-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Raine Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


When last this Publication went to the Stands, the entire city of Kaezar was still Gripped in the Throes of a swiftly-shattering Reality, brought on by a collection of sinister Devices spread throughout town. As anyone who was present in that Grim month will recollect, these machines were responsible for producing periodic Disturbances of the natural Order of things: strange sights and sounds, objects turning inside-out and floating free of the ground, and the wavering of the very World before one's Eyes. It was feared that it was only a matter of time before these unsettling Incidents, growing more Frequent by the day, brought the entire town and the Weave itself to utter Ruin.

A number of concerned Citizens took it upon themselves to Consult among one another as to the best course of Action by which to Counteract this Dire threat. Meeting with the Archmagus Sebastian Vaeler, recently arrived from Penthras to help resolve the Chaos brought down by Wizards' Council representative Magus Hazrold Krendeg, a plan was quickly formulated, for while it had originally been Hoped that further information as to the make-up of the Devices could be obtained prior to any attempt to Disarm them, it was now generally Acknowledged that immediate action need be taken to prevent the complete Dissolution of Reality.

This plan was quite simple in its Theory, though somewhat more complicated in Execution: it was thought that by draining a single one of the Contraptions of its Essence, depriving it of its source of Power, the entire Matrix of machines distributed across the city would be brought down, for all being linked together the failure of one would spell the Demise of all. Having agreed upon this Design, it was scheduled to be carried out on the Twenty-First daye of Fraostmonth, which was the earliest that all the necessary Parties could be assembled on short notice.

While the Vedics, Astrals, and those without Magick worked to Ward them against all Harm, Vikias and Wethrin'aer bent all their Abilities to subduing the Device, the Channeler moving the Considerable amounts of Energy from the Device and transferring them to Vikias, who dispersed these Energies among himself and the other Arcanists, safely Containing and dispersing them as the machine was drained. The quantities of Essence drawn from the Devices were of such immense Potency that the two directly handling these Forces began even to Bleed from the terrible Power of them, and would have been lost without the Healers to mend their wounds. For while the process was made considerably Simpler by the fact that only one Device need be disabled to Destroy the entire matrix, it was also the case that all the Energy contained within every Device had to be Dealt with at once, at great Cost to those involved.

As if this were not enough to be concerned with, the failure of the Devices was heralded by the most serious Perturbations yet felt, making the Vedics hard-Pressed to hold Reality firm around them, and nearly Fatally disrupting the concentration of those who were leeching the essence from the machines. The final Collapse of the contraptions was marked by the appearance of strange extra-Dimensional Creatures, resembling sinuous Tendrils of Energy, which were driven back only by the combined Efforts of those bearing Arms, who had not been occupied with Channeling or containing the essence from the Devices.

But at last every sinister Device was no more than a smouldering Heap of metal, the monstrous Tendrils were dispersed, and Reality had once more Settled into its usual Patterns. However, certain Questions lingered even as the Threat to the city was ended; even the Nature of the machines themselves being somewhat Dubious, as it remained Uncertain whether they were even fully real, or existed at some conjunction of Illusion and physical Reality. The man Crayne, former assistant to Magus Krendeg and one-time Illusionist himself, submitted a full Confession of his responsibility for the creation and construction of the Devices, claiming to be desirous of Vengeance against all practitioners of Illusionism, consumed by Envy from the loss of his own Vedic powers due to the anti-Vedic Pin placed in his head. Yet the great Sophistication of the devices seems almost beyond the Capacity of a single man to envision on his own. In the end one must simply Marvel at the vast Ingenuity reflected in these horrific Devices, while fervently hoping that if there are more such men of Genius adrift in the world, they shall hit upon far less destructive Outlets for their creativity.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Raine Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


Barely a handful of dayes had gone by since the threat from the terrible Reality-shifting Devices was nullified when a tragic Incident of smaller but no less Awful proportions occurred on the docks of Kaezar's shipping District. It was here on the Sixteenth day of Storme that Miss Beckah Lotheniel stumbled all unexpected upon the terribly ravaged Body of another young Lady, Ms. Sariah De'Sainmhini, the newly-wedded Wife of Imperial Guardsman Emirikol De'Sainmhini.

The poor woman, also Cousin to local Bard Datari Amari, had been most Brutally dealt with, her once-lovely Visage now most horribly disfigured by cracks to her Skull and a terrible Gash through one eye. However, her hands appeared as Delicate and fine as they had in life and there were no other marks upon her Person, suggesting that the woman had been so quickly Dispatched that she had no chance to Struggle, or perhaps that her Assailant was not unknown to her and she thus suspected nothing until too late.

