Forum Posting Guidelines for Roleplay

Staff has always enjoyed reading complex and engaging posts on the forums about your characters. Whether they're alone and praying to their god or working on a play, these posts provide an important way for others to see into the inner world of your character that they may not be able to ingame.

Roleplay posts on the forums belong in the proper subforum of the Roleplaying forum. In order to help players make the best roleplaying posts they can, we're publishing some guidelines (and rules) that players should observe when making roleplaying posts.


These are standards enforced by staff, things breaking these rules could get you in trouble or your post removed:

  1. You may only roleplay your own character or relevant characters in your personal backstory. You may not use another player's character or known NPCs ingame unless you have prior approval from staff or that player. Using another player's character in your post without permission will be dealt with harshly as a metagaming violation.
    • Example: you may roleplay your character's brother writing to your character. Your character's brother is an off-screen and personal part of your character's background. This is OK.
    • Example: you may not roleplay having a chat with Breen, but you could roleplay buying an inn room key with Breen since that is something your character can do ingame.
    • Example: you may roleplay your character killing an orc, because your character can do that ingame. If your character is level one and you post about killing an orc, you might look a bit silly if your character can't actually do that ingame!
  2. You may not roleplay actions of gods, spirits, demons, or divine entities, such as facets. This is the realm of staff and staff alone.
  3. You may not take content from a post you've read on the forums into the game unless there are valid grounds for such. If my post is about someone running naked down the main drag of Kaezar, that could be big news! But if I'm alone in my inn room and talking to myself, it's unlikely others would know about it. Issues arising from improperly knowing things that existed only in posts are metagaming issues, and may be dealt with accordingly.


  1. Posts are complementary to your ingame roleplay, not a substitute. If you roleplay being a barfly at Breen's in a post, that's good. Staff reads that, and we may even have Breen react to that. But if you're NEVER in Breen's ingame, then we really can't take just your post's word for it.
  2. If you post about building a new creation, be it a spell, widget, or anything else, or are engaging in some creative action that could require resources - consult staff. We can help with a fame purchase or advise you on what to do to make your dream a reality! If you never inform or contact staff about your efforts, it is unlikely your new creation will be approved.
  3. If you have a storyline going on, email or let staff know in advance about the posts. We do our best to read everything, but drawing attention to or consulting staff about an idea you have will often improve staff's ability to support those ideas!
  4. Posting logs is always good! If staff aren't around to see things, post a log for us. If you don't want the log seen publicly, or the log is huge, email Emailing or posting a log does not guarantee staff will award RPAs.
  5. Sending a letter to an NPC, SPC, or other character you control does not oblige them to reply, and many won't. Many special characters don't even have a given place of residence!
  6. Use the background command in complement with posting! We love reading them.