Gemstones & Minerals

* = Only found on the planet of Thrael.

Name Value Rarity Notes Deity Affiliation
Acanthite 40 Common Translucent blue to grayish green dull to pearly stone. Figures are often carved out of this material.  
Agate 125 Incredibly Rare Banded multi-colored layered stone, primarily found in red and bluish hues. Vitreous or greasy luster. Used to carve cameos and large objects like goblets.  
Almandine Garnet 325 Rare Reddish brown colored crystal with a purple tint vitreous luster. Primarily used in jewelry.  
Amber 60 Incredibly Rare Golden to red piece of fosilized tree resin. Often found with tree leaves or insects trapped within. Beade
Amethyst 125 Incredibly Rare Purple or violet quartz crystal with an transparent to cloudy luster. Primarily used in jewelry.  
Aquamarine 325 Rare Pale greenish blue crystal with a transparent luster. Primarily used in jewelry. Shaellis
Aventurine 160 Incredibly Rare Iridescent green crystal with bands of silvery color. Vitreous to greasy luster. Used in decorative/ormanental arts.  
Azurite 160 Rare Deep opaque blue stone with a vitreous to metallic luster. Primarily used in jewelry.  
Beryl 325 Rare Transparent to translucent glassy mineral that ranges from white, green, yellow, blue, and pink colors. Primarily used in jewelry.  
Bloodstone 75 Common Deep red stone with greasy luster. Ormanental. Vaen
Carbuncle 325 Rare Deep red variety of garnet. Vitreous to transparent luster. Primarily used in jewelry.  
Carnelian Quartz 165 Incredibly Rare Translucent red variety of quartz crystal. Very lustrous. Used primarily in jewelry.  
Celestite 12 Common White, red, brown, orange or light blue ore found in sedimentary rock. Decorative building material.  
Chrysoberyl 325 Very Rare Yellowish green to golden yellow crystal. Transparent luster. Used primarily in jewelry.  
Chrysocolla 18 Common Greenish blue opaque stone with greasy luster. Decorative building material and cheap jewelry.  
Citrine 275 Very Rare Golden yellowish transparent quartz crystal. Used in some jewelry noted for magical properties in mass.  
Coral 390 Rare Ranges from brilliant purple to pale white and deep red opaque rock with a silky luster. Large pieces are carved into decorative objects and cameos. The red variety is considered a precious gem.  
Cordierite 250 Very Rare Transparent blue violet to blue gray stone, though weathering it turns it to a smokey gray or yellow. Vitreous to greasy luster. Used as a navigational device (changes color based on magnetic North.)  
Diamond 800 Very Rare Varies from a colorless, green, red, blue, yellow, white, and even black crystal. Transparent luster with intense brilliance. Used primarily in jewelry and where hardness is desireable. Colorless specimens are the most valueable. Leta, Serene
Diopside 16 Common Light green mineral with a slightly transparent luster. Used primarily for decorative building (stained glass).  
Emerald 700 Very Rare Beautiful clear green crystal with transparent luster. Used primarily jewelry.  
Fass'lis* 65 Incredibly Rare Fossilized bone marrow, off white to yellow color with a greasy luster when polished. Ornamental.  
Feldspar 100 Incredibly Rare Striated green, white or blue mineral with an opaque luster. Used primarily for decorative building.  
Garnet 400 Rare Dark red, brown, black, green, yellow, or white resinous crystal. Used primarily in jewelry.  
Gypsum 10 Common White or yellowish mineral. Dull luster. Used as a building material (plaster).  
Hematite 100 Incredibly Rare Steel gray metallic luster stone. Used primarily in ornamental jewelry and some magical rituals.  
Jade 256 Rare Waxy green, white, pink, purple, blue, red, or black flecked stone. Greasy luster. Used in decorative crafting and jewelry.  
Jasper 160 Common Comes in many colors, opaque stone. The red variety is highly prized. Used in ornamental jewelry.  