As inexplicable as the crime itself, there were found Lying upon the wharf alongside the lifeless form of Ms. De'Sainmhini a number of peculiar Artefacts, including a belly Ring belonging to one Miss Ilasti Bafia, an apologetic letter addressed to this same Miss Bafia from Miss Edyn Sunvirea, and a Globe of water, inhabited by a Fish, from this year's Winter Masque.

More strangely still, a Mysterious journal with but two Pages written upon was also discovered, the first detailing a Meeting upon the frosty plains of Icyndor some six-and-fifty years ago, between a Muir and a Lior, and the second saying that the Muir could no longer have a Care for the Date, because 'he is dead.' Nothing to shed further light on this very murky Affaire could be Discerned from the site.

Rumours and Allegations abound regarding this seemingly Senseless murder, the circumstances of which are yet Shrouded in mystery. Miss Bafia has inevitably come under some Scrutiny by the Imperial Guard due to the Evidence connecting her to the scene of the killing, and also for reasons of local Gossip that would have her covetous of Ms. De'Sainmhini's widowed husband.

It is not known whether this Gossip contains any grains of Truth or is but the Vaporous product of idle Imaginations. However, Miss Bafia herself was heard to say that Guardsman Emirikol, so lately and precipitately Wedded, had already in mind a Divorce on account of his apparent near-immediate Abandonment by his wife, who disappeared not many dayes after the Ceremony, in which case a Murder would appear a rather over-zealous means of severing the man's marital Attachments.

Another woman (what a sad world it has become when all the Suspects of Violent Murder are young ladies!), a Miss Anastacia, was questioned by the Imperials on account of her apparently being Present during the Murder, but having no recollection at all of whatever fell Events occurrred around her Person. At last report this woman was being Detained in the Kaezar Gaol, awaiting further Questioning and possibly the services of a Barrister, though it is to be hoped that she has been released at this late Date, on peril of becoming food for the Roaches. Further information is still being sought for the purposes of bringing the Depraved Perpetrator of this terrible Deed to Justice.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Raine Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


The readers of this Publication will surely recall from the previous Edition the sad Plight of some of the city's local Illusionists, who were so terribly Used at the hands of Magus Krendeg and his one-time Assistant Crayne. Worst of all these Abuses was the insertion, entirely against the Illusionists' Will, of strange Pins into their Skulls, with the result that they could no longer use their Vedic magicks. The man Crayne was apprehended and Incarcerated for his crimes, but the Pins remained to work their terrible Powers upon the Illusionists until such time as it could be determined how safely to Extract them.

This Crayne, as it happened, had such a Pin in the back of his own Head, which Suppressed his magicks in the same manner as those of his Victims. It was Hoped by those wishing to Aid the affected Illusionists that this Pin could be examined and thereby used to decide upon a course of Action for removing them from Crayne's former targets. Though the man had proved generally quite Surly and unco-operative before, there was also yet some tenuous Hope that Crayne himself might be Persuaded to reveal some of the Details concerning these Pins.

Tragically, however, the Pin worked upon Crayne's Mynde to blast all self-Consciousness and rational Thought from him, and so all Aspirations to learn more from him were extinguished. However, knowledge of the make-up of the Pin itself proved most Enlightening, as inspection proved that previous Suppositions as to the Pins' nature had been not entirely correct; a hardly Surprizing turn of events given that the extremely rare and mysterious metal known as Naje was contained within the body of the Pins. Armed with this new Knowledge it was felt by Mages Baigan Vikias, Ariano Azor'i, and others of Learning that they would now be able properly to Ward against the harmful Discharges produced by the Pin.

At nine bells at night a number of Citizens gathered at the Reklar Insane Asylum to aid in performing the operation, this rather Grim venue being chosen for its clean Facilities and also for the presence of Restraints, which were Deemed to be essential for the safety of the Patients during such a Delicate operation.

The Participants were split into three groups for the purpose of fulfulling certain Necessary roles for safe Extraction of the Pin. The first of these groups consisted of practitioners of the Arcane arts, who would hold all responsibility for Warding the area and stabilizing it against the effects of the Pins. These were directed by Magus Vikias, who, as in the procedure to disarm the reality-destroying devices, also worked with the other mages to contain the Energies generated by the Pin's discharging.

The second group was an Assemblage of Vedics, led by Royal Chirurgeon Suede Lidrona. These were to protect the patients' Myndes from the malign powers of the Pin while others performed the work of physically extracting the Pins from the Skulls of the afflicted. Since these pernicious devices were designed to Flood the Mynde with an intense burst of magickal Energies even at the slightest movement or Manipulation, such careful protective Measures were necessary to ensure that the Pins did not wreak Havoc on the patients' Consciousness.

