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Racial Martial Arts


daunHaefdins are a race of small, playful humanoids. Though mostly lacking in facial hair, they have an abundance of hair on the tops of their feet.

Racial Martial Arts

Haefdin use a style of unarmed combat available to small races.

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Style Sphere Info
Small Races Brawling Martial Art

This martial arts stance is available to gnomes, haefdin, bramble sylphs, and elpa sylphs. The moves may be displayed with the brawl info command.

# Move Name RT Limbs Hit Locations Type Effect
1 Stomp 3 One Leg low Power
2 Gutcheck 3 One Arm mid Power
3 Legtrip 4 Other low Power Knockdown
4 Groinshot 2 One Arm low Power
5 Kneebash 3 One Leg low Power
6 Shinkick 3 One Leg low Power
7 Chomp 3 Other low Power