Claiming Fame & Credit Rewards

To claim your desired fame or credit reward, use the fame command in game. You must meet the fame or credit amount requirements before submitting your request.

In the fame system, you can start a new request, or edit or view a previously submitted request, by following the listed commands. When submitting a new request, include:

  • the type of reward you are requesting;
  • a description of your reward if it requires one;
  • whether you wish to pay with fame or credit.

If you are requesting an alteration of an existing item, you can attach a copy of the item to your request by holding it in your dominant hand and using the listed command. When it is time for you to claim your reward, staff will ask you to resubmit the item, at which point it will be removed from your inventory. Previous fame or credit rewards are eligible for further customization for the appropriate fame or credit cost.

If there are issues with the request, staff will exchange comments with you in the system until the design or service is finalized. The game will notify you when your reward is ready to be claimed.

Please note that this process can take some time to be completed, and all rewards will be processed in the order they are received.

Important Note Regarding Rare Materials and Quality

Any rare materials (e.g. keafwood, banewood, glacial emeralds, mithryl, etc.) must be provided by the player at the time of material submission. You will be informed of the amount required.

The top level, non-rare materials that are provided to the player through this system are:

  • High steel metal.
  • Conventional high-end gems such as emeralds or white/yellow diamonds.
  • Ebonwood wood.

If you have questions regarding rare materials or their conversion rate, feel free to ask by adding a comment to your request. The Creative Team may reject a rare material item based upon size, lore requirements, or improbability (e.g. turning in a "keafwood twig" and requesting it be made into a "thick keafwood staff" would not work, whereas turning in six dyadite gems for a setting of a necklace would).

All items created via the fame system are considered to be of NORMAL quality, although lower-quality items can be created on player request.