The last group was responsible for the Extraction itself, which was accomplished using a Contraption for pulling Pin from Skull with such speed that the Pin would have very little time to Discharge and harm its unwilling bearer. This interesting mechanism was designed by a resident Tinker, one Devon D'Inverno, but the actual device used was assembled from Blueprints without the aid of Master D'Inverno, who had proven most unreliable in Consultations concerning the Pin of Crayne.

The Procedure thankfully went forward quite smoothly and was accomplished with a lack of Grave disaster quite un-characteristic of most Endeavors performed in Kaezar. Unfortunately, it was before long discovered that the Pins were capable of Permanently suppressing Vedic abilities, as Master Tamerlaine proved unable to regain any of his prior facility with Illusionism.

It was said that if these Pins were left for too long a time in the Skulls of these Illusionists the "mental path-ways" used in manipulation of these magicks would continue permanently Blocked, their former Talents remaining forever beyond their reach. What this may Imply for the Illusionist gifts of Lady Blackmoore, whose own Pin remained untouched, is a rather Sad picture of the fate of a once Gifted practioner of the art of Illusionism.

[Lower on this page is an ink block illustrating the side of an il'lthye head, shorn of hair, depicting the pin set into its proper place. Precise lines and measurements delineate the illustration which is slightly faded.]

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Raine Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


A dramatic NEWS-BALLAD, recounting the startling Duelle between JOHN FAELLIGAN, playwright, and JURION TAMERLAINE, former Illusionist and Rogue, Who took to the field of Honor over the matter of inappropriate Advances of the Former upon the Latter's Wife, the Twenty-Third Day of STORME.

To be sung to the tune of "Sir Randival's Last Stand", lately popular in Penthras.

'Twas two men met on a grassy sward,
Under a sullen sky
But one of the men'd have his honor restored
And one of the men would die.

The first one was a dapper drake,
A playwright of renown
The second a rascal and a rake
Of different fame in town.

Two men less likely you'd not think
Their paths to intertwine
But what made their varied fates to link
Was the love of a lady divine.

A lady more lovely you'd never hope
To meet upon life's way
And her hand belonged to the clever rogue
And her heart to none could say.

Over this woman so fair and proud
A man's blood must be spilled
So they met beneath the baleful clouds
To become killer or killed.

Around them in the brooding air,
A solemn crowd looked on
To witness as the implacable pair
Discharged their debts with a gun.

Now back to back as the cold rain fell,
Their gazes turned apart,
Back to back, but neither could tell
What stirred the other's heart.

Then on with grim inexorable stride,
They paced across the field
Between them now a world's divide
And no intent to yield.

The sky wept softly on their brows
But their eyes were cold and clear
There were no farewells or final bows
As they played their last scene here.

Like puppets pulled by a hand above
They raised their arms as one
And shattered the night and a woman's love
With the flaming crack of the guns.

For the longest tick of the slowest clock
No man made further move
And there was no sign of loss or luck
That would winner or loser prove.

But finally one of them sank to meet
The cold embrace of the ground
A welcome more final and far less sweet
Than in the arms of that woman he'd found.

A cry rose up from the riveted crowd
At the cost of this fearsome feud
But none of their cries came half so loud
As the wail of the woman he'd wooed.

The rogue he gave no glance nor word
As his wife past him dashed on
To the side of the mortally-stricken bard
Lying lifeless on the lawn.

But merely knelt upon the grass
To retrieve with distant mien
The pistol fall'n from his foe's dead grasp
And exited the scene.

And so the crowd dispersed from sight
And across the emptied plain,
The merciful hand of the gentle night
Drew down the curtain of rain.

~ ~ ~ AN ADDENDUM to this account, noting that Master Faelligan, after Languishing for some weeks in the Ul'Mydar, has lately -returned to life-, though currently harboring few memories from before his Demise. ~ ~ ~

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Raine Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


It seemed but another typical Spring's day on the dawning of the 12th of Raine, a morning of clear Sunny skyes and bright with the Budding of trees and flowers. All were going on their usual Errands about town when suddenly and quite without Warning there began to appear all around Kaezar strange Rabbits of most Exceptional aspect. Unlike the usual Sorts of Rabbits, which one is accustomed to see in pelts of most Unextraordinary patterns, these strange creatures were possessed of Fur in all the colors of the Rainbow, from the deepest of Violets to the most Vivid reds. The fantastical appearance of these Rabbits, and their abrupt and un-Heralded arrival, was almost enough to make one Suspect that perhaps those who participated in the Dismantling of those strange Devices might have missed one or two of them.

