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half-elfWhen Sylvani and Daun breed, a half-elfin mixture is produced. These half elves are generally beautiful, graceful and lithe. Shorter and hardier than Sylvani, yet more slender and finer boned than their Daun ancestors, they are a true mix of both. Being neither pure Daun nor Sylvan, however, they are not generally accepted by either race, and are often treated like pariahs by both.

Some eons ago, most first generation half elves had attempted to live within one of the parent cultures, but this had seldom been a happy or successful arrangement. It was inevitable that these half-breeds would begin to band together and form their own sheltering society in which their talents could flourish. Thus the beginnings, now lost in the mists of time, of the Pereculsus, a subsect of half-elves with their own unique cultures.

Most half-elves do not culturally identify themselves as Pereculsus, and choose rather to identify themselves as either Sylvani, Daun, or a little of both. True Pereculsus are a small minority, and to see one is somewhat rare.


Through exposure to the intolerance of others, the Pereculsus formed more around cultural than ancestral lines, with Pereculsus of different groups of Sylvani and Daun coming together based mostly on geography.

The Pereculsus dwell primarily in the wilds: wooded areas, beach areas and mountains being areas where they can mostly be found. The Pereculsus seem to communicate with nature in an almost faerie-like way, respecting the freedom that has been given to them. Unfortunately there is great prejudice surrounding the acceptance of Pereculsus by other races.

Pereculsus are frivolous and tend to have low attention spans. They are basically lazy as well, and only hunt when hungry. They do not plant, preferring to forage for food, except for vineyards, which they are extremely good at producing due to their love of good wine.

Tribal chieftains, who have inherited their throne through the ages from before recorded time run the Pereculsus, and the government is divided into three "Circles." Each chief is allowed several mates, and chiefs can be either male or female, depending on the tribe. The Circles themselves are divided by the preferred environment of a group of Pereculsus, and in theory could expand if a significant number of the race began living in a new type of area. The First Circle consists of beach Pereculsus that follow matriarchal lines, while the Third Circle woodland Pereculsus are patriarchal. The mountain Pereculsus are the Second Circle and believe that the gods choose their leaders and have warrior games to decide a new chief when an old one dies or retires. A tribunal of elders sits in judgement when the need arises, and the old are revered. Grandparents, even living in their homes with the parents usually raise children. Schooling is done in easy groups of similar ages, with an elder leading discussions that the young are encouraged to debate and play time is generous. These schools are impromptu affairs and meet in a picnic setting, with the young lying about, mostly daydreaming.

Marriages are encouraged, yet not required. Pereculsus are for the most part promiscuous. They leave home at an early age, usually about sixteen and proceed to mate immediately, living with one lover or another until pregnancy results. Then the couple are handfasted for one year, after that time they can marry or not, their choice. The child goes to live with either the female's parents or the male's, depending on whether the circle is paternal or maternal in its structure. If a Pereculsus desires they may marry out of the "circle." The structure, like the race, is extremely lax.

A significant number of Pereculsus still attempt to join the societies of either their Sylvan or Daun ancestors. They are looked on with distrust by many, including other Pereculsus, as they deny their independence in order to conform and attempt to be accepted by the other cultures. Needless to say, these Pereculsus have even less influence then the others in any race's affairs.