Haertoe Haefdin

Avg. Height: 3'10

Avg. Weight: 80 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 160

Physical Characteristics:

Body Type:Muscular.
Notable:Can grow some facial hair, usually muttonchops or sideburns.

Region: Laurdia

Languages: Common

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Racial martial arts.

Bonus to Fishing learn rate.

The average Haertoe Haefdin is the same three-foot height as their Potbelly cousins, but that is where the similarity in builds ends. Where Potbellies are nice and plump, the Haertoe is muscular of build. When Haefdin wrestle, the smart money is on the Haertoe everytime. The same coloring applies for all Haefdin as it does for Haertoes, yet most seem to be swarthier and inherit dark shades of hair and eyes. Unlike the Potbellies, the Haertoes grow some facial hair, which although not beards, can be fine muttonchops or sideburns with an occasional mustache, which makes the owner inordinately proud.

They prefer the rocky areas rather than the fine soil that Longshadows or Potbellies favor and fancy the company of dwarves over any other race, tending to become miners themselves. Haertoes are also jewelers and stonecutters as well. Cave dwellers, they tend to make their little homes resemble a stony version of their cousin the Potbelly's little burrow. They are excellent fishermen and love to boat, making canoes and dinghies from hollowed-out logs. Like other Haefdin, Haertoes have a life expectancy of 160 and reach maturity at 30.