As if their appearance were not Bizarre enough, these Rabbits were furthermore in the Habit of producing upon their deaths strange multicolored Eggs, which would after a time hatch into NEW Rabbits, almost as the Phoenix is reborn from its own Ashes. Some of these new-hatched Rabbits were quite Affectionate, being most touchingly Doting upon whatever Person happened to be nearby when they Emerged from their shells. Others quickly flew into a violent Fury, hurling themselves Tooth and claw upon whoever was so unfortunate to stand in their way. They seemed to reserve the Brunt of their wrath for those who had Wronged them in life, being especially Vicious towards anyone who had participated in their Slaughter, but still there was no certain Prediction for who would be spared and who become a Target for their anger.

Several citizens collected the peculiar Eggs of the creatures, intending to put them on display as Curiosities or even in Hopes of breeding their own Hordes of rainbow Rabbits. However, by nightfall all the Creatures had Vanished with as much Suddenness as they appeared, and the remaining Eggs remained Inert. One can only speculate what strange Whims of the Gods lie behind such eminently Odd occurrences such as this one.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Raine Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


Ariano Azor'i, formerly a Royal Guardsman in service to our good King Vek, has but very lately taken up a new position as Court Magus. After eight months' faithful Service with the Royals, Magus Azor'i petitioned the King to take him on in a somewhat altered Capacity, as the young mage had always Desired to serve a more scholarly and Advisorial role in Court. This petition was well received by the King, who before long installed Azor'i in this newly-created post.

As Court Magus, Master Azor'i will fulfill a variety of Duties, including advising the King in all Magickal affaires, researching arcane issues of especial Import, and addressing potential issues such as the Warding of the Castle grounds. He will also have the Authority to present new Ideas to the King and propose Resolutions to Magickal difficulties of all sorts as he sees Fit, and will furthermore act as official Liaison to both the Wizards' Council and the Imperial Guard.

Tho' the post itself is new-made, it is to be a permanent one similar to other Court positions. It Expires after a year has run its Course, at which time the current occupant of the post may re-Apply as long as he remains in good Standing, along with any other interested Persons. The Court Magus receives a handsome monthly stipend of 10,000 Sovereigns, as well as private quarters within Malcomb Castle, and in addition to being a post of great Responsibility, seems set to also be one of considerable Influence.

Faithful readers of this Publication will recall that Magus Azor'i is not only a respected Mage, but one of those possessing great Talent with Magicks in the Illusionist school. Of course this is not regarded as any sort of Difficulty by our own magnanimous King, but it remains to be seen how others of less Generous frame of Mynde will responde to such a turn of Events. The year ahead is bound to be an Interesting one indeed.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Raine Edition Age Of Dreams, 645

by Reporter Grace Fonteyn

Keep your ears alert for tickets to go on sale for Lilt Elondriel's production of Cedaven Mas'roui's masterpiece - The Hounds of Isola. With mistaken identities, and fools in love finding their Match in each other and their circumstances, this Romantic Comedy is sure to thrill and delight audiences from every walk of Life.

In her directorial debut, Miss Elondriel has chosen one of two scripts Master Mas'roui had presented to her. She has assembled a dedicated cast comprised of up-and-coming Stars as well as seasoned professionals to complete the small cast.

Leading the cast is experienced performer Darrien Sel'Wydde playing the part of Vincentio. You may recognize him from various performances at the Ghent Center. Another of our local bards, Datari Amari joins him in the role of Sylvia. New to the stage as Miranda, is Beckah Lotheniel, an up-and-coming dancer noted recently for hosting a series of open house performances at the Ghent Center. The Royal Chirurgeon Suede Lidrona is apparently a woman of many Talents indeed, set to play the part of formidable father figure Don Armado. Another veteran actress recently returned to Kaezar is Ailaesyne Essait'ss, cast in the intruiging role of Rumsop, the Drunkard. The tight-knit cast is rounded out by Mackival Aeterna, who had an audition good enough he was cast on the Spot.

With scenery to be painted by local artist Niall Blackthorne, it is sure to be a treat for the Eyes as well. Miss Elondriel has been involved with the Theatre since the formation of the King's Players. While being her first experience directing, she is a seasoned veteran of the stage with a Multitude of talents.

