Fishbourne is a sleepy little fishing village situated on a peninsula on the east coast of the Imperial Province of Kaezar. The history of Fishbourne is very vague insofar as the inhabitants are neither literate nor storytellers of any great renown. The only story that has come down from the Fishbourneans is the tale of Mariel. During the reign of Morgus DeNaur of Port Keyne fame, also known as Morgus the pirate, there came a time when the scoundrel decided to mate for a heir. He sent his henchmen out to find a woman fitting of his attentions, requesting only great beauty be the criterion. They scoured the countryside and returned with a young Fishbourne lass, Mariel Carprel. Mariel was extremely fair to behold, but unbeknown to Morgus in his lust and greed, she was also town trollop. Contracting a wasting disease from his lovely mate, Morgus died a horrible death, to the delight of the king and the countryside. Therefore once a year Mariel's Day is celebrated in Fishbourne a day of great rejoicing, revelry and, if fact be know, copulation among the younger Fishbourneans.

Fishbourne, unfortunately, is also the site of many tsunamis, that great tidal wave that results from undersea earthquakes. The villagers blame the tsunamis on the theurgist who lives in the tower, one Barbel Graelf. Barbel had built his tower in Fishbourne just about the time the tsunami began. Driven mad by the floods himself, the theurgist has taken to nailing his furniture to the ceiling and throwing eggs out his windows at the sea, accidentally striking more then one villager. The tidal wave strikes with little warning, but when the air gets still, and the sea begins to draw back from the shore, the lookouts by the beach sound the conch and the villagers run for higher ground, often unable to take their belongings with them, cursing Barbel Graelf as they run. Rebuilding starts immediately after they return. The reason they stay? No one who is not a Fishbournean can understand the dedication that the inhabitants feel for their town, but the great joke in Kaezar is they stay to make sure they are there for Mariel's Day.