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Racial Martial Arts


gnomeA race of small humanoids, the three principle gnomish sub-species differ widely in appearance and culture.

Boggans are the largest of the gnome lineage. Their ancestry is lost in the ravages of the two known Cataclysms. No Boggan has researched their history, and the lifestyle of the Boggan's day to day existence makes the passing of any lore minimal at best. Standing between three and three-and-a-half feet tall, Boggans are characterized by huge facial features, which are out of proportion with their faces. Long, wide mouths, huge noses, and bulging eyes are the normal look of these large creatures. Their joints are larger than normal on a humanoid, appearing knobby. They have earth toned skin, ranging from a deep brown to a charcoal. Their hair ranges from brown to black with the occasional red or green seen as signs of woe while their eyes range the spectrum with red, blue, green, brown and black all common. Boggans are short lived by gnome standards, only living on the average of two hundred or so years. Boggans speak gnomish, with a large minority also having a working understanding of common and sometimes orcish.

Nockers are small gnomes, just averaging three feet tall. Their bodies are similar to humans, though the head is abnormally large for a creature their size, similar to the disparity found in human infants. They tend towards a skinny frame, their fast metabolism and quick movements often turning them into little more than a blur. Their ears are pointed and sweep back, continuing to grow in length throughout the lifetime of the Nocker. Nocker hair color tends toward black, blond, and brown hair. A few individuals have shockingly white hair from birth. Eye color tends to be brighter than most creatures, with large pupils giving them a sad puppy dog look. Skin coloration ranges from a pale cream to a deep brown. Nockers live approximately five hundred years, though accidents have a tendency to make many die before their time.

Lastly, the Ruttles are among the larger gnomes, their height averaging just less than three feet. Stocky builds show the incredible strength common to these people. Their skin is almost rock-like, with some people swearing they have seen dust fall when a Ruttle moves quickly and rubs some of his skin off. Ruttles have a rocky appearance, with their flesh being very dry and often cracked. The thickness and rocky nature of the skin gives them a natural armor. Their color ranges from the gray of granite, to the brown of sandstone and even the dull black of basalt. Their hair tends to be black or brown and the eyes that of dull, earth tones. Ruttles live approximately five hundred years.

Racial Martial Arts

Gnomes use a style of unarmed combat available to small races.

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Style Sphere Info
Small Races Brawling Martial Art

This martial arts stance is available to gnomes, haefdin, bramble sylphs, and elpa sylphs. The moves may be displayed with the brawl info command.

# Move Name RT Limbs Hit Locations Type Effect
1 Stomp 3 One Leg low Power
2 Gutcheck 3 One Arm mid Power
3 Legtrip 4 Other low Power Knockdown
4 Groinshot 2 One Arm low Power
5 Kneebash 3 One Leg low Power
6 Shinkick 3 One Leg low Power
7 Chomp 3 Other low Power