First Aid

If you aren't an empath, getting wounded can be a pain in the... well... whatever body part your wound is in, but there are a few things you can do to avoid death.

First of all, if you have had the foresight to visit the local empath or apothecary, you may have purchased bandages and maybe a crutch. The latter is useful if you lose a leg or a foot, since it will help you stand and make it to the local healer before you bleed to death.

Bandages are sold as strips of cloth and you can bandage <body part> stop from spurting your life fluids all over Thrael. You can also bandage other people with bandage <person's> <body part>. Remember, you will resume bleeding once the bandages are removed!

You can also visit your local herbalist and purchase healing herbs, or you can try foraging for them for yourself. Using herbs or elixirs during combat will result in a defensive penalty, the severity of which scales with your first aid skill and wisdom stat. There are some items not on the lists below that can be also used for healing, so be sure to explore what Thrael has to offer.

Heals Peregorne Herb Vashan Herb
Vitality Eberk – dark striated leaf Package of honeysuckle-amber sticks – honeysuckle-amber stick
Bleeding Akylah – pale green leaf Teardrop-shaped sanguine-glazed bottle – ho hsien-ko medicine
Wounds Orc Tongue – drooping cerise flower Tin of Dryad's Restorative Wafers – dryad's restorative wafer
Maims Jojojopo – spongy moss Small wooden box – packet of monkey king powder
Mutilations Nuial – oblong pod Silvered glass vial – tablet of silver sky formula