Miss Elondriel has nothing but Praise for her mixed company of performers, and assures us all it will be a performance worth remembering. Look for tickets to go on sale soon, at 1 imperial a piece. The play is set to make its debut on Moorstag, the 27th of Raine, at half past ten bells at the Royal Wict Theater.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Raine Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


It was with a sense of long-held Anticipation that the women of Kessia greeted the arrival of the 28th of Fraostmonth, for it was on this Date that the annual Queen's Tea was finally to be held, after many weeks of necessary Delay. This event took place, as the year previously, in the Queen's Salon at Malcomb Castle, and was attended by several local Notables besides Queen Victaea herself and her Ladies-in-Waiting. The salon was charmingly decorated for the event, with all the tables in the room Strewn with a profusion of flowers to brighten the late winter day. The atmosphere was Refined yet relaxed, and topics of Conversation among the Ladies present included the Opera and other matters of Culture as well more serious affairs such as the continuing Difficulties with Orcs. The refreshments were simple yet masterfully prepared, and even His Royal Majesty himself stopped in to sample the delectable stuffed Zucchini flowers.

Many residents of Kaezar have likely Wondered at the persistent presence of a large Wagon on the town Green, which however long it sits there rarely seems to see any Use. Such inquiring Citizens may be glad to find out that it was lately once more Occupied by the well-known weaponsmith Tastio, who it seems took a Handful of orders from fortunate Passers-by. Any Person interested in seeing a sample of the fine Work turned out by Master Tastio may keep an Eye out for Master Sheinfell Brightmorn and Miss Edyn Sunvirea, who have been seen sporting Matching stilettos of wondrously delicate Craftsmanship.

On this first daye of Raine there took place on the town Green a parade in honor of Carromario, Leta's own Holy-day. This reporter was sadly Detained and could not participate in the event, but it was Conspicuously advertised about town as being a Parade of Fools, full of Madness and Revelry, and this being the case must certainly have been Well-attended.

Monthly performance nights have come to the Ghent Center for the Arts, bringing Songs, Dance, and performances of divers sorts to Kaezar! Sponsored by Miss Beckah Lotheniel, who is herself a more than Capable dancer, these Recitals encourage the citizens of Kaezar to present their creative Talents to the world for the Enjoyement of all. Sponsored by Miss Beckah Lotheniel, who is herself a more than Capable dancer, these Recitals encourage the citizens of Kaezar to present their creative Talents to the world for the Enjoyement of all. The latest Recital took place this Seventh of Raine, and featured performances by Darrien Sel'Wydde, Ailaesyne Essait'ss, and others. For further Details, the Reader is directed to our new Critical Eye review pages!

On the Nineteenth of Raine a Spring ball was put on by Lady Zanzi Blackmoore at her family's residence, the Chaparral Manor, in Never-upon-Vinre. The theme of this event was Flowers, and surely enough the impressive ball-room was decorated with blossoms in a rainbow of colors, a sumptuous Feast for the eyes. A large crowd was present for the occasion, who enjoyed a full evening of dance and Conversation, along with the offerings of Murkhish fig wine and other fine foods and beverages. Certain persons perhaps enjoyed said beverages a little Too Much. The guests participated in a number of Interesting dances, including a Pavanne and very energetic dance known as the Marazula. Word has it that an especially Eccentric performance was put on by Imperial Guardsman Merow Ghurak, last renowned for the unusual dancing abilities showcased at last year's Masque; alas, this Reporter was not present to witness this Inarguably memorable sight. On the whole, this latest ball must certainly be deemed an unforgettable Occasion.

THE CRITICAL EYE — Reviews of Culture and the Arts

Acting Manager's Note: After a prolonged drought, the arts have begun once again to Flourish in Kaezar, what with recitals, informal gatherings of Song, and most exciting of all the return of the King's Players to the theater at the end of this month. To foster awareness of Kaezar's cultural Events and encourage the Populace in their patronage of the Arts, the Eye has decided to run this new column, in which our two pre-eminent Critics offer their Unique perspectives on the latest performances around town. We at the Eye would like to present Miss Hylaria, a nymph of self-proclaimed Deep Sensibilities, lately moved from Indrejan; and the redoubtable gharkin Kholer, who declined to provide further information as to Background, for what reasons I leave the reader to guess at. This edition they will both be giving their impressions of the latest of the monthly Recitals now taking place at the Ghent Center for the Arts.

~ Hylaria's Review ~

On the 7th of Raine I had the great privilege of attending a local revue put on by a few of the citizens of Kaezar, and let me assure you that this humble nymph does not know when she has ever had more MARVELOUS a time! Not only was the atmosphere at the Ghent's Golden Quill Cafe cozy and relaxed, but the event attracted an EXTRAORDINARY array of local talent. Not to mention the presence of so many handsome gentlemen set my wings - and my heart - all aflutter! But let us talk of the performances!

