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Racial Martial Arts

Inda'sim Re'har

Avg. Height: 5'6"

Avg. Weight: 140 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 100

Physical Characteristics:

Skin/Fur:Thick and tough.
Body Type:Very animal-like; nearly fully animal-like faces, strong jaws; stubby fingers with retractable claws; strong, fast; legs bend backwards and up where a normal humanoid's heel would be.
Clothing:Difficult for Inda'sim to wear traditional footwear or armors due to physiology.
Fur:Tawny or wheat, lighter fur on chests and abdomen.
Notable:Second largest of the Inda'sim. Male Shwana have thick manes and tufts at the ends of their tails; they are the only Inda'sim to have this type of "hair."
Fur:Intricate stripes ranging from dark brown to black; dark buff to light orange or golden yellow; chests and abdomens often much lighter, white or ivory.
Notable:Strongest and fiercest; largest of Inda'sim.
Fur:Covered in dark brown or black rosettes; base fur ranges from dark gold to light orange or golden brown; in colder climates, coats are white or ivory.
Notable:Average height and slender; excellent climbers.
Fur:Wide color range, from rusty reddish brown to lighter tawny, shades of gray; chests, abdomen, and often the tip of their tail is lighter.
Notable:Average height and build.
Fur:Light brown to goldenrod; covered in black or dark brown spots or speckles; tip of tail is usually either black, white or ivory; chests and abdomens are lighter.
Notable:Tall and slim.

Region: Rhe'Yubla

Languages: Common, rehari.

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Racial martial arts.

Bonus to Unarmed, Evasion & Dodging and Stealth learn rates.

Penalty to Archery, Thrown Weapons, Armor, Lockpicking, Mechanisms, Foraging and Skinning learn rates.

The Inda'sim are the more animal-like of the two Re'har subraces. Though they come from the same stock as the Re'hari, they have developed into a more reclusive and hardy people than the Re'hari, whom the Inda'sim think of as "little cousins." Inda'sim life is a rustic one, and most of their time revolves around collecting food for the group, protecting their territory, strengthening their bonds with one another, and quiet worship. Inda'sim settlements generally consists of a population of up to a few dozen, never numbering over maybe 100 at the very most. Practices and behaviors vary from settlement to settlement, and depend greatly on the settlement derivation. Generally, a settlement will run like clockwork, as all the working members will complete tasks that their instincts tell them to do. However, when guidance or organization is needed, the eldest female in the settlement is looked up to for advice. This matriarch is considered to be the mother of the settlement.

Inda'sim appearance differs greatly from the Re'hari. The Inda'sim have nearly fully animal-like faces, with strong jaws and stubby fingers to support retractable claws. Their manual dexterity suffers because of this, and its hard for them to manipulate small or complex objects; however, they have a great deal of strength in their grips and can easily pin down their prey, or climb difficult surfaces with the aid of their claws. Because of their jaws and vocal structures, it is extremely difficult for the Inda'sim to speak common, although they can easily learn to understand the language. Their legs bend backwards and up where a normal humanoid's heel would be. These digitigrade legs allow them a great deal of maneuverability and quick bursts of speed, however it prevents them from wearing any kinds of traditional footwear, protective or otherwise. Their fur grows thick and not only protects them from the elements, but along with their tough skin, protects them from the numerous bruises, cuts, and scrapes that would plague any other race attempting to adapt to their lifestyle and living conditions. A wildly different physiology makes it extremely difficult for the Inda'sim to wear traditional armors. It hinders them from achieving their full range of movement, and cuts down their maneuverability greatly.



The Shwana tend to live in the largest groups. Their settlements are found in plains and grasslands, and they are the most sociable of all Inda'sim. Most Inda'sim usually prefer only the company of other Inda'sim of the same ancestry, but the Shwana are used to outsiders in their territory. Although they don't appreciate it completely, they are open to receiving guests of other races, and Inda'sim of other ancestries.

Physically, the Shwana are the second largest of Inda'sim, behind the Ghata. Male Shwana have thick manes and tufts at the end of their tails which range in color from very dark brown, to a golden tawny color. The male Shwana is the only Inda'sim with this type of "hair." All other genders and breeds of Inda'sim have no such manes. Shwana fur is usually a tawny or wheat colored shade, with lighter fur on their chests and abdomen.


