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Criticized for being useless at times, the followers of Ghent are far from what their enemies accuse. Part of this stems from the fact that many of his followers are artists, though Ghent is also the master of any type of craftsman, including blacksmiths and gemcutters. Playwrights, storytellers, and painters all look to Ghent for inspiration, and indeed, it seems though those worshipping Ghent are more productive and inspired, with higher quality work. Bards as a profession are believed to have blossomed under the work of Ghent, though today the two are not necessarily joined. Where the followers of Duvan seek knowledge of books, the followers of Ghent seek knowledge of practical life, and the application of that knowledge to entertain and better society. A type of competitive friendly rival has emerged between the two temples, each seeking to outdo the other with new inventions and innovations.

And with the last Great Cataclysm, did the mighty Grohd perish and pass from the pantheon. In his wake the mountains did shake and the rain fell like tears, but from his essence and being did his facet rise to take his place. And Ghent did breath and the joy of his laughter filled the halls of his cavernous abode that stretched beneath the great mountains.

Born from creativity and inspired by the desire to transform ideas into form, Ghent took up a high steel hammer and began his great passion. The halls of his home echoing with the sounds of his hammer shaping metal and lit by the burning fires of many forges, the Blacksmith was born. Working tirelessly, shaping the molten metal into functionality, his voice sang along to the steady beat of his toils filling the air with the sheer joy of creation.

Never one to be satisfied with one form of expression, he quickly embraced all aspects of creativity. Songs did he pen, plays did he script and murals did he paint; his dwarfish fingers and booming voice giving few clues to the immense talents coursing through his veins. To every task that he turned his hands or voice to, did his talents manifest themselves. From the soft lyric of melancholy to the raucous ale-swilling choruses of the dwarven halls, was his influence felt. Tales and yarns did he spin, with a quick and silver tongue inspiring his audiences to shed their reality and travel with him on his voyages of imagination. Tapestries of colors and hues restricted only by the limits of his imagination were woven. And the world grew brighter for his love of expression.

Upon his holy day Ostara, the twenty-first day of Storme, anvils ring out it revelry to celebrate his ingenuity. All forms of his creativity, from the cleverness of the street urchin to the artistic endeavors of the musician and painter, are celebrated joyously with drink and expression, while deep within his temples the light blue bound tome, The Art of Living, is quoted in pious homage to the master creator. Ravens, which represent the height of his genius in misguiding form, are fed respectfully to bring forth his blessings.

Not one to embrace sterile environments, temples devoted to Ghent range from smithies, to theatres and guilds of publishing. The spirit of the joyful one is found lingering in spots where true creativity soars not where regimented worship is demanded. And it is said that in the tavern halls where ale is plentiful and songs and tales spin prolifically from silver tongues is his spirit forever found.


AliasesThe Master Painter, The Eternal Bard, Blacksmith of the Gods
PortfolioBlacksmiths, Swordsmen, Metal Smithing, Armoring, Gem Cutting, Fine Smithing and Lapidary, Poetry, Literary Art, Fictional Writing, Playwrights, Literature, Song, Singers, Musicians, Bards, Actors, The Theater, The Performing Arts, Eloquence, Storytelling, Artists, Painting, Drawing, Pictorial Art, Crafts, Glyphs, Images, Visual Arts, Elemental Air, Air Elementalists, The Four Winds, Flying Creatures, Inspiration, Creativity, The Muses, Ideas, Invention, Discovery, Wisdom.
Corporeal DomainsClouds, Theaters, Mines
Central ThemesCreativity
PersonalityGhent is an investigator who learns from the processes uncovered. Street smarts and applied learning.
VirtuesWisdom, inquisitiveness, creativity.
SinsNarrow-mindedness, complacency.
Physical AvatarA raven, voice in the wind
SymbolA golden quill, a silver hammer, parchment
Animal SymbolThe Raven
Color(s)Violet, Light Blue
Material AffinityHigh Steel
Gem AffinitySkystone
Holy BookThe Art of Living: The Wisdom of Ghent Revealed
Temple/Shrine StyleWorkrooms, Theaters, Museums
Magic SphereArcane
Primary DominionAir
Secondary DominionLight (positive)
Tertiary DominionHeart
Conceptual FamilyPast
Spell User TypeHybrid
Spell StyleDuplicates Vedic through Arcane magic — mental spell effects.
Time of Day4am - 6am
Month(s) of the YearStorme
SeasonEarly Spring
Religious HolidaysErval'dor, Storme 21 — Dedicated to Creativity, Invention and Discovery
Seasonal HolidaysVernal Equinox
AlliesLeta, Lyra, Thine
EnemiesShaellis, Trost, Vaen



Lesser Power of Blacksmiths, Swordsmen, Metal Smithing, Armoring, Gem Cutting, Fine Smithing and Lapidary

Camadare appears as an elder dwarf male in his 500's.


Lesser Power of Poetry, Literary Art, Fictional Writing, Playwrights, Literature

Jurro appears as a middle-aged daun in his 50's. He is the elder brother of Filladuro and Wendo. He is a mute and most assume that he is also deaf, but there are indications that the facet merely chooses to express himself through the written word as opposed to audible speech.


Lesser Power of Song, Singers, Musicians, Bards, Actors, The Theater, The Performing Arts, Eloquence, Storytelling

Filladuro appears as a young daun in his 20's. He is the youngest brother to Jurro and Wendo. He is blind, but this handicap would appear meaningless in light of his magnificent physical abilities.


Lesser Power of Artists, Painting, Drawing, Pictorial Art, Crafts, Glyphs, Images, Visual Arts

Wendo appears as a daun in his 30's. He is the older brother of Filladuro and the younger brother of Jurro. He is deaf, but not mute. Though he rarely speaks, his voice has been likened to a symphony when he does.


Lesser Power of Elemental Air, Air Elementalists, The Four Winds, Flying Creatures

Axithus appears as a male nymph in his 300's.


Lesser Power of Inspiration, The Muses, Creativity, Ideas, Invention, Discovery

Erval'dor appears as a sylvan female in her 400's.