The first was Ashinara De'Alera, who in addition to being a dedicated Imperial Guard is apparently a budding songwriter, and quite a songwriter he is! As the words of this song washed over me, I was simply overcome by the sincerity of it, the heartfelt emotion, the YEARNING after TRUTH. The fact that it was unfinished was entirely irrelevant, adding only to the wonderful sense of MYSTERY!

Next up was the famous bard Darrien Sel'Wydde, who, you must believe, has enough charm in a single twinkle of a single one of his very fine eyes (which I feel compelled to inform my readers are the most lovely shade of warm greeny-gray-brownishness) to thaw the heart of the very frostiest of harridans! And his VOICE -- oh yes, it is simply BEYOND compare, being a little like the sound of bells, and a little like something that I can't quite put my finger on, but which reminds me of the warm tickly scent of fresh-baked spice bread, and yes, I know that is a smell and not a sound, but nevertheless it does. And to hear that same patently indescribable voice singing such a tale of WIT and HUMOR, of the follies of the heart, is an experience I cannot recommend too highly!

At this point a young lady by the name of Melody struck up her own song. I confess I was a trifle distracted from still thinking of Master Sel'Wydde's eyes and puzzling over WHAT exactly his voice put me in mind of, but it was still a very, very lovely song, full of daring deeds and hapless adventurers and QUITE funny too!

Master De'Alera then told a very CHILLING tale, all TRUE, from the time of the terrible Zoo-Wraith, which sent shivers all up and down my spine!

Following this tale, Miss Ailaesyne Essait'ss recited her poem entitled most dramatically.. well, it has quite slipped my mind, Master De'Alera was SO thrilling and I had been still shuddering a bit over his tale when she announced it, but the title being surely the least important aspect of the piece I do not think I missed anything of note! In any event, it was but a fragment of a poem, but the description was so VIVID that it was impossible not to simply FEEL oneself right there in the dragyn's lair!

Then the Lady Ansivrien Ferisiingen of Seton Keep -- she always dresses with such impeccable STYLE and GRACE, does she not; I know I would give the feathers off my left wing for her sense of fashion -- yes, the Steward of the Keep arrived, and sang her own eerie song about the Elf Lord's daughter, which held me simply SPELLBOUND in its haunting magic! Finally Master Mackival Aeterna, who was also very elegant (and is he not wonderfully ENIGMATIC as well? I do love a man of mystery!), sang a very moving piece about overcoming past regrets and being TRUE to ONESELF, which I found to be a very stirring theme that should be a lesson to all of us!

I give the whole night TWO WINGS UP!

~ Kholer's Review ~

After seeing Miss Lotheniel run out of her own event last time, I had lowered my expectations to match what I was sure to be an equally disastrous evening this month. It started predictably late, an omen of what was to come.

When someone did finally perform, it was Lieutenant Ashinara De'Alera, who is, you guessed it, not a Bard at all. As a clue to the level of professionalism to expect at such an event, he didn't even come prepared with an instrument on which to accompany himself. He performed a song obviously written himself, full of self-indulgent mystery. I was not intrigued. Let us hope he does not retire from his current occupation any time soon.

After an uncomfortably long silence, Darrien Sel'Wydde was prodded into doing something. Anything.

He sang an original song of his own, a manipulative piece intended to trick us into some sort of sympathy before he inexplicably turned it into a comic ending. I was not amused. On the good side, this song did not drone on even half as long as his story did at the last one of these nights.

Next, in a move not befitting a candidate for the Royal Bard position, Miss Lotheniel declined requests to perform for the evening she had cajoled others into. Since her debut performance at the Masque, she has only disappointed.

Last month's lascivious excuse for a performance, more like ribald debauchery, actually drove people from the theater. I can only hope she has moved aside to make room for dancers with a true gift. What I would like to see is more like Captain Ghurak, a truly gifted man.

Things did not get better from there. An unfamiliar face in the arts scene chose this event to make herself known, one Melody of suspicious origins. She sang some overly heroic drivel about seven people I've never heard of who killed something that probably doesn't even exist. Seven people? To kill one monster? How is that heroic? My sister once wrestled a grizzly bear when she was 10. Write a song about that

Lieutenant De'Alera got up to tell a story of a young wizard and someone named Niumanyel, I had drunk a few ales at that point, which provided a handy excuse to bugger out. I returned to an awkward silence and some nymph being begged to go next. I wish she hadn't. She never did tell us her name, and frankly I don't care. She recited some obscure poem that made not the slightest bit of sense, about a pixie in silk collared to some sort of jewel.

The evening came at last to an end with the Lady Steward from Seton gracing us with her presence, should you believe that, and one Mackival Aeterna. More drivel about love, cheating, and pining after that which you can not have. If you've heard one, you've heard them all.