The Ghata make settlements deep in forests and jungles, sharing some of their territories with the Tau'jiri. The Ghata are known as the strongest and fiercest of the Inda'sim. Much of their time is taken up by the protection of their territory, and they are quite reluctant to accept outsiders. Its highly unlikely you would ever find a traveler or guest in a Ghata settlement. Those Ghata that leave their settlements tend to become soldiers, or bodyguards, to fulfill their protective instincts.

The Ghata are the largest of all Inda'sim. They are marked by intricate patterns of stripes that cover their entire body. Base fur colors range anywhere from a dark buff color, to a light orange or golden yellow. Their chests and abdomens are often a much lighter, white or ivory color. Stripe colors range from dark brown to black. Possible rare markings that occur in the Ghata are due to a loss of pigment for either their stripes, or their base fur color. These Ghata appear as either white with black stripes, or white (stripeless) with base fur color stripes.


Tau'jiri settlements are often found along the outskirts of forests, or near wooded streams and rivers. The Tau'jiri tend to be the most religious of the Inda'sim. More of their time is devoted to meditation and worship than the other breeds. Religion aside, they tend to be deep thinkers and often form complex opinions regarding what is good, or "right," and what is wrong. Although the Tau'jiri prefer to be left alone, they often accept other Inda'sim, or more rarely, other races as guests in their settlements. One must be careful with the Tau'jiri however, because if they feel as if they have been betrayed or if your intentions are impure or "evil," they reveal themselves to be a fierce enemy.

The Tau'jiri are average height and slender, and are excellent climbers. Their coats are covered in dark brown or black rosettes: small circular markings that resemble roses in shape. Base fur colors range from dark gold to a light orange or golden brown. In colder climates, Tau'jiri coats are white or ivory with black or brown rosettes, and blue eyes. Another possible marking is the melanistic Tau'jiri, or one where the base fur color is a glossy black. Incidentally, the rosettes on these melanistic Tau'jiri blend in with the base fur color, and are not visible.


Kawana settlements can be found in various locales, including plains and grasslands, dryer climates, and in rockier terrain. Like the Tau'jiri, the Kawana are deep thinkers and philosophers. Religious activities are common in the Kawana lifestyle. However, the Kawana tend not to be so critical regarding what is good and evil. The Kawana are more inclined to accept unknown ideas and methodology, and are curious to a fault. Additionally, even though the Inda'sim don't keep written records, it is widely accepted that the Kawana have the most numerous, detailed, and accurate oral records that are passed down from generation to generation.

Kawana builds tend to be of average height and proportions for Inda'sim. Their fur covers a wide spectrum of colors, including everything from a rusty, reddish brown, to a lighter tawny, to shades of gray. Kawana have lighter fur on their chest and abdomen, and often have a lighter color on the tip of their tail.


The Mehi make opens fields and plains as their homes. Some of their territories are often close to the Shwana, though this has never been much of a problem. The Mehi are largely the most carefree and outgoing of the Inda'sim. Their non-confrontational attitude has left them mostly at peace with most of their neighbors, and they enjoy the company of guests. Mehi from other settlements can often be found as guests in different Mehi settlements. Other races have been accepted as guests in Mehi settlements with a great deal of interest shown towards them, as well as Inda'sim of other ancestries.

Tall and slim, the Mehi appear to be the most athletic of the Inda'sim. Their fur ranges in color from light brown to goldenrod, and is covered in spots or speckles that are black or dark brown. Mehi often have coloration at the tip of their tail that is usually either black, or a lighter white or ivory. They have lighter fur on their chests and abdomens.

Racial Martial Arts

Inda'sim have their own style of unarmed combat.

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Style Sphere Info
Inda'sim Brawling Martial Art

This martial arts stance is available to inda'sim. The moves may be displayed with the brawl info command.

# Move Name RT Limbs Hit Locations Type Effect
1 Swipe 3 One Arm low, mid, high Power
2 Rake 3 Two Arms low, mid, high Power
3 Pierce 4 Two Arms low, mid, high Power
4 Kick 3 One Leg low, mid Power
5 Knee 2 One Leg mid Power
6 Upslice 4 One Arm mid, high Power
7 Pounce 5 Two Arms mid, high Power Knockdown
8 Bite 2 Other mid, high Power