Fishing is a fairly easy skill that nets you experience, coin and fun and is perfect for relaxing. Fishing areas adjust to the fisherman's level, so old and new can enjoy the sport.

First thing you need to do is see one of the many merchants in the towns throughout Thrael who sell poles and bait. So, now you buy a nice dirty wooden box or some such bait filled container and pole from your local guy. To remove bait from your container, you get <bait>. Appraising the container will show you how many items of bait are in the containers as will looking in the container. Therefore, get dragynfly from box will net you a dragynfly. Looking in that box will show you how many are left.

Once outfitted, you find the nearest waterway, be it ocean, bay, pond or stream and get comfortable. bait pole with <type of bait> is the syntax. Make sure you don't just put worm on pole because the little dickens will just march around on there, not doing much good.

Once baited, cast pole will send your line reeling out onto the water. Then it is just a matter of patience and constantly maintaining the line by using pull pole.

When you get a bite, pull pole will reel him in and then you get <fish> on pole. An example would be get mackerel on pole. If your line repeatedly snaps!, your fishing pole may diminish in quality over time, making it more difficult for you to catch good fish with it.

slap the poor fish to end his struggling, then take your catch to Fishy Jim (or one of his cohorts), and you will be paid according to size and quality. Those of a more gentle nature may wish to throw their fish back into the water immediately after catching it, so it might live to swim another day. Also, in case we forget, do be careful, fish aren't the only things you may catch. Keeping a weapon nearby is a good idea. Need we say more?

This task will increase your Fishing skill.