All in all, a night I would rate two tusks down.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Raine Edition Age Of Dreams, 645

By Auntie Anony.

Hello Hello Hello - Hafe you hearde!

Let us see! Well, for first digs if anyone was at the Blackmoore ball, they could CUT the tension in the air between the former Madame Tamerlaine and her erstwhile swain, John Bard. He may pretend to you and you that he does not remember their romantic fling but Auntie caught the looks that were passed between the two and let me tell you, my hair stood up on the back of my neck due to the electricity in that room! Not for nothing, but when his best friend and second, Playwright Cedaven Mas'roui, asked the stunning Sinjinn to dance, I thought we'd see fisticuffs right there in Blackmoore's parlor! More to come on this delicious mess!

Aunty is also wondering about the rumors regarding Lord Trantris Esselyon. Is it truth that his retainers have procured a woman of dubious character to entertain the codger? We did hear that he was wresting with the darker side of himself since he acquired a naughty book from Indrejan. Ah, now Aunty has to worry about the old as well as the young and their overactive libidos.

We are all wondering what is causing our noble Lieutenant Shadowlight to neglect his latest lady love, the flowery Miss Beckah Lotheniel? Has the Imperial Guardsman finally had it with love and sworn off women or is it something else? We do notice that since the death of his wife he has taken with the very sweetest women. These ladies are enough to give Aunty sugar hives! Mayhaps a woman of less morals would be just the thing for our young Vladimir? Aunty wonders if Lord Esselyon shares?

Speaking of guardsmen, again my minions have been very busy and caught sight of a pretty yet blind young Lior maiden with a newly widowed cartographer guardsman. We think that the bass she was toting back from their fishing trip was not the biggest fish she caught!

Lastly, Aunty is very curious about the budding relationship between the Kivian Malo Haithcock and the very lovely Kynan-Tremaine Vivael Wethrin'aer. The two have been seen more often than not strolling in the woods near the newly refurbished Menkes estate. Could a daun and an il'lthye actually find true love or is it more and what does her brother Tshar Wethrin'aer who is very proud of his il'lthye heritage think of this situation? We can only watch and wonder.

Very lastly - Aunty can only wonder why Baigan Vikias was tearing through Kaezar on his steed with a very lumpy man holding on for dear life on Witchespax last?

Auntie sees all and tells moste!

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Raine Edition Age Of Dreams, 645

THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS – A Premiere Excerpt From the Forthcoming Book
By Beckah Lotheniel

Flowers, is there anything more perfect in this world?

There can be many subtle meanings in the way a flower or a bouquet is presented. Generally speaking for a flower that has two possible interpretations, upright presentation is said to be the positive meaning, while a flower or bouquet lying down is said to be the negative meaning of that particular flower.

Color can be an important factor as well, and there are further guidelines for interpreting this meaning. If one were to receive a bouquet of many different types of white flower, it can be assumed the color white is more symbolic than each individual flower. The same works in reverse, if one were to receive a bouquet of many different colors of the same type of flower, it can be inferred the flower itself is more meaningful than the colors.

Below is a general list of some of the more common colors and their typical interpretations:
White - Purity, Innocence
Red - Romantic Love
Orange - Passion
Pink - Affection
Blue - Mystery
Yellow - Joy, Jealousy
Black - Death, Mourning

While some meanings are common and listed in this book, meanings can and do vary from region to region, culture to culture, as well as from person to person. When in doubt, and when possible, it might be a good idea to send a card with your gift. You can explain why you've chosen these particular flowers. You will not need to do this every time, but should you want to be absolutely sure the correct message is being conveyed correctly it is acceptable. Once should be enough, as they will likely remember the meaning any futures times they receive any of the flowers.

There are times, however, flowers need to stand in for words that can not or dare not be spoken, written, or otherwise acknowledged. These times your heart can relieve itself and the other party may or may not understand your meaning. These are times as much for giving your hidden feelings voice regardless of whether it is understood. There can be something cathartic in expressing yourself even if no one else will know the meaning of what you have stated with your flowers. The easiest way to tell if your message was understood, of course, would be to wait for a response; then you will know there has been an understanding.

Lastly, flowers may have very personal meanings to certain people. A shared experience they bring to mind. Regardless of traditional meanings a flower can mean anything to anyone. Of course, sometimes a flower is just a flower. Be careful when reading too much into them lest your heart be led astray.

