. Crimp the crap outta the edges, slit the top ta let the steam escape and bake in a hot heart until brown and delicccciousss.


Grace: Any plans on adding it to the menu?
Breen: I sure miss me mum's crow pie.
Breen: Mayhaps in the summer. Lots of fat crows in the summer.
(*Interviewer's Note: At this point a Sylvani of unknown origins entered his establishment.)
Breen: Nother pernty earred maroon. I'm tellin' yas, I'm surrounded. Either thems or the fuzzy faces humpin' like crazy all over the place. The got the morals of... re'har. Haint not much worse. Anyway, scram, I gots ta get back ta work.
Grace: One last question.
Breen: Wait. Does I gets a commission on sales of yer paper?
Grace: No, but this is free advertising.
Breen: Like I needs it. Yas know... I ken insult em... beat em... kick em in the arse and they still hang out here. Like their haint no other place in town. I think they likes it... they're all prolly damnded lashes!
Grace: What is the most outrageous thing you have seen in here?
Breen: Naked folks runnin' around. We had folks who fergot to put their clothes on after goin' upstairs fer a little hanky panky. They come buzzin' by, privates flappin' in the breeze. They fergit til someone outsides tells em, then they crawl upstairs.
Grace: Did you say something to them?
Breen: Naw..Let em go outdoors and someone there will tells em. It be funnier than a darkie falling down a mountain.
Grace: I appreciate your time, Breen.
Breen: Yas got what yas need? Dunt interview Cappy. He's an arsewipe.
Grace: I believe so. He will likely be interviewed at some point as well, we do have to keep writing articles.
Breen: Well make sure yas let him know I was first.
Grace: The entire town will know you were first.
Breen: Good! After all, no one else matters. Now scram.
Grace: I'm sure. Bright paths to you.

There you have it: Breen. It is not for this reporter to pass judgement on his opinions or stances, I leave that to you, our devoted readers, to decide.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Thistle Edition Age Of Dreams, 645




@@@@@ WANTED @@@@@ - Men and Women of the Empire in good standing with the law who are interested in serving their fellow Citizenry by joining the ranks of the Imperial Guard. All applicants must be at least 16 years of age, not have any major crimes on the record within the last two years, and be willing to swear their allegiance to His Imperial Majesty.

Duties entail:
- policing the cities and kingdoms of the Empire and upholding its Laws and Ordinances
- defending its Officials, and
- defending its Lands and Holdings against all enemies, both Foreign and Domestic.

A 5000 Sovereign signing bonus is authorized, and a generous monthly stipend included. All applicants should either leave notice at the Imperial Keep, or contact one of the 8th Regiment's officers directly.



The Kaezarian Eye is seeking information on the Whereabouts of one SCARLETT AEGIS, a young Rehari woman, who owes to this publication the amount of 500 SOVEREIGNS in Services unrendered. This woman was last seen in NEVER-UPON-VINRE on the 13TH OF GHUST. She may be in the company of a Daun male, Gideon Faile, a Tinker by trade. If any Persons should have knowledge as to the Whereabouts of the aforementioned Delinquent, it is requested that they contact Siovanhe Starsong at the earliest Convenience.



The Town Hall of Kaezar is actively seeking a mechanic familar with the workings of giant clocks to repair the chime in the clock tower. Price is not an issue for excellent workmanship and reliability.



New Merchandise available! High Quality Tools! Only the best meterials. Feleon's Lock Shop, Meeker Lane, Cannikin Heights, Never-upon-Vinre.



The Silver Plum is actively interviewing for the job of Porter. Must be Strong of Body and Mind. Discreet and Respectful. Able to lift Heavy items as well as Patrol Hallways, insuring safety of Guests. See Horace, Silver Plum, Arymre Way, Kaezar.



Horses Bought! We Pay Gud Pryces for Olde Horse and Mule Flesh. Get Ryd of Dobbyn Here! See Beil at Beil's Meat Market



The Kaezarian Eye is still seeking talented, inquisitive, and DEDICATED writers! The Eye currently has Openings for General Reporters, as well as positions of a more Specialized nature, including Food Critic, Astrologer, and Out-of-Town Correspondent. Any Person hired by the Eye must be willing to produce at least one Article per Edition, and will receive a generous Salary from the timely completion of their Duties. All Persons interested in Applying for these positions, or having ideas for other Topics on which they might wish to write, are encouraged to speak with Siovanhe Starsong, acting manager.



-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Thistle Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


Thanke you for purchasing, or Otherwyse obtaining, our newspaper.

Until the streets of Kaezar are paved, May the Publick Be Wary.

Minerva Sartchilde, Owner and Chief Editor.

Siovanhe Starsong, Head Reporter and Acting Manager.