Jet 82 Common Fossilized plant matter, black and opaque stone. Greasy luster. Used primarily in carving jewelry and statues. Taqe
Kulatai* 200 Incredibly Rare Transparent to translucent yellow stone. Used primarily in jewelry.  
Lapis Lazuli 330 Rare Vivid opaque blue flecked or striped stone. Resinous luster. Used primarily in jewerly and for inlay work.  
Malachite 153 Common Green banded opaque stone with a silky luster. Used primarily in jewelry. Beade
Moonstone 248 Incredibly Rare Cloudy colorless or yellowish transparent stone. Vitreous luster. It produces a cloudy blue or whitish sheen depending on light. Used primarily in jewelry. Serene
Nuantan* 21 Common Coppery purple banded mineral. Waxy luster. Used primarily for decorative building.  
Obsidian 280 Incredibly Rare Volcanic glass. Ranges from black to gray to red, semi-transparent to opaque. The most rare and expensive are fully transparent. Vitreous luster. Trost
Onyx 200 Rare Black and shadowy gray banded opaque stone. Vitreous luster. Used primarily in jewelry.  
Opal 230 Incredibly Rare Color ranges from milky white to yellow to slightly blue or black. Pearly luster. Used primarily in jewelry. Eyssa
Pearl 300 Incredibly Rare Size greatly ranges as well as color, from white, blue, pink, gray, and black. Pearly luster. Used primarily in jewelry.  
Peridot 300 Rare Yellowish green translucent crystal with a vitreous luster. Used primarily in jewelry.  
Quartz 75 Common Very hard transparent to opaque mineral. Comes in a variety of colors from rose to smokey gray. Used in ormental jewelry. Taqe (Gray Quartz)
Rhodochrosite 410 Rare Lovely pink shade banded with white. Usually transparent or translucent. Primarily used in jewelry.  
Rock Crystal 7 Common Clear or marred crystaline rock. Vitreous luster. Used primarily in functual decorative building. Aorre
Ruby 650 Very Rare Ranges in color from pink to deep red or purple. Most valuable being blood red. Transparent luster. Used primarily jewelry. Lyra
Sapphire 500 Very Rare Deep blue to violet, yellow, or green crystal. Transparent luster. Blue is the most valuable color. Used primarily in jewelry.  
Sardonyx 150 Incredibly Rare Alternating brown and white bands on an opaque stone with a viterous luster. Used primarily in jewelry.  
Sea Opal 230 Rare Brilliant blue green opal. Pearly luster. Used primarily in jewelry.  
Serpentine 80 Incredibly Rare Veined yellow, green, or brown opaque stone. Waxy luster. Used in decorative building.  
Sodalite 125 Incredibly Rare Opaque lavender or azure blue stone. Vitreous or greasy luster. Used primarily in decorative jewelry.  
Spinel 325 Very Rare Transparent crystal ranges from red, blue, green, and violet. Used primarily in jewelry.  
Sunstone 70 Common Reddish brown or orange metallic stone with a vitreous luster. Ornamental. Jakob
Topaz 400 Rare Ranges from honey yellow, to deep red or blue. Nearly every color imaginable. Transparent luster. Primarily used in jewelry.  
Tourmaline 500 Very Rare Translucent red, brown or green translucent crystal with a vitreous luster. Used primarily in jewelry.  
Turquoise 175 Common Light blue to greenish blue opaque stone. Dull luster. Used in ormental jewelry.  
Waranja Ruby* 1050 Very Rare Specially purified form of ruby. Used in magical rituals.  
Xodalithe* 1-15/40k Common Pepper colored black resembling fine granite. Waxy luster. Used as building material.  
Zircon 15-250/16k Common Transparent and translucent crystal. Anywhere from colorless to a reddish brown, yellow, green, or gray. Its color changes over time. Used in ormental jewelry.  
Zoisite 50-350/13k Incredibly Rare Transparent grayish white, green, pink, or blue crystal. Vitreous luster. Used in ormental jewelry.