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Raine Edition Age Of Dreams, 645

IN THE PUBLIC EYE: Letters and Opynion

Insanity Strikes Half of Kaezarian Populace: Daemonic Insects Suspected Culprit!
Respectfully submitted by G

My fellow Kaezarians, surely I cannot be the only one amongst us who has realized that so many of our citizenry have lost their ability to reason. Some might blame the warming weather, or a peculiar positioning of the moons in the sky -- but I believe I know the true culprit behind it: Insects. Yes my friends, fiendish burrowers from the daemonic realms, who appear to take possession of their hosts and cause them to lose all sorts of reason.

How does this insanity manifest itself, you might ask? In a variety of ways. It can be seen in a frequent changing of clothing -- since when did so many in Kaezar become fashionistas, trading cloaks for longcoats, and adorning themselves with befeathered hats the likes of which cause even the most daring of hatmakers to shudder irrepressibly. Why, so much of the populace prances about in such an odd assortment of colors you'd think we were a city of peacocks rather then sober and law abiding citizenry.

It also causes bizarre and spastic movements to the accompaniment of music. A series of kicks, lascivious gyrations of the hips, and sharp and provocative claps can be seen whenever a minstrel strikes upon the strings of his (or her) instrument. This damning evidence can be ignored no longer! Since when did shaking ever so slightly while biting one's lower lip in concentration become "not enough" to show appreciation for a song? It is devilry I say!

Finally -- and perhaps most damning of ALL evidence of this unholy infestation -- I cannot be the only one to see the numerous marriages around me and not have cause to wonder -- how LONG have these two known each other? Since when did it become custom to wed someone you've known for all of two WEEKS? Usually just to part their ways some scant months later! How could they have taken such leave of their senses, I ask? Daemon Insects!

What can be done about these daemon insects you, good reader, might ask? It is well known that they cannot abide bland clothing colors, dances in which overbites are prominently featured, and long courtships. Do your part. BE BLAND! BE BORING! BE SLOW TO DECISION. Then and only then can we send these diabolical vermin back from whence they came!!!

-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Raine Edition Age Of Dreams, 645




@@@@@ WANTED @@@@@ - Men and Women of the Empire in good standing with the law who are interested in serving their fellow Citizenry by joining the ranks of the Imperial Guard. All applicants must be at least 16 years of age, not have any major crimes on the record within the last two years, and be willing to swear their allegiance to His Imperial Majesty.

Duties entail:

- policing the cities and kingdoms of the Empire and upholding its Laws and Ordinances
- defending its Officials, and
- defending its Lands and Holdings against all enemies, both Foreign and Domestic.

A 5000 Sovereign signing bonus is authorized, and a generous monthly stipend included. All applicants should either leave notice at the Imperial Keep, or contact one of the 8th Regiment's officers directly.



Gently used clothing bought and sold. No item too frayed or stained! Come see our remarkable discounts! - Greb's Gently Used Clothing Emporium - Teal Road West - Three Blocks before the Bridge.



Lost! One Murkhish kitten - Brown with white markings and blue eyes. Answers to the name Sweetie. Please contact Lord Grilla at Grilla's Haberdashery. Substantial reward given.



MISSING: One Ice Castle, of unspecified dimensions and character.

LAST SEEN: Some number of years ago, in a certain unrecalled location within the probable borders of Kessia, possibly or possibly not in the vicinity of what might have, or alternately might not have, been trees of some unknown variety. IF FOUND, OR FOR MORE IMPRECISE INFORMATION : Please contact Ashinara De'Alera. He may be found at the Silver Plum, the Imperial Keep, the Silver Tankard, somewhere on the streets of Kaezar, or perhaps in another city on a distant island at some locale in the ocean. If any person should require assistance in locating Master De'Alera, the respondent is encouraged to file an advertisement with the Eye requesting information on his whereabouts.



Horses Bought! We Pay Gud Pryces for Olde Horse and Mule Flesh. Get Ryd of Dobbyn Here! See Beil at Beil's Meat Market



Do you haf an ear for gossip? An eye for the Unlikely? A nose for NEWS? The Kaezarian Eye is now hiring Reporters! All Reporters will receive a monthly salary and will haf the chance to write on some of the most Fantastic and important Happenings in the Empire! The Eye also welcomes unsolicited submissions of interesting articles on topics of Divers Sorts. Authors of all accepted articles will receive recompense befitting their Efforts. All interested Persons should contact Siovanhe Starsong, acting manager - The Kaezarian Eye



-----------==================THE KAEZARIAN EYE==================-----------
Raine Edition Age Of Dreams, 645


Thanke you for purchasing, or Otherwyse obtaining, our newspaper.

Until the streets of Kaezar are paved, May the Publick Be Wary.

Minerva Sartchilde, Owner and Chief Editor.

Siovanhe Starsong, Head Reporter and Acting Manager.