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Inn Rooms
Item Registration

Inventory, Inn Rooms & Item Registration

Your inventory consists of what you have in your hands and on your person. In order to get a description of what is readily visible in your hands and on your person, type inventory. You may also type i or inv. In order to get a full list of what is on your person type contents.

Contents can be used on anything you are holding or wearing, your mounts, things on your mount, and even in rooms you own by typing contents <thing>. For instance, if you had a sack, you could type contents sack to see everything inside it in an ordered list.

In order to pick something up, you type get <thing>. For instance, if there were a hat on the ground you would type get hat to pick it up. If you want to get something from a specific location you type get <thing> <in|on|from> <other thing>. So, to get a hat on a table you would type get hat on table or get hat from table.

In order to put something down, you type drop <thing>. This will drop the item on the ground. If you want to put something on or in something, you type put <thing> <in|on> <other thing>. For instance, if you wanted to put the hat on a table, you would type put hat on table.

After you have something in your hands, if it is a piece of clothing or something else that may be worn, you can wear it by typing wear <thing>. If you want to wear a hat in your hands, you would type wear hat. To take something off you type remove <thing>.

Things that you wear layer, and you can even make them not show up on the inventory command or when people look at you by typing layer <thing>. This allows you to roleplay removing things without running the risk of them being stolen or lost. To make it show up again, all you have to do is type layer <thing> again.

Last but not least at all, remember to use the appraise command. You can use it by typing appraise <thing>, and it will reveal an object's qualities to you, such as if it can be worn.

Inn Rooms

For those who gather more belongings than they can carry, or simply for a nice place to rest and relax, there are many inns in the realms that will rent you a room. The quality of the room depends on the quality of the inn. Some are dives, while others are very nice.

The syntax to rent a room is simply rent from <innkeeper's name> <# of weeks>. The number of weeks can be input as a 1, 2, 3, or the word "month" to rent for an entire month.

Example: rent from breen 1 or rent from breen month returns:
You ask Breen about renting a room.
Breen tells you, "Here's ya key, don't lose it now ya knucklehead...and make sure yer on time wid the rent, or ya'l find yer stuff on the road."

To get to your room, you will normally need to climb a flight of stairs or go through an archway, etc. to get to the rooms. Once you have gotten that far, simply type go my room and you will walk to a door. Use your key to unlock the door, then open it and go in.

Make sure you always keep your key handy, and keep your door locked or you may find that a sticky-fingered shadow has helped himself to your treasured possessions.

If you lose your key, or if your key becomes dulled after the rental limit has passed, rerent from <innkeeper's name> <# of weeks> works.

You may type contents here in your innroom to get an inventory count and available item limit. You may also trash key ring to rid yourself of all dulled keys. Note: This will leave your key ring unharmed, unless it is empty of keys, and then it will be trashed.

Item Registration

Find any registrar in the towns, most have them, and just hold your item and money in your hands and register <item>. The registrar does the rest. It is very important to register unique or unusual items that you would like to keep.

If your item happens to disappear due to a verifiable bug, you can go to any registrar and reclaim them for a price within a week. If you have a problem report or write to cs@unwrittenlegends.net. You can unregister items for no price and if you sell an item, go to the register with the buyer and trade the item there, for the new owner to acquire registry.

Note: Items that are lost due to in-character actions, or out-of-character reasons that do not include a verifiable bug, will not be returned. This includes theft, loaning your item to someone who no longer plays, locked in someone else's inn room, player-side crashes, etc.

Important: Unwritten Legends has a system janitor that will remove items from unattended rooms if the item count goes over a threshold. It is important to realize that you take a risk when leaving valued items unattended on the ground, and that this loss does not result in an item replacement. Inn rooms, pocket dimensions and druid groves are exempt